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Under a veil of flame and a shroud of ash he will walk amongst them

March 6, 2011


Here is the latest product of my painting endeavours:

I’m pretty pleased with how this guy came out, I’ve figured out how to do purple and I’ve decided that when it comes to highlighting the brighter the better. I’ve also added some greenstuff parchments to this guy a-la Fires of Salvation and written some text from the Cannon of True Law on to give him a bit more character. The left one turned out alright but the one on the right dried funny and went a bit weird…

The Reckoner eh?

Out of the wonderful selection of 8 point Menoth ‘jacks it is arguably the best. I’ve painted him up for a list I’m planning for the UK masters in about 3 months. An eSev gunline which made fellow blogger Chris/Procrastinator cry. Asking Sam what I should write about the Reckoner he said “write “its fucking awesome!””

Its a beatstick.

Its got a powerful gun.

And some fancy-pants shenanigan buff/debuff abilities.

So the Reckoner has pretty much the best ability in the game – reach. With speed 5 and reach its got a pretty impressive threat range. But rather than regurgitating its stats and vague opinions how about some interesting combos for its unique abilities.

The flare ability on the Reckoner’s gun drops the defence of any model hit by 2. This makes him a great combo with casters like the High Reclaimer and ToM who use their feat to get infantry onto the enemy caster. By popping a shot in with the Reckoner first you can make the ropey infantry based assassination run a bit more likely.

His other unique ability is Ashen Veil which gives living enemy models -2 mat while within 2”. If the same model is within 10” of the Harbinger or you have forced it into one of the High Reclaimers smoke clouds the Reckoner hits the heady heights of def 14, pretty impressive for a Menoth heavy! In the aforementioned eSev gunline two Reckoners hang out behind a unit of TFG, if the opponent has a lack of reach models the Reckoners can get close up behind them and debuff the mat of models attacking the TFG.

So there you go, some slightly out of the box thoughts on the Reckoner. Cheers for reading.

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Every army needs scumbags

February 26, 2011

Wow, remember this place? I wonder if Jase ever put anything on those fancy bases… 

So what calls for this first post in 4 or 5 months? Well, I’ve finally finished a unit that I’ve been working on for longer than this blog has been quiet. Behold! The militarized peasants of the Protectorate!

Check out my awesome basing skills.

Not to mention my awesome photography skills...

 I’ve not been painting much in the last few months and my Zealots have been done inbetween other bits pieces so its taken a while. Now they’re finally done I’m not really that happy with them, I wanted more browns and leather going on to make them look more common, I’ll get over it. I am however really pleased with the Monolith Bearer, I went for some pretty extreme highlights on the stone which I think really make it pop.

So Zealots, what can I say about them other than take them with pSevvy to make them awesome?

(he really does make them quality)

One of the Zealot’s weaknesses may be what makes them so useful. They don’t buff well (Eye of Menoth aside). Low defence and generally low armour means defensive buffs aren’t best used on them, especially compared to our other 4/6 unit TFG. And they don’t really like being in melee so Ignite casters don’t want to know, although when I think about it bumping them up from mat6 pow9 to pow11 is quite tempting. Fortunately they’re fairly self sufficient which means they pair up with most casters quite happily.

In my experience the Zealots have the potential for an impressive offensive output. They have a pretty big threat range, great base power on their bombs which are AoEs with high blast damage. So when they’re not accidentally blowing themselves up they can be threatening to most things on the table including ‘jacks and even the classic problem unit Iron Flesh Kayazy! However, “potential” is the key word here. They are quickly neutered when engaged and generally die even when the Kossites pop out of the woods and start flinging poop at them.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Zealots are in fact another piece of the extensive Protectorate support crew. You don’t really bring them for their bombs, if they kill some stuff its a bonus. You bring the Zealots for Greater Destiny. They become more or less invincible and thus for one turn are the games greatest cock blockers! While your opponent is stuck doing nothing more than staring menacingly at your front rank all of the Protectorate’s lovely ‘jacks or elite infantry can get into position for next turn and hopefully prepare for a decisive counterstrike.

Thats what I’m thinking at the moment anyway and it makes me think it might be worth bringing the minimum unit with the Monolith Bearer for a disposable blockade… but 2 points for 4 scumbags is hard to pass..

In other news, my second Reckoner is now on the table and ready to get some paint on.

In more other news, a month or so ago me and Sam came first in the North West Gaming Center’s Hordes/Warmachine doubles tournament! Calandra and the Harbinger are a gruesome combo. Why does Calandra’s feat effect friendly models rather than friendly faction?! Ajay and Chris (aka Procrastinator) came 3rd with Terminous and Krueger so the Barbed Thorn and RGMB Chester are showing the world how its done!


Sam and myself. That, dear friends, is what winners look like.


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BBC (Battle Box Challenge) – Day 1

October 15, 2010

So i tootled up to my FLGS, and i picked myself up the Khador battlebox. Whilst there i had a looksee around to see what else they had, this is what i ended up picking up….

Swag! Yarrr!

Now i’ll explain why i bought these. I generally have always used GW paints (used to be a GW staffer, so it made financial sense). However, lately i’ve been expanding my painting style, and i wanted to try different paints, so i ordered some P3. They were amazing. Thinner than GW paints and so much easier to blend with, i was in love. When i knew i was going to be painting Red, i knew i had to get the P3 red, and someone mentioned to me that the P3 black was also really good, so i decided to pick up both the Khador paint set and the IK paint set.

Now i cracked open the box…

Baggies! yay!

…and i got to work…

Beware sharp knife! well... it was sharp once... now it's kinda dull.

Now there were 2 things i quickly remembered about the PP plastics…

1: I hate Mould lines. Whilst Sorscha was relatively free of them, the Plastic jacks are covered in them.

2: I need a sharper knife to remove those mould lines.

Next update is Sunday, hopefully it will be about Basing! I am, after all, a Master baser.

Portsmouth Tier Challenge: Pete takes the PoM to Pompey

September 14, 2010

This weekend saw myself, Sam and Jase travel all the way down to Portsmouth (thats 200 odd miles) for Jase’s first tourney as TO/PGer: The Portsmouth Tier Challenge. It was 35pts tier lists only. I made a mockery of the system and brought a tier 1 eSeverius list which looked like this:

Hierarch Severius





Choir of Menoth (Leader and 3 Grunts)

Temple Flameguard (Leader and 9 Grunts)

Temple Flameguard Officer & Standard

The Wrack (3 wracks)

Vassal of Menoth

Vassal of Menoth

I was supposed to paint Sevvy and Reckoner no.2 the week before the tourny, it didn't happen.

I’d had a fair amount of practice with this list and it seemed to work pretty well. eSev’s Awareness spell means its got a constant assassination threat by allowing the Reckoners to ignore line of sight. Holy Ward makes the TFG def 15 (thats before set defence kicks in), theres nothing like high defence infantry to ruin your opponents day!  And enemy infantry can be taken out of the equation thanks to Fear of God, Influence or Sev’s people jacking feat. If all else fails Creator’s Wrath gives Sev additional attack a damage dice making him a fairly lethal combatant himself.

Game 1 – Ed & eDenegrha

Hot damn, eDenegrha! I thought tier lists where for the fun loving types! To make it worse we where playing the scenario with the 3 flags across the middle of the board. To make it worse Ed got first turn. To make it worse Denegrha’s tier gives her +2” on her deployment. I ran my TFG in a desperate attempt to contest but Ed feated and killed most of them and won on scenario. eDenegrha, bad times.

YOU! Are going to lose.

Game 2 – Tom & pNemo

Old man fight! Tom had 3 light jacks (Lancer, Charger, Sentinel) and a Stormclad along with a gang of Stormblades with all the trimmings plus the usual support pieces (Junior and Squire). As our frail old men spent the game cowering behind their ‘jacks this game went on for ages on top of that my jacks kept getting disrupted and having bits chopped off them.  In the end I won by scenario tie break as I had more points in the box. Points of interest include:

  • Tom sidestepping Holy Ward’s anti-magic buff by targeting his Storm Blades with Chain Lightning so it arced to the TFG.
  • My Revenger decided it could take out Tom’s Charger and did a pretty good job of crippling it but then spent the rest of the game being head butted by it and disrupted from one place or another.
  • Severius, after seeing both his Reckoners lose their arms to the Stormclad, took matters into his own hands and wrecked the thing himself.

It was a good game and we both had mental good dice, although I felt bad winning on tie break I think I had him on the back foot by the end and my Repenter was revving up his flamethrower to douse Nemo in Menoth’s Fury.

May the oldest, wimpiest man win!

Game 3 – Callum & Mortenebra (Debora)

Slightly anxious going into this one as I wasn’t sure how well I’d deal with a load of heavy ‘jacks. We where playing destruction and I got first turn. I was feeling less confident after deployment as I had a forest in the middle of my zone meaning that I could only really cover one destruction objective whereas Callum had a 14” deploymet zone because of the new Steamroller rules and Debora’s tier benefits. This meant that the Deathjack ADed 20” across the board and was looking hungrily at the Destruction objective I hadn’t covered. In reality this game was an easy win. Callum’s list included two Seethers, a Leviathan and the Deathjack plus Sirens. Callum didn’t have much experience against the Protectorate and ran both his Seethers into my face apparently expecting that to end well. My TFG charged the Seethers and promptly decided it was a bad idea and shat themselves (failng a CMD 9 check twice). Fortunately my Reckoners where waiting in the wings and took down a Seether each. At that point it was just a case of mopping up. Although Debora ran in my face and overboosted as much as she could surviving a couple of turns I eventually got her. There was a moment when it looked like Callum might have snatched a win when the Deathjack overran and ran towards Sev ready to eat him next turn but I killed Debora just in the nick of time.

Callum looking just gorgeous.

Sev just pooped a little

Game 4 – Simon & eKreoss

eKreoss, Fires of Salvation and loads of Exemplar of various flavours. I ran a similar list the other weekend at the Southport Showdown and its pretty nifty. We where playing killbox so I didn’t have to worry about him swarming objectives. This was a slightly silly game. We both moved up and I finally got a good opportunity to try out the Awareness assassination, Kreoss was camping a lot of focus so he survived but had taken a fair lump of damage. I then decided to move Sev up to ensure he stayed in the killbox, there where some Knights Exemplar looking at him but they’re slow so I figured they wouldn’t get him. Next turn Kreoss feated and one of those Knights did get him… twice. Game over, in the crappiest way ever… Looking back I might have had a chance if I had feated with Sev and taken over the Bastions hanging around Kreoss as he was on -2 Def because of the Reckoner shots, 4 or 5 pow 12 weapon master attacks might have done the job.

Overall it was a fun day and probably the most chilled out tourney I’ve ever been to. Getting drawn against eDenny on an objective based scenario and brain farting in my last game was a bit of a bummer but hanging out and watching games is good fun too.

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Portsmouth Tier Challenge!

September 12, 2010

So this Saturday just passed me and PG_Sanj ran a 35pt, 4 round, tier tournament. it was 1 list only with the only stipulation being: you had to hit a tier!

It was a great event, we had 16 sign ups, but only 15 turned up, but everybody seemed to enjoy themselves! We had lists featuring the following casters: pMagnus, 2x eAsphyxious, 2x pCaine, pButcher, eButcher, pNemo, Amon, eDenny, Shae, eKreoss, eSeverius. Durgen and Mortenebra (forever known as Debra). Below are some pictures from the event:

So there you have it! a great day was had by most if not all! We had such great fun we’re already planning another tournament for next year!

If anyone wants to know anymore about the lists that were used just ask in the comments, i’ll make sure i reply and let you know what was in the lists 😀

Southport Showdown

September 1, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages! Prepare yourselves for the greatest Warmachine extravaganza the western world has ever seen! This weekend generals from across the globe will converge on the seaside town of Southport to compete for honour and glory! The second Southport showdown is upon us!

For most of the year I live in Chester, home of the RGMB wargaming club and lots lovely Warmachiners. For a few months I find myself home in Southport which has zero Warmachiners. To rectify the lack of Wargaming I have wrangled a church hall and poked a bunch of RGMBers to get them down here. The Southport Showdown will be an epic edurance event. Heres the lowdown:

  • Escalating lists, anything that goes in the list stays in the list. Starting at 15 and working up to 50.
  • 2 Rounds per point level. Thats right, 8 games over the course of the day, this’ll go to early morning if it has too!
  • Bring a new caster that you haven’t used before. We’ll be keeping track of wins/losses etc but the aim of this event isn’t to find a champion but learn how to use something new and have a good time.

Right now its looking like there will be 6 of us taking part with appearances from casters such as eKreoss, eMadrak, eDoomie and Rasheth. Keep your eyes peeled for more coverage: lists, pictures and reports etc. Thanks for reading.

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Bit of painting

August 20, 2010

Hey guys, havent put anything up for a while… been majorly busy with work which has been a bit lame. Ive managed to slowly keep a trickle of painting on the go though which has been good! I was going to do a writeup of the genesis even that me, petezilla and andy attended but I managed to remeber to take all of two pictures and I dont think battle reports are as effective without pictures, so I will try harder at the next event. I managed to go 2 for 2 which placed me 7th out of 14  people at the event which makes me the most average player… sweet. Borka did pretty well, im still trying to figure out his perfect 35/50 point army. I mucked up quite a bit in one of my games letting mulg frenzy when he was in charge range of molik and quite possibly a gladiator in the same turn… but all the time im learning and gaining experience which is good!

So just a quick painting update… I love painting my beasts and allthough i have a pretty much speed painting mentality with a lot of wash useage going on i still think there is a certain ‘nack’ to pulling it off. So heres my earthborn, without tusks which i didnt even know he was suppose to have but i think he looks better without them anyway:

Cheers, Sam

Double Penetration: Rectal Reckoner Edition

August 5, 2010

(This post is “Vish Viewpoint” enabled, all of Vish’s comments/adjustments are in red, they will generally be mildly offensive and garish for your mind.)

Last Sunday I had a couple of games against some kind of anal commando. He goes by the name of Vishal. Vish fucking loves making army lists. I like trying to make (assumed) crappy things good. The result was that we gave birth to a 50pt Rhyas list that looked like this:

Rhyas, Sigil of Everblight




Blighted Nyss Swordsmen (Leader and 9 Grunts)

Blighted Nyss Swordsmen Abbot & Champion

Blighted Ogrun Warmongers (Leader and 4 Grunts)

Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew (Leader and 1 Grunt)

Blighted Nyss Shepherd

Warmonger War Chief

Warmonger War Chief

The plan is to get those Warmongers and the Chief in there on the feat turn to make a real mess of your opponent. The Scythean with reach and chain attack bloodbath the Swordsmen with cleave and overtake will also make an unholy mess on the feat turn, teleporting into the middle of enemy lines and going nuts.

The Seraph and Typhon make good Rapport targets, bumping their rat up to 6 is appreciated and you can’t go wrong with a bit of slipstream action.

That’s the red corner sorted, who is in the blue corner psyching himself up and spitting in a bucket? Why its everybody’s favourite monk surfing priest: eSeverius! I recently acquired eSeverius after losing a game against Vish’s eVlad ETC list, afterwards Vish sat me on his knee and generously presented me with the old man. He gave it to me because apparently eSev was created to be eVlad’s silver bullet back in MKI when eVlad owned the tournament scene. I was eager to give him a shot and came up with this list:

Hierarch Severius







Choir of Menoth (Leader and 3 Grunts)

Temple Flameguard (Leader and 9 Grunts)

Temple Flameguard Officer & Standard

The Covenant of Menoth

The Wrack (3 wracks)

Vassal of Menoth

Vassal of Menoth

There is a story behind the concept of this list. Back in the field test the Testament of Menoth had a spell called Ashen Veil that dropped enemy model’s mat by 2 while within 2” of a model/unit. The Reckoner had a rule called Choking veil which had the same effect under a different name. By layering these de-buffs over Temple Flameguard you could get them to an effect def 17 (19 against the charge because of set defence). It was a cool combo that got coined The Smokey Joe (teh smokeh joe) because of all the ash and smoke billowing around the TFG. It doesn’t work anymore because Ashen Veil is now the name of the spell and the Reckoner’s ability but when I looked at eSev I realised I could recreate the same effect with Holy Ward (+2def) and eSev loves to take Reckoners already because of the dirty Awareness assassination runs! Oh! By the way, this list is accidently a tier 2 list. I had 7 points left to fill and didn’t have anything I felt I particularly needed when Vish decided I needed more heavy hitters. I was eyeing up Knights Exemplar when I realised that Forward Kommander was telling me that the Templar was worth 7 points! I clicked it quick before the program realised it had made a mistake!

The plan was that we would play two games and both of us would have a chance to check out both armies.

I was playing Sev first while Vish dabbled with the ninja chick. Game on!

"What do you think of my kicks?" the shadow of her sister.. probably where she belongs

Whenever a person enters “tossing off” into Urban Dictionary it comes back with this definition:

to masterbate (spelled wrong for some reason too)

Urban Dictionary also provides these two helpful sentences to help us understand how to use the phrase in the proper context:

“He is probably at home tossing off to some porn.”

“Tossing off is man’s past time!”

I would like to add this definition to Urban Dictionary:

“When players throw dice at the beginning of a game of Warmachine/Hordes in order to determine who will go first.”

Needless to say, Vish and I tossed off. Vish won and decided to let me deploy and go first, I bricked up in the middle with the Reckoners getting the Smokey Joe 2 fired up and getting ready to shoot through the TFG.

Vish deployed his whole army on the very far right flank making sure the important models wheren’t trying to take the out the brick head on.

(I forgot to take this picture before Rhyas activated)

Round 1!

Everybody ran everywhere! The Menoth army didn’t mess around and ran up the middle while Rhyas took her beast strike force down the flank.

Sev put Holy Ward on the TFG to put them at silly defence while Ryhas cast dash and slipstream to get her army moving and put Occultation on herself for stealth. Let it be assumed from now on that Rhyas has occultation up on herself, the nature of the eSev list meant that it would be suicidal to take it down as otherwise those Reckoners could just mosey up and nail her a few times.

Round 2

Protectorate: If I was a soldier I would be worried if Vish was my commanding officer. He is a great player but every model in his army is dispensable. He had moved the Warmongers pretty far forward and they where in the perfect position for me to try out some of Sev’s funky spells. It turns out that Influence makes Warmongers sad. For 1 point of focus Sev can make your models start attacking each other and the combination of Sev’s high focus and the Warmongers reach, mat, defence and power make them the perfect target for it. By the time Sev had finished causing mischief the Warmongers where in tatters, Reckoner rounds left the Warmonger leader as the only survivor… and he had Fear of God up on him. The TFG took up defensive positions and used Iron Zeal and shield wall. Because of Vish’s extreme flanking the Templar had little to do and I was done. I planned it so that I’d intersect the fast part of your army and fall round to keep the Templar out of the game.

What you are seeing here is a hole where a unit of Warmongers should be.

Legion: The Legion responded by running the Swordsmen screaming at the TFG in an attempt to keep everything tied up while the Rhyas strike force got busy. The Seraph moved up and hailed blighted fire down on Sev’s Revenger, the Revenger lifted its shield in defence but the shield quickly dissolved into nothing under the barrage. This allowed the Scythean to come hurtling in from way down-town and reduce the ‘jack to scrap. Tyhon (with excessive healing) and the Warchiefs ran into position looking to get ready for next turn.

Round 3

Protectorate: My ‘jacks where pinned in by my own TFG who where themselves pinned in by suicidal Swordsmen. All the while Tyhpon and the Scythean where eyeing my army hungrily. If you take time to check out the forum chatter you may have got the impression that eSev’s feat is a bit of a non-event, but in this situation it was gold. I fucking love that feat. People Jacking! I took control of the Swordsmen who where all up in my grill and turned them around to start attacking their mates and free up my front lines. It’s a little bit irrelevant how much killing the people you jack do, an eSev list can’t be tied up by sacrificial screens! This let the TFG charge forward and slay the Swordsmen who had just done my bidding… how brilliantly sinister is that!? Now my Reckoners (who where now enlivened) had space to assault Typhon and the Scythean with their cricket bats, the Scythean went down but Typhon survived with a few hit points thanks to Excessive Healing. In other news: a Warchief was torched by a Vanquisher shell. Here is how things looked after PoM turn 3:

Legion: Things where looking desperate. This turn the feat went off but the only model to really perform was the Warchief who hit the Vanquisher and teleported into the Protectorate support models, killing a couple of choir boys (this list didn’t have enough choir boys at the start of the game, it doesn’t need to lose more!) and a Vassal. Tyhpon managed to kill a couple of TFG while choking on the full force of The Smokey Joe 2 and the Swordsmen showed how leathal they could be on the feat turn with their UA if it wasn’t for all the whiffing they where doing.

Round 4 and onwards!

It was now just a case of sweeping up the chaff and chasing down Ryhas. Here are some points of interest:

* Sev killed the Warcheif! Creators Wrath gives him an additional dice on hit and damage rolls and gives him the potential to be v.v. mean.

* Sev also killed the last couple of cheeky Swordsmen with his mini ashes to ashes gun.

* Typhon is shit. No reach? What?!

* I should have read Dash clearly as it’s an aura not a pulse, awkward to use if you’ve never run Rhyas.

* One of the Reckoners ran into the forest Rhyas had been skulking around in all game and ended the Seraph and suffered some critical decap action for its trouble, Rhyas single handedly took that thing apart!

The game was over, jack’s where running in Rhyas’ direction looking to be the first one to smash the abomination to pieces. That was until Rhyas proved that a cornered fox is more dangerous and did this:

All the ‘jacks where looking the wrong way like a bunch of bell-ends and it looked like it was going to be Sev vs Rhyas, 1 on 1 for the game. Fortunately the Reckoner could help out but had to hit Rhyas’ def 20 from range because she was behind a wall. The last choir boy buffed the Reckoner and it needed a 13 to hit. No worries! Rhyas took a pow 15 like a trooper but was now suffering -2 def, that should even the odds for Sev. Creator’s Wrath went up so Sev was rolling extra hit and damage dice and needed 10s to hit from his embarrassing mat 4. He surfed over on his monk steeds and commenced to wiff, a lot. I had 3 focus left and was getting worried, I really didn’t fancy losing now. This was when I realised Creators Wrath gives additional dice so I bought an attack boosted the hit for 4 dice and typically rolled about 18 on the 4 dice, the last focus point went on a boosted 4 dice damage roll which laid Rhyas out for the count.

In the end I was really impressed with how epic Severius performed, the Rhyas list seems solid but it was a bad match-up for it and it could do with some tweaking. Rhyas has a hard time taking out lots of high Def troopers which is something I feel a good list needs to be able to do.

A win for myself and the Protectorate! But how will things look when the armies are switched? The second half of the eSev vs Rhyas extravaganza is coming soon so stay tuned!

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Forge Games Stoke Challenge: Zombies, Robots and Wolves

July 28, 2010

I think we need to let the authorities know that the UK tournament scene’s children are being held hostage by the mafia and is being forced to work every hour of the day to get them back. Thats the only reasonable explanation for the amount of tournaments going on at the moment.

Last weekend an intrepid crew of gamers from in and around the Chester area (although there was a club member missing due to being trapped in the Arctic Circle – true story!) made their way to one of these events – the Stoke 25pt Challenge.

I know what you, the devoted Thorn readers, are now thinking. You’re thinking: “But wait! Pete, with your hair majestically blowing in the wind, the last we heard about the Stoke 25pter you where busy getting your lists fully painted, what happened to that? Or are you nothing but a hairy liar who holds his paintbrush like some kind of bearded child?”

Well, you bizarre complement giving/insult throwing reader, the tournament was on Sunday, the Testament of Menoth was finished on Friday and I spent around 8 hours on Saturday getting Fires of Salvation into an appropriate condition to crush heretics. Here they are in their fully painted glory!

Testament of Menoth



Fires of Salvation

Repent! I braved a load of freehand on this guy


Pray for Salvation

Onto the Tournament then! Here’s a reminder of the two lists that I got painted and brought with me:

High Executioner Servath Reznik




Choir of Menoth (Leader and 3 Grunts)

Exemplar Bastions (Leader and 4 Grunts)

Paladin of the Order of the Wall

The Wrack (3 wracks)

Vassal of Menoth

Testament of Menoth

Fire of Salvation


Knights Exemplar (Leader and 5 Grunts)

Knights Exemplar (Leader and 5 Grunts)

Temple Flameguard (Leader and 9 Grunts)

High Paladin Dartan Vilmon

The Wrack (3 wracks)

Game 1

..when it boxes a LIVING enemy warrior model…

The first game of a tourney is always a bit nerve wracking, the guy I was playing against was a Protectorate player at heart but he was dabbling in Cryx. He had a Mortenebra list and a pAsphixious list. Although the infantry swarm would have been nice against both of these lists, I’ve had too many bad experiences of Asphixious spell assassination runs at the hands of CriticalSam to risk bringing ToM. Reznik’s Witch Hound ability gives him some movement shenanigans when he is hit by spells so I brought him.

To my shame, I’ve forgotten what the guy I played was called but for some reason I want to call him John so I’ll run with that. John’s list looked something like this:



2 Deathrippers

Full Bane Thralls + UA

Tarts- ‘r’ -us


Machine Wraith

This game was a complete bloodbath. After we had ran everything up I was busy plotting and scheming working out how to get rid of as many Banes as possible before John could effectively retaliate. I was saved the effort of implementing some hair brained scheme when John charged my Templar with Canks (who then took a step backwards thanks to enliven) and ran his Banes in right behind. It was going to be one of those games was it? I easily got a lot of models into combat with the Banes but thanks to tough rolls and positioning not as many died as I hoped for.  It turned into a real grind and in the end John only had Asphixious left, who moved up and zapped Reznik for the win. Damn it!

Pant wetting moment: Scything touched Bane Thralls + Parasited Bastions = (effective) pow 18 weapon masters!

Arsehole of the match award goes to: John’s Machine Wraith! My word that thing pulled its weight. It jumped into my Templar two or three turns in a row completely minimising it’s effectiveness by restricting focus allocation. On top of that, to get rid of a Machine Wraith you roll a dice plus your casters CMD against the Machine Wraith CMD of 7. Reznik, being a big meanie, also has a CMD of 7 so it cost me around 3 or 4 focus to get rid of that thing one turn!

Epic Moment: One of Johns Deathrippers ran up a flank, my Paladin walked up towards it and entered stone and mortar stance, the Deathripper shat itself and ran back the way it came!

W/L: 0-1, not an awesome start but a fun game.

Game B


My second game was against a guy from the same club as ‘John’, I’m going to call him Dave. Dave is an old player but was relatively new to MK2. He was rocking Cygnar, pStryker and Darius. I knew his shooty Stryker list would struggle to cap my guys quick enough in my ToM list and that his Darius list would struggle with the swarm so ToM seemed the obvious choice. The list Dave took looked like this (and is pretty impressive for a 25pter):

Darius (tier 3 – cheap ‘jacks and free Swordknight UA)





Swordknights + UA

We where playing the magical disappearing flag scenario. The middle flag disappeared which was awkward for my army which likes to clump up around ToM. Although Dave wasn’t too confident he played the scenario really well. He had the bulk of his army head for one flag while the other he defended with half-jack mines and Cyclone “dakka-dakka” templates making it impossible for my infantry to get in. In the end though ToM’s feat turn assassination run won the day which brings me onto:

Unit of the Match: For the feat turn run I Revived a bunch of TFG into Daves back-field ready to run up and do a big CMA but there was no need for all that fanciness. My purple Knights Exemplar unit charged first and 3 of them got into melee with Daruis, they where rocking pow 11 at the time. The first Knight hit and rolled damage: 6-6-6-5, 16 damage! Not quite a one shot but it’ll do! The second Knight hit and rolled 6-6-5-5 for the win, I don’t know what Kreoss is feeding these guys but keep it up! The 3rd Knight, as it happened, was then free to teabag the man in the moving toilet. But wait! There’s more! Not only are Knights good at killing things, they’re pretty good at not dying too. The previous turn Dave’s Swordknights engaged my Exemplar and 4 of them where forced to surround my sacrificial blocker, when the dust had cleared those 4 Swordknights had failed to kill that 1 Exemplar, what a monster!

Disappointment of the Match: Fires of Salvation. After 8 hours spent making him pretty he was pretty much wrecked when the Centurion freed up the Ironclad who then charged him under full throttle. What a poser!

W/L: 1 – 1

Final Match

“With a Templar you’ll go far.” – Ancient Menite Proverb

I’m pretty sure the last guy I played was from the same club as “Dave” and “John” but he was definitely called Paul. Paul was packing a couple of similar Circle Krueger lists, one with the Lank-of-the-Feast (he’s a lanky bastard) and the other with a Gorax. After listening to Chris (aka Procrastinator) ramble on about his Krueger list I knew I couldn’t bring the infantry swarm, they would just die, frazzled alive in their armour as bolts of lightning fly everywhere. Reznik was the obvious choice as Bastions love being hit by pow 10s, it feels tingly! Paul brought:





Tharn Bloodweavers

Shifting Stones


We where playing Destruction which initially made me groan but its actually been a bit awesome both times I’ve played it. Paul had never played against the Protectorate before but he learned quick. He lost his Warpwolf very early on when he warped for strength, got the Gorax animus and charged my enlivened Templar who once again took a dainty step backwards after one hit. With Iron Aggression on it, it made short work of the Warpwolf in the next turn. The rest of Pauls army advanced up behind the shifting stones which is usually an ace tactic but as my whole army had reach it didn’t work out too well. My enlivened Revenger rushed up with ignite and tickled his Woldwarden with a couple pow17s through the gap in the stones. I was impressed that Paul quickly figured out that headbutting the Revenger was the way to go and soon made a wreck of it. I played a pretty cagey game and when the Templar smooshed Krueger Paul only had two Bloodweavers on the board.

Epic Fail: You may have noticed that the Bastions didn’t get much of a mention in that summary. That would be because I ran them up on my first turn and most of the unit where hanging around a Wrack. Paul cast chain lighting and started plinking them. Bastion- plink. Bastion- plink. Bastion- plink. Wrack – BOOM! Pow 14s all round. This was probably my favourite moment of the whole tourney even though the unit was looking pretty sorry from that point on.

Man of the Match: Had to be the Templar. Because the Bastions got taken down quickly and Paul dealt with the Revenger the Templar had a lot of weight to lift. In the end his kill tally was – Krueger, a Warpwolf, a Gorax, he finished off the Woldwarden, killed 4 Bloodweavers, a Shifting Stone and a Gobber. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: reach + beat-back = win! Iron Agression helps too. Loads of folk find the Reckoner and the Vanquisher to be a lot better but I think the Templar has officially removed the Reckoner as my favourite ‘jack.

Paul’s Spell of the Match: Tornado! Because he couldn’t really deal with the Templar he just kept slamming it back, this would have been an ace move except…

My Spell of the Match: Perdition. I love it. Each time the Templar was knocked on his arse I stood him up and used Perdition to reposition him.

Honourable Mention: After the Bonejack scaring funtimes in my first game the Paladin did me proud by running up a flank on his own to put 16 damage on one of the Destruction objectives. Paul only reacted to him after two turns of beating on the objective. In 25pt games a melee solo seems like a worthwhile choice. Points are tight and people probably don’t want to spare 2 on a solo but if you don’t have one then you may end up having to divert an expensive unit or ‘jack to deal with somebody else’s.

Handbag Moment: Paul’s surviving Gobber charged a choir boy, it was ace.

W/L: 2-1 Solid, my kill/death ratio was above 1.

I don’t know what position I came on the leaderboard but in reality I came in the postion ‘not the winner’. I didn’t go away empty handed though! I won the ever dubious best/only player of faction award which got me a nifty menofix patch and I miraculously got the nicest guy award aka the sportsmanship award which got me this:

This was a cool tournament and was exactly what I was looking for after the uber competitive nationals. I think I was lucky that I didn’t face anything that was ultra gribbly (I dodged the Khador Iron Flesh players anyway) but I think 25pts is a challenging point level to make really mean lists at and lists are very focused on a particular style which I like a lot. Another big thanks to Forge-Games-Phil for running things.

Next on the tourney timetable is Alex Smith’s Genesis event in Winsford, there are two places left check it out at

Until next time

in a bit


Forge Games Stoke Challenge 25pt report

July 27, 2010
Hello everybody,

just had my first official warmahordes tournament and i must say it was a blast, BIG thanks to Phil over at forge games for putting it on. 

the format was standard steamroller scenarios at a 25pts two lists. 

my two lists were: 

Ekaya + laris 

feral warpwolf, pureblood,woldwyrd, lord of the feast and a war wolf 

alt list 


pureblood, woldwarden, woldwatcher, lord of the feast and a totem hunter. 

unfortunately i wrote down my opponents details and have lost them so i cant remember the names. 

games 1 VS khador(and the eventual winner) 


kayazy with boss, kodiak,winter guard with Jo and a man hunter. 

scenario gauntlet. i took Kruger to take down all that potential infantry and luckily he chose the irusk army. 

he went first, iron fleshed the kayazy and rand everything forward, winterguard on my left and the kodiak/kayazy on the right. my turn advanced and put lightning tendrils on the LoTF, cast skybourne and the watcher animus on Krueger. LoTF charged forward and missed all the kayazy and didn’t hurt the kodiak near by. 

my turn advanced krueger forward, feated and lightning everything must remember to boost damage with the feat against models like solos and the boss.  woldwarden did some damage to the kodiak. LoTF was stuck in combat missing lots of stuff. 

what happened to all the men???


 now at this time krueger was sat on 1 fury, full health and def 17 due to skybourne and i had lost of threat vectors for next turn(the template just above krueger is a forest due to the watcher shooting a kayazy). 

his turn his kodiak threw my warden at the watcher knocking it down and doing some damage to the warden. then he said the kayazy pop their min feat and charge the warden now i didn’t question it at the time but i told him the forest wasnt there any more and removed the template so he moved his models back and charged krueger with the boss and a kayazy instead. ( my friends afterwards told the mini-feat only ignore models not terrain so they didn’t have a charge lane to krueger, but we live and learn) anyway, first guy with gang need 9’s so he hits and does 6 damage me not expecting much more transfer it out, next the boss needing 8’s hits and does 11 damage, ouch, next sword again hits and even only on 2 damage gets 9 damage and game over. 

honestly felt a bit gutted after that as i just didn’t expect that to happen, but again i left him open to the possibility so my own mistake. on to round 2. 

Game 2 – capture the flag Vs Rich Pagent 

Rich had just 1 list – Absylonia, Angelus, Carnivion, shredder, Raek, Shepard and a strider solo. 

I took Ekaya and got first turn(first time in a while). 

i run forward

hmmm lots of gribblys

top picture is after my first turn, i basically just ran everything forward and cast upkeeps. 

His turn, everything advanced to the wall, ke cast his upkeeps on the angelus making it def 17, the strider went over to the right flag. and we rolled for which on went and it was the one on the right by the war wolf and strider. 

My turn, dropped shadow pack, cast the purebloods animus on the woldwyrd, and tried to arc a muzzle onto the angelius but missed(and forgot to pop feat). pure blood moved up cast its animus on its self then sprayed both abby and the angelius, boost to hit and damage the angel and did a fair bit of damage and missed abby, the war wolf charged the strider. The Wyrd shoots the angel doing some more damage because of purgation and ignoring his DEF boosts. LoTF uses the bird on the shredder and hits it and misses abbey his attacks,i called an extension for mt feral and charge the carniveon, with forced evo and warp for strength the warpwolf killed it with on 2 fury used. 

his activates abby cast some spells(one where my pure blood can’t be forced) kills the lord the feast with her and the shredder(Rich had some really bad rolls this game). Then we realise the feral was out of control range of eKaya so couldn’t have been forced. due to other stuff being done as a comprimise i offered to remove my feat(which would have let me force him anyway) but would loose the relocation part of it, ie cant leach from him or move any of the others. Rich accepted this, and we carried on(me feeling a bit bad) rich then activated his angel charged the pureblood and started to hit, i asked him about the damage to see if i had taken out any aspects then Rich realised he hadn’t popped his feat to heals its aspects, so i let him do that and the angel took the pureblood down to 7 health, the reak did some damage to the wyrd and the strider killed the warwolf. 

my turn the feral frenzys and eats the near by shepard, ekaya moves up and casts forced evo on the pureblood(forgets to heal it). laris claims the left flag. pureblood tickles the angel and the wold wyrd missed the raek. i claim 1 cp . 

his turn, abbey stops the feral from being forced and moves over to the right flag. the angel and raek only just kill the pureblood and wyrd, the strider runs at my objective to try to stop me claiming it but is about 3.5″ away, the shredder bites the feral a bit. we both claim another cp 

at thi point i realise i have won by scenario aslong as i dont move laris, so kaya eats the shredder and strider with flank and the feral charges abbey to contest and maybe hurt her due to alpha meaning i dont need to force to charge. i dont even hit her . end of my turn i get my 3rd cp and win 3-1 looking like this: 

laris wins the day


final game. Mercs(magnus steelhead) – destruction(2 columns) 

his list, pMagnus, 10 steelhead halberds, 6 steelhead riflemen, 2 renagades, mangler and gorman. 

i took kruguer,  and went first(it must have been my lucky day. his army advance moves.  i move up cast my upkeeps. 

his turn moves closer and combined range attack one of the columns with the riflemen doing 4 damage. 

my turn, i feat and cast lots of lightning, leaving 1 riflemen and no halberdiers and again only did 1 damage to gorman(need to boost the feat). Lotf killed some stuff aswell. clever tactic of the turn, both of his renagades were next to each other on the left so the totem hunter used leap to engage both. 

his turn moved both renagades out of combat and took some damage from freestrikes. rocketed the other column for 5 damage(ARM 20 is a bitch). the mangler kills the LoTF and damages the pureblood nearby. 

my turn i had a plan, the wold moves up to smash the renagade over magnus, and proceeds to wreck it :), so the totem hunter with prey charges and does 11 damage with his spear and then no damage with his shield :(, the pureblood couldn’t do anything due to black oil from gorman. so it was up to the watcher to slam gorman at magnus(only 3 damage needed). he slams and rolls a 1 for distance(he was 1.5″ away 😦 ) so magnus survives. his turn both jack were out of control range by my columns as so without focus couldn’t really hurt it so my opponent conceded. 

magnus survives 😦

magnus raises the white flag to live another day


disclaimer, not everything will be 100% accurate, but the basic gist is covered,  i wont tell you my other thornites games as they can do it themselves. but will 2 wins, 1 loss and 3 control points i came second, highest circle (of 3 very similar lists) and highest hordes. Again i want to say a big thankyou to Phil for running the event and to my opponents for 3 great games. I’ll leave you with a picture of some strange grinning bloke 🙂 (oh and the shirt is mint green for my club RGMB)