Under a veil of flame and a shroud of ash he will walk amongst them



Here is the latest product of my painting endeavours:

I’m pretty pleased with how this guy came out, I’ve figured out how to do purple and I’ve decided that when it comes to highlighting the brighter the better. I’ve also added some greenstuff parchments to this guy a-la Fires of Salvation and written some text from the Cannon of True Law on to give him a bit more character. The left one turned out alright but the one on the right dried funny and went a bit weird…

The Reckoner eh?

Out of the wonderful selection of 8 point Menoth ‘jacks it is arguably the best. I’ve painted him up for a list I’m planning for the UK masters in about 3 months. An eSev gunline which made fellow blogger Chris/Procrastinator cry. Asking Sam what I should write about the Reckoner he said “write “its fucking awesome!””

Its a beatstick.

Its got a powerful gun.

And some fancy-pants shenanigan buff/debuff abilities.

So the Reckoner has pretty much the best ability in the game – reach. With speed 5 and reach its got a pretty impressive threat range. But rather than regurgitating its stats and vague opinions how about some interesting combos for its unique abilities.

The flare ability on the Reckoner’s gun drops the defence of any model hit by 2. This makes him a great combo with casters like the High Reclaimer and ToM who use their feat to get infantry onto the enemy caster. By popping a shot in with the Reckoner first you can make the ropey infantry based assassination run a bit more likely.

His other unique ability is Ashen Veil which gives living enemy models -2 mat while within 2”. If the same model is within 10” of the Harbinger or you have forced it into one of the High Reclaimers smoke clouds the Reckoner hits the heady heights of def 14, pretty impressive for a Menoth heavy! In the aforementioned eSev gunline two Reckoners hang out behind a unit of TFG, if the opponent has a lack of reach models the Reckoners can get close up behind them and debuff the mat of models attacking the TFG.

So there you go, some slightly out of the box thoughts on the Reckoner. Cheers for reading.

in a bit



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