What Is Barbed Thorn?

Barbed Thorn originally started off as a personal blog of Jason Fox (Me). Inspired by the likes of Lost Hemisphere the blog was originally just going to be my way of getting my work out there and a public forum for me to discuss things.

However, it soon became apparent that a number of guys at my local game club were also interested in doing the same thing, so it quickly became a community project, with all of us posting our painting projects and thoughts on Privateer press releases etc. Because we were all a part of the Royal Guild of Minted Boards (our club) it swiftly became a Warmachine Blog by the Guild.

So what’s with the name? This is simple, Barbed Thorn is the codename for one of the Retribution strikeforces, specifically the one with Rahn and Garryth, my two favourite casters.


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