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BBC – Back to Base-ics, Tales of a Master Baser

October 17, 2010

So i cracked on with my bases, and only just managed to get them completed. Now i decided coming into this project that because this was going to be one of my new demoing battleboxes i would a) Paint them in the standard colours and b) not go OTT on the basing. This meant i got to ply my trade at doing some pretty basic bases, which i haven’t done in a long time. so my tools of the trade that i used:

GW sand
GW Gravel (not sure if they still do this)
PVA glue
Super glue
GW Scorched Grass flock
GW Burnt Grass flock

I unfortunately managed to lose all my pictures of me making the bases, but the process was simple:

Super glue and glue down some gravel in patches
Water down pva all over the base and dip in sand
PVA in splodges on the base and glue down some more gravel
Seal the whole lot with Watered down PVA

the painting side of it i managed to capture however, with some decidedly dodgy photos!

a basecoat of Umbral Umber, or GW Scorched Brown

a second coat of Thornwood green, or GW Charadon Granite

a light coat of Bootstrap Brown, or Calthan Brown GW

a very light drybrushing of Khemri brown

Paint the rocks, i did greatcoat grey, codex grey, fortress grey. the greatcoat grey could be missed out.

I mixed scorched grass and burnt grass together to create a darker flock, and applied with super glue.

Painted edges, i like to call this 'Rimming'

Next update Tuesday: WIP Sorscha!


The Battle Box Challenge!

October 11, 2010

So i realised the other day when i posted the Cardboard battle report up, i’ve really dropped the ball a little bit. I felt a little ashamed when Iron Agenda linked us in show notes and we were lacking any form of new post…

I need to explain my absence a little. First of all, i’ve got a little bit into Malifaux. so my recent (but little) hobby has been focused on painting up my Kirai crew. Secondly, i’ve been working like a fricking mad dog, but as a result, i now have a fair whack of monies available.

Now, feeling the urge to get back into my Warmachine hobby, i decided i needed a new challenge. Something akin to the original BTC, but something that would keep the Blog ticking over aswell. After seeing Lost Hemisphere’s plastic casters article, i knew i had to get one of these new battleboxes.

So here’s the Challenge:
Starting from the 15th October i shall have fully assembled, painted and based one Battlebox from a faction of my choice by 31st October
There will be updates every other day.

now i know what you’re thinking, ’16 days? pff easy’. Well let me answer that… This isn’t a challenge that is meant to be tough, or difficult, it’s just designed to get me back blogging regularly, and get me painting what will hopefully be a new faction for me (even though i can guarantee i WILL be doing gators) and it’s a little fun.

Now here’s the real fun part!

I’m basically throwing this challenge out to everyone who reads the blog. Build a battlebox with me! send me your WIP photos, any Photos you have of recently painted battleboxes, or any battleboxes you’re particularly proud of!

Oh and just so you know, the battlebox i have chosen to do is…

For the Motherland!

P.s: My username has changed on the PP forums, now look out for me as PG_Tips!


September 23, 2010

Epic Kreoss

August 12, 2010

Here he is:

What a fatty.

A Rather Pink Update…..

August 10, 2010

Well, after a telling off from our Editor in Chief I’ve cracked out the camera to produce some sub standard finished pics of what I have been up to on my weeks off and show the Pink Kriel off fully!

In hindsight I should have made a group shot but I don’t think my camera could cope with that much pink…..

Without further ado we have the Pink Kriel so far….

My pride of the collection so far and the most fun I have had painting a miniature!

And his smaller brother (or sister, it’s hard to tell….)

Impalers, and an Axer the basis of any good Troll collection

Grim on the hunt for, err, chicken?

Ahh, and to think he is going to bring all that doom.

Perhaps the most common solo seen in Troll armies?

Quite possibly the cutest PP minis ever?

The cornerstone of many bricks

Magic digging Pygmies? What could be better?

Ok, smoke blowing gobbers, I suppose they are better.

Hope you enjoy my hard work, I have some Champs, a Pyre Troll and a Stone Scribe Chronicler on my painting table to finish of and then some casters and maybe another beast or two before I start on the slog that is the Kriel Warriors. All that tartan is beginning to scare me….

Happy Birthday to me!

August 2, 2010

Today is my Birthday, and it feels only fitting I should come back and talk about Hordes Genesis.

Our local Hordes Genesis event takes place this coming Saturday, and although I’ve talked before about what army I’m taking, my list has changed a lot during the past few weeks. The list I’m taking in it’s current incarnation is undefeated, but I’m not letting that get me too cocky. Let me show you the lists…

Army Name: Vayl 25
Legion of Everblight
25+6 points, 11 models

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight +6 points
* Angelius
* Carnivean
* Raek
* Shredder

6 Blighted Swordsmen

Army Name: Vayl 35
Legion of Everblight
34+6 points, 18 models

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight +6 points
* Angelius
* Raek
* 2x Shredder
* Typhon

10 Blighted Swordsmen
* Abbot & Champion

Army Name: Vayl 50
Legion of Everblight
50+6 points, 27 models

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight +6 points
* Angelius
* Carnivean
* Raek
* 2x Shredder
* Typhon

10 Blighted Swordsmen
* Abbot & Champion
7 Spawning Vessel
Strider Deathstalker

So I know what your first question is, and that’ll probably be “Vayl?”

Yes Vayl, when I first recieved the Legion cards I looked through them and had a gander at all the casters. Vayl struck me as particularly useful vs. Hordes, not something I would take vs. Warmachine, but very useful vs. Hordes. I had the model so I broke her out and played with her. It sealed the deal for me when in one game I managed to kill two of my opponents heavy beasts at the top of turn one, and feated to get back again, ouch.

Now the other surprise addition to my list you’ll notice is the spawning vessel. This to me, is the hidden jewel in the rough, but it’s something I want to talk about later in the week, so I’ll save that for now.

Anyway, I need to paint up 25 points by Saturday, so there should be daily updates as to what I’ve painted up until then. All I have painted is Vayl as above, but I’m aiming for a Carnivean, Angelius and a Raek, and my spawning vessel and acolyths aswell. Hopefully it will go well!

…to Urcaen and back

July 11, 2010

Mikael Kreoss’ prayers were cut short. Outside of his personal tent of prayer the Protectorate occupied Laelese town of Leryn and hub of the Northern Crusade stirred with fear and unease. Much of the Exemplar order had come with Kreoss to the north and had grown weary because of recent attacks. Cryxian thralls had recently been appearing sporadically outside the city walls and detachments of knights had to scramble to see off the small skirmishing forces. Unfortunately, as soon as one group of thralls had been seen off another group would emerge on the other side of the city. Where were they coming from? Although for Kreoss and the Exemplar stationed in Leryn battle is a form of devotion to Menoth, these random attack where wearing the faith of the crusaders thin and rumours where rife of a larger undead force preparing to strike. Furthermore, there is something disconcerting about dispatching shambling undead creatures wearing menofix necklaces. Kreoss assumed another group of thralls must be on their way. He gave thanks to his God once more before rising from his knees, his men needed leadership.

Kreoss emerged from his tent in a cloud of incense and stood between his two Bastion escorts, standing forever vigilant in their heavy armour. He looked out to see that the cause of commotion was not coming from outside the city walls but was striding silently through the Protectorate encampment. Behind the dark figure two detatchments of Kreoss’ Knights Exemplar marched as did a detachment of Temple Flameguard that Kreoss had not previously seen. To further his surprise Kreoss’ personal Crusader, Fires of Salvation, marched with the same sure conviction of the faithful soldiers. Nearby Knights only stopped trying to dissuade their brothers in arms from marching with their new leader when they noticed the Grand Exemplar’s presence. As his troops marched past him Kreoss simply stood and watched stoically. Although a flood of emotions ran through him he did nothing. He was outraged with his men for abandoning their posts and with the one know as the Testament of Menoth, leader of the reclaimant order, for ‘liberating’ his men. However, Kreoss’ anger was stilled. Partly out of fear, he knew the High Reclaimer could reclaim whoever he deemed fit and that Kreoss himself was not exempt. Mostly he simply stood and watched because he knew who the High Reclaimer was. No other Menite knew the mind of Menoth or the nature or Urcaen as he did. He gripped the tablet of the Creator’s laws taken from Urcaen itself. He knew that Fires of Salvation and the Knights that followed the Testament of Menoth did not do so at a whim but that the Testament was on an ordained mission and the troops that followed him had also been chosen and knew innately that it was Menoth’s will that they follow this man. As Kreoss watched an indispensable portion of his garrison walk away he knew that they not only followed a man, they followed Menoth’s will and that these men would follow the Testament to Urcaen and back.

After I wrote my second Stoke 25pt tourney list I realised that the list looked a lot like ToM had borrowed a lot of resources from Kreoss. I’m not really big on fan-fiction but that scene appeared in my head and the High Reclaimer/Testament is flipping cool so it had to be done. So here is the list:

Testament of Menoth

Fire of Salvation


Knights Exemplar (Leader and 5 Grunts)

Knights Exemplar (Leader and 5 Grunts)

Temple Flameguard (Leader and 9 Grunts)

High Paladin Dartan Vilmon

The Wrack (3 wracks)

As previously stated I’m going for fully painted at this tourney. In the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on the second unit of Knights Exemplar and they are turning out ok. I’ve now got another 2 weeks to finish 2 more Knights, Fires of Salvation and ToM himself. He has just come out of the garage after stewing in nail varnish remover:

Good ol' ebay, models in the wrong colour scheme for a cheap, cheap price!

You thought wading through the hordes of the damned was bad? Thats got nothing on nail varnish remover!

It shouldn’t be too difficult to get all that finished in time.

I chose to bring the Testament as my second caster after Reznik not only because I dig the whole reclaimer thing but since MKII kicked off he has been pretty maligned. The biggest single reason for this was that cavalry impact attacks where made compulsory which stopped the classic Venger assassination run on the feat turn. Although be aware **it has recently been decreed that impact attacks are optional** the sales of PoM cavalry might pick up now! –

Anyway, my list! This list is the opposite of my Reznik list as it has a very high model count for a 25pt list. ToM loves having loads of infantry. The TFG provide cheap souls who can get to that irritating def 15 with ashen veil. The Knights provide accurate heavy hitters who are good revive targets. These two work brilliantly together if the feat turn (army goes incorporeal and can charge without LOS) isn’t going to be used for the assassination run. The TFG with a their nice threat range can get stuck into your opponents back field/support models while the Knights can get stuck into the solid stuff on their front line. Even if this doesn’t totally gut your opponents army it leaves them in a bizarre situation where they have your army all mixed up in their army (eww, you got Protectorate in my Cryx) it’s brilliant.

On the other hand, if you want to use the feat to end the game we have FoS who moves 5” and attacks in your maintenance phase if a friendly model was killed within 5” of it. Fires of Salvation can then activate and charge through for the kill, thats a 13.5” threat. And don’t forget about milking some more movement shenanigans out of Kreoss’ BFFL with hallowed avenger. If a heavy ‘jack isn’t quite enough for the job how about a pow15 weapon master? Vilmon can probably singlehandedly end the game from 11” away, at mat 9 he is comfortably hitting def15 casters.

This list covers a lot of bases. It has a pretty scary and constant assassination threat and also does attrition with revive – all that work you just did? It un-happened… and my guys are chaining 3” across the table. If ToM gets 2 souls he can revive 3 guys with the help of the hierophant and the wracks. The list plays off the ‘you kill us we get stronger’ vibe with Knights, FoS and ToM which is always fun to play with, even when you’re losing you’re winning. It is also pretty atypical as it doesn’t have a choir or vassal, its occasionally good to spend points on killing stuff rather than buffing stuff.

I’ll be posting pics of my pretty painted models as they get done but for now we can all look forward to Barbed Thorn Hordes: Genesis articles that will be running all next week.

in a bit


Cryx and Troll updates!

July 6, 2010


I’ve had a busy and productive week on my Cryx army and have even been distracted by getting my Trolls ready for the Hordes specials we have lined up for you all!

The 50 point list is now fully assembled:

Note that the Raider Captain ran off to do her make up and missed the photo and the Hag is being distracted by a salty Sea Dog trying to catch her attention. The Raiders on the left and and BoneJack are painted but the lighting is a little dark. My fault, new camera excuse….
Started painting the list last night admist helping Neil get Laddermore together so here is a WIP shot!

And lastly I’ve finally finished a unit for my Trolls! A nearly finshed just need to tidy up the bases shot below:

Red Knickers and Great Racks are now in fashion!

June 29, 2010

So Mr Neil has decreed (despite my pleas for Zombie Pirates) that the Skarre list be the winner, so the Skarre List is now my Cryx army of choice. However the Skarlock is being swapped for Blood Hag for the sake of getting her painted with the full list.

So now I have the challenge I think I need a time table. I would ideally like to have the full army assembled before I start on the painting. This is something that I tend to go through whenever I get an army idea in my head. That way I get to play whilst I paint and can make any changes to list etc. Plus it means you can see just how far you have got in your painting to bare metal ratio!

So on to the plan. I will set myself deadlines of Monday night to get stuff complete, working on a unit/jack/couple of solos at a time I should be able to get stuff complete by my final deadline (Trollblood book coming out).

This week I would like to be fully assembled which means that I have the Bloodgorgers, Gerlak and the 2 Helljacks to be complete. I would also like to get it all undercoated by next Monday.

I also promise to get lots of WIP/Complete photos done as I am working on the army, it’s something I am not very good at and intend to make a better effort at!

Will I complete this weeks task? Tune in soon to see the outcome!

Better to burn out than fade away…

June 20, 2010

So, it’s been a while since I posted last, and I can hear you all screaming “what the hell have you been doing Jase?!?”

Well I’ll tell you. First off let me say that after the nationals I suffered from a massive burnout. Not with playing, I still wanted to play, but with painting big style. I played a game with my Retribution at the LGS and it got me back into wanting to play them (especially because I wanted to win the league with them) I also managed to arrange a 100 point game.

Now one of the things that always bugs me about my Bution is that the majority of them are just undercoated black, this is for 2 main reasons
1: White is a pain in the arse to paint
2: I hate painting masses of infantry, which is pretty much all my Bution is.

However when I made my list for my 100 pt game I wanted to make sure that my 2 casters I was going to use would be painted, that way I wouldn’t lose them in the masses of infantry.

So I sat down with my iPod and paints, and broke out the 2 casters I needed to paint: Kaelyssa and Ravyn.

These took me roughly 2 nights to complete, let’s say about 12 hours. I’m pretty proud of them, and I think they look good next to the other casters.

This does of course now leave me with the task of completely painting all my Bution casters, and with only Vyros to do this should be easy. HOWEVER me and the missus are moving to a new house in a week or so, so all my paints have been packed away 😦 sad face. But keep checking back and I’ll have my Dawnlord ‘Samuel L Jackson’ Vyros done soon enough.