Every army needs scumbags


Wow, remember this place? I wonder if Jase ever put anything on those fancy bases… 

So what calls for this first post in 4 or 5 months? Well, I’ve finally finished a unit that I’ve been working on for longer than this blog has been quiet. Behold! The militarized peasants of the Protectorate!

Check out my awesome basing skills.

Not to mention my awesome photography skills...

 I’ve not been painting much in the last few months and my Zealots have been done inbetween other bits pieces so its taken a while. Now they’re finally done I’m not really that happy with them, I wanted more browns and leather going on to make them look more common, I’ll get over it. I am however really pleased with the Monolith Bearer, I went for some pretty extreme highlights on the stone which I think really make it pop.

So Zealots, what can I say about them other than take them with pSevvy to make them awesome?

(he really does make them quality)

One of the Zealot’s weaknesses may be what makes them so useful. They don’t buff well (Eye of Menoth aside). Low defence and generally low armour means defensive buffs aren’t best used on them, especially compared to our other 4/6 unit TFG. And they don’t really like being in melee so Ignite casters don’t want to know, although when I think about it bumping them up from mat6 pow9 to pow11 is quite tempting. Fortunately they’re fairly self sufficient which means they pair up with most casters quite happily.

In my experience the Zealots have the potential for an impressive offensive output. They have a pretty big threat range, great base power on their bombs which are AoEs with high blast damage. So when they’re not accidentally blowing themselves up they can be threatening to most things on the table including ‘jacks and even the classic problem unit Iron Flesh Kayazy! However, “potential” is the key word here. They are quickly neutered when engaged and generally die even when the Kossites pop out of the woods and start flinging poop at them.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Zealots are in fact another piece of the extensive Protectorate support crew. You don’t really bring them for their bombs, if they kill some stuff its a bonus. You bring the Zealots for Greater Destiny. They become more or less invincible and thus for one turn are the games greatest cock blockers! While your opponent is stuck doing nothing more than staring menacingly at your front rank all of the Protectorate’s lovely ‘jacks or elite infantry can get into position for next turn and hopefully prepare for a decisive counterstrike.

Thats what I’m thinking at the moment anyway and it makes me think it might be worth bringing the minimum unit with the Monolith Bearer for a disposable blockade… but 2 points for 4 scumbags is hard to pass..

In other news, my second Reckoner is now on the table and ready to get some paint on.

In more other news, a month or so ago me and Sam came first in the North West Gaming Center’s Hordes/Warmachine doubles tournament! Calandra and the Harbinger are a gruesome combo. Why does Calandra’s feat effect friendly models rather than friendly faction?! Ajay and Chris (aka Procrastinator) came 3rd with Terminous and Krueger so the Barbed Thorn and RGMB Chester are showing the world how its done!


Sam and myself. That, dear friends, is what winners look like.


 in a bit



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