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BBC – Back to Base-ics, Tales of a Master Baser

October 17, 2010

So i cracked on with my bases, and only just managed to get them completed. Now i decided coming into this project that because this was going to be one of my new demoing battleboxes i would a) Paint them in the standard colours and b) not go OTT on the basing. This meant i got to ply my trade at doing some pretty basic bases, which i haven’t done in a long time. so my tools of the trade that i used:

GW sand
GW Gravel (not sure if they still do this)
PVA glue
Super glue
GW Scorched Grass flock
GW Burnt Grass flock

I unfortunately managed to lose all my pictures of me making the bases, but the process was simple:

Super glue and glue down some gravel in patches
Water down pva all over the base and dip in sand
PVA in splodges on the base and glue down some more gravel
Seal the whole lot with Watered down PVA

the painting side of it i managed to capture however, with some decidedly dodgy photos!

a basecoat of Umbral Umber, or GW Scorched Brown

a second coat of Thornwood green, or GW Charadon Granite

a light coat of Bootstrap Brown, or Calthan Brown GW

a very light drybrushing of Khemri brown

Paint the rocks, i did greatcoat grey, codex grey, fortress grey. the greatcoat grey could be missed out.

I mixed scorched grass and burnt grass together to create a darker flock, and applied with super glue.

Painted edges, i like to call this 'Rimming'

Next update Tuesday: WIP Sorscha!


BTC – A Progress Report

April 24, 2010

I’ve always been a big advocate of the theory ‘A good base makes a good model’.

I get upset when I see a really nicely painted model with only sand on it’s base. I recently saw some beautifully painted Khador where the player had only stuck Snow on their bases *sigh*. PeteZ took enough beatings off me about his bases (he doesn’t even sand them!)

With this in mind whenever I do a new army I always try to test my limits with bases. People will notice that on my Retribution bases I used cork. Now with my Retribution bases I wanted a Thornwood style bases on them, swampy kinda foresty look. It came out ok, but not brilliant, I clearly had a lot of room for improvement.

With my trolls, I realized I had 2 weeks before I can even start painting them, so here’s my time to experiment with my bases. I knew that I wanted to stick with Cork, but I wanted a more foresty style feel to it.

I started off as usual, by cutting some small pieces of cork for the bases, I then covered large areas of the base with textured paint. I primed the base black, and painted the whole thing Charadon Granite.
I then picked areas of the base where I wanted it to be stone still, and painted these with the following colours: adeptus battlegrey, codex grey, fortress grey. I then picked out the textured areas with Orkhide shade, snot green, knarloc green, and a tiny hilight of gretchin green. Finally, I picked up some nifty clump foliage from our LGS, and glued these on in various places to make it look like vegetation.
I finished off by painting the rim of the base black.

The finished product?