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The Cardboard Cutout Genre…

October 8, 2010

So, this wednesday just passed me and PG_Sanj wanted to throw down a game with our proposed new factions, only there was one problem…

Neither of us have the models yet.

Yeh we both want to do Minions, Sanj is doing Carver and the Farrow, i’m doing Barney and the Gators. we decided to cardboard cutout proxy this game, and it was a lot of fun.

First of all, the lists. We decided on 25 pts, and Sanj ran:

War Hog
War Hog
Gun Boar
Full Brigands
minimum Bone Grinders

I, on the other claw, ran:

Full Gatormen Posse
Totem Hunter
Croak Hunter

Now, i kinda shanked on our deal a little bit… i used Gatormen posse figures, and didn’t manage to get the extra 2, so i ended up proxying 2 Deathrippers as GMP. I also used a totem hunter model that wasn’t entirely put together, by which i mean it was stuck to a base.

The deployment:


The Gators. no where near as cool...

So i won the toss off to go first and off we went! i popped up two Swamp pits and advanced the GMP and Wrastlers into them.

Sanj’s first turn was just a small advance to catch up with his AD’ing Brigands. Carver put up Batten down the Hatches.

My second turn was very similar to my first, i popped down some Swamp pits and advanced into them. The croak hunter tried to shoot a Brigand through the trees but was out of range.

Sanj popped a Quagmire on the Brigands and ran them into everything in my lines. he advanced everything up behind them.

My turn three saw me pop up Warpath and my Feat. One Wrastler went to town on the Brigands in B2B with him, the Gators finished off the other Brigands and the Totem Hunter mopped up the last ones tying up the 2nd Wrastler, Warpath triggered and the Wrastler went running off into combat with one of the War Hogs. I learnt one thing from this endeavour, Wrastlers can’t kill a Batten down the hatches Hog.

Sanj’s turn saw one of the Hogs finish off the Wrastler after being healed by Carver.

there once was a wrastler in combat with the Hog...

Sanj then used the rest of his turn to back up a little bit, due to having to recover from the feat.

Over the next couple of turns, i managed to gator charge the Gun Boar and kill him off (with some help from Barney). The Totem Hunter went for some cheeky stab at Carver due to leaping into range, the Croak hunter had a pop at Carver aswell, again doing minimum damage, The 2nd Wrastler got a warpath charge on the 2nd Warhog, again failing to kill it, and we ended in a situation like this:

Iron flesh Barney. Yes.

After this, Carver popped feat, healed the Hog, killed the Croak and advanced out of Barney’s charge range. The hog killed the Wrastler and the turn flipped to me. I Gator charged the Hog and Carver, killing the Hog and missing Carver. Barney popped a swamp pit and advanced into it, forcing Carver to pop mobility if he wanted to get to me.

Sanj then did something which completely took me by surprise. He popped mobility, took 2 free strikes (one missed, the other left him on 2 health) and Trotted up to Barney. After the Hand of God had gone to town, Barney had 5 health left.

Rargh! Fucking Gators!

Barney then went to town and finished up Carver, serving up a Ham sandwich for himself.

At the end of the day, i like how the Gators play, i’m eagerly awating the Bull Snapper, and maybe if they get another unit it’ll be cool. I didn’t play this game to the best of my ability, but i don’t think Sanj did either.

Parting thoughts? Here’s what Sanj thinks of Barney….


Fatman Falling From Favour

September 7, 2010

So, as Jase has already pointed out, we had the world famous HUGS Southport Showdown last Saturday! It was pretty epic to be honest; plenty of laughs, some great games, and the stuff from which legends are made!

I, not so wisely, decided to go out the night before and get steamingly drunk, so I spent literally the entirety of the 12 hour marathon dry heaving, moaning about my headaches, drinking gallons of water, and subjecting the guys to my own rectal version of Rasheths feat (Sam loves it, official).

So I didn’t take any pictures, but heres a quick run-down of how Fats Dominar performed!

Lists –

15 points

Rasheth, Bronzeback, Gladiator, Min Paingivers, Min Bonegrinders  (tier list, titans are at -1 point)

25 points

As above +

Drake, Min Praet Swordsmen

35 points

As above +

Max Arcuraii

50 Points

As above +

Brute, Agonizer, Min Ferox, Expand Praets to max unit

Game 1, 15 points, vs Buxton’s Trolls

Game ended with his Mauler in b2b with Rasheth after a refuge move.  He then kindly pointed out that my Gladiator could get to Doomie. Which he did! Win for me. (Highlight – My gracious opponent pointing out how I could win, which was nice of him considering I was struggling to see straight)

Game 2, 15 points, vs PeteZ’s PoM

Game ended with Rasheth by himself, eKreoss Bloodmarked, and 3 exemplar dudes charging fatty. eKreoss took something like 15 damage from the transfer, but then fatty got butchered. Loss for me. (Lowlight – Not managing to convince PeteZ that charging Rasheth with eKreoss’ AP attack would be the best course of action…)

Game 3, 25 points, vs Jase’s Cryx

I forgot what Perdition could do every single turn, and therefore miscalculated how far away Fatty needed to be from his Seether. Enough said really. Loss for me. (Lowlight – losing to Jase. Something has changed since he moved down south…)

Game 4, 25 points, vs Andy’s Circle

After a massive failure to eliminate Megalith and get the upper hand, Morvhana regrowth’d a few wolves to charge Rasheth. And that was that! Loss for me. (Highlight – The smug smile I felt creep across my face when telling Andy to remove from play his wolves. He had to make two seperate casualties piles. A moral victory!)

Game 5, 35 points, vs Sam’s Trolls

Kicked ass for 9/10 of the game. Stupidly left enough room for 2 fennblades to charge Rasheth, thinking Rasheth could take it. Which he could. He could not however, take the feat attacks granted by eMadrak. Eurgh. Loss to me. (Highlight  – Mulg wiffing 4 attacks in a row against my BB. 5’s to hit, it’s never guaranteed)

Game 6, 50 points, vs Buxton’s Trolls.

Grudge match from last week.  Unfortunately for Buxton, Rasheth flexes his debuff muscles on the Dires and grinds them down, with eDoomie being the last Troll to fall. Win for me. (Lowlight – Knowing that forever more, Buxton will hate me)

So only won 2 games, both against Buxton which only served to fuel the fires of his hatred for my Skorne.  Made a couple of stupid errors with Rasheth which led to him being assassinated from somewhere I hadn’t considered (Seether Perdition moves, regrown Wolves), but overall I think I used him quite well!

He’s still not a contender for my favourite warlock (Xerxis, pMorgs) or most competative (eMak, Zaal), but he won’t be sitting in my model box collecting dust (unlike Mordikaar).

Until next time!

eSev vs Rhyas: Round 2!

August 13, 2010

About a week ago I posted up a report of a game myself and Vish played with the promise of a second part when we swapped armies. I took control of the Legion while Vish played with the old man.

Unfortunately I don’t remember massive amounts about this game and didn’t take many pictures. Lets see what we can figure out about the game from the pictures I did take, awesome detective powers! Away!!

  • Here my swordsmen are trying to block in the TFG and stall the Protectorate for as long as possible while Rhyas and her beast strike force zip up the flank.
  • Typhon and his rubbish rat5 has just managed to kill 3 TFG, 12 points well spent, he is about to get pounded.
  • Vish, who usually runs obnoxious infantry armies, did a pretty good job of making his ‘jacks trip over each other in the bottleneck between the forest and the wall.
  • The Warmongers spent most of the game walking up that flank because of Fear of God.

  • Seraphs are pretty cool for killing casters! Rapport helps.
  • Previously, Rhyas dashed across the battlefield at a Reckoner tying up the Seraph, sword held to the side she leaped upwards off the Reckoner’s cannon and sheared the ‘jacks head clean off, she landed on the ‘jack’s smokestacks as the ‘jack stood motionless for a few moments only stepping off a moment before the it hit the ground.
  • Furthermore, the Templar has just made a tit of itself by trying to hit and missing that swordsman 3 or 4 times.

Hurray! A second win! I guess I had the upper hand what with both armies being mine. Until next time.

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Grim Angus Tier Preview (thanks to BOLS!)

August 13, 2010

Looks like the Grim Angus Tier list has landed at BOLS so lets have a quick look at it:

Umm. Looks like my sort of Tier! Pygs means 1 unit of max Burrowers, plus 2 min units of Bushwackers. 3 Ranged Beasts leaves me spoilt for choice (2 Impalers and a Bomber is my current thinking) but the Blitzer is also looking good. The Skinners and the Scouts, well they are very very cool models but to be honest until I see the rules I can’t really comment. Alten is a damn good solo and Dannon Blythe and Bull is an interesting choice that I have never really even looked at so will have to get hold of the pair soon.

Over all an interesting Tier that plays to Grim’s strengths in the ranged department and encourages the use of sneaky merc and minion types and sneaky Trolls. It discourages the use of the Brick and to play a different game. The only problem for me will be getting hold of the new figures to play with and the lack of Fellcaller, Earthborn, Kriel Warriors means a lot of the general thinking of Grim Lists are limited but I like it. I haven’t thought about Tiers for Hordes too much and Trolls don’t have that obvious a theme so I am really looking forward to seeing all of the tiers and giving them ago when Forces of Hordes Trollbloods hits.

Pete does Genesis: Grudge and a Decent from Greatness

August 11, 2010

Last weekend Hordes Genesis happened at Winsford, the ‘jacks got put back in the warehouse (mostly) and the beasts came slinking out of whatever hole they live in, dribbling and snarling. I had thought about bringing a beardy Saeryn double penetration Angel list but didn’t get that sorted and instead decided I wanted to put eLylyth on the table, there is something elating about killing half a unit while moving 8 inches across the table that I couldn’t resist. Genesis is an escalating event and we where kicking off with 25pts where I was forced to go with pLylyth, here is how my lists panned out:


Lylyth, Herald of Everblight





Blighted Nyss Shepherd

Strider Deathstalker


Lylyth, Herald of Everblight





Blighted Nyss Raptors (Leader and 4 Grunts)

Blighted Nyss Shepherd

Strider Deathstalker


Lylyth, Shadow of Everblight





Blighted Nyss Raptors (Leader and 4 Grunts)

Blighted Nyss Striders (Leader and 5 Grunts)

Blighted Nyss Striders Officer & Musician

Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew (Leader and 1 Grunt)

Blighted Nyss Shepherd

Strider Deathstalker

Strider Deathstalker

The Forsaken

I didn’t have any massive preconceived plans except doing lots of flanking and shooting with my super quick shooty models. Something that made this tourney interesting was that the guys I played against in 3 of my 4 games I had played before, this is a Hordes Genesis grudge match special!

Game 1 – The Quick and the Dead

25pts vs Nathan Hoole’s Cygnar

I played Nathan at the last event held in Winsford; the pre-masters mash up. That time I had snatched victory from his eHaley list. We knew the first round draw before the event and I was expecting Nathan to bring Haley again, which gave me some fierce first round nerves! Instead I was relieved to see:

Kara Sloan

2 x Hunters

Gun Mages + UA

Stormblades + UA


I couldn’t let this list sit and shoot at me, giving Kara and the Hunters time to shoot at me would lead to my army turning into meaty chunks. At the same time Nathan was worried about my Seraph coming along and blowing Kara away. On my second turn I used slipstream to fire my Angelius across the table and into his Hunters. I figured those things are made out of tinfoil and loo rolls so an armour pierce attack should lay one out. I boosted the charge attack to make sure I hit and rolled a pathetic 6, Angelii seem pretty good at whiffing that one! The second attack missed so I left it at that and ran the Scythean in to be a bit of a nob and engage his shit.

The dreaded question: "What's Lylyth's defence and armour?"

Nathan began his turn by proclaiming: “You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.” And went for the assassination run. His whole army started shooting at Lylyth under Kara’s feat giving them boosted hit dice. Gun mages where ducking their way out of beast’s melee ranges and Stormblades where assaulting her.

Once all the guns had fallen silent (including Kara’s MONSTER rifle) Lylyth was still standing. Kara had missed her shot. Then it was feat + parasite x scythean = win.

Game 2 – Operation: Get Behind the Praetorians

35pts vs Jamie P’s Skorne

I’ve played Jamie a couple of times before when he has been using his mean Khador lists and have got my arse concerningly beaten both times. It doesn’t help that my game always seems to turn to shit when I play against him. This time he was bringing:


Titan Gladiator


Basilisk Drake


Full Praetorians + UA

Ancestral Guardian

Totem Hunter


I got first turn and ran everything forward, trying to pretend that I was totally confident. The Raptors actually ran diagonally across the board to escape the Totem Hunter who had chosen them as prey.

Jamie ran his army up behind his Praetorians who where happy to die to provide souls for the AG and tokens for Zaal’s feat.

In my turn Strider and Raptor fire cleared a path for my Scythean to charge Jamie’s Titan through the Praetorians. Denis Smith, my Scythean, doesn’t like hitting on his charge attacks or pulling his chain attack off and it was looking unlikely that I would take out the Titan but thanks to a final obnoxious damage roll it went down.

This is where a unit of Praets and a Titan used to be

In return Jamie feated and cast Last Stand on the AG giving it silly handfuls of dice when it attacked and took down my Angelius. This freed up Molik to go for a run on Lylyth. The plan was to bounce around the Seraph with side-step but Jamie’s dice where not his friends. Missing his second initial attack left Molik blowing in the breeze.

The game had turned into a grind but I had gained the upper hand as far a scenario points where concerned and found myself on 6 out of the 7 needed to win. It came down to the Swamp Gobbers contesting the control zone on my side of the board and tying up Lylyth. She stepped back and bolted one of the Gobbers in the face, the other Gobber pissed itself and the game went to me!

Molik goes down, the Shredder snacked on him!

The armies are getting thin, Jamie's Gobber shock troopers get ready to strike

The most epic ending a game of Warmachine has seen!

Game 3 – The Quick and the Dead 2: Dueling through Time!

50pts vs Rich ‘big bro’ Paget’s Legion

My first Warmachine tournament was about a year ago in Manchester, 750pts 2 casters, where I came second to Paget. I have also placed 1 position below him in several other events so this was a real grudge match, he is a lovely guy but the phrase: ‘cock gobbling cunt’ may have been uttered. As a graduate of the Necra-Chi Seraph-Spam academy Rich was rocking this list:


3 x Seraph



Striders + UA

2 x Deathstalker

2 x Shepherd


Bum Grinders

Padge taking a picture of me taking a picture of him taking a picture of me.....

This was a quick game, Rich seems to specialise in turn 2 assassination runs. He got first turn and ran everything up.

Although the Seraphs where probably the main threat I couldn’t resist the juicy target that was Typhon so eLylyth moved up and put her shiny new 15” range Pin Cushion on him then popped her feat. All my shooting left Typhon as nothing but a heap of meat filled with arrows and had put a fair amount of damage on a couple of his Seraphs too. Unfortunately I had left eLyl in a slightly dangerous place with just one transfer.

No more Typhon!

After some shuffling around and disposing of some of my infantry in the way the game came down to 2 Seraphs shooting eLylyth under pLylyth’s feat and the second Seraph’s final shot. I needed some lame rolls on Rich’s part to win it but at the end of the day the dice went his way. I’ll get him someday!

And eLylyth goes down!

To see this battle (and the rest of the event) from Rich’s point of view press the red button now, if your keyboard doesn’t have a red button you could try:

Game 4 – Pete: “Man I lost that game badly” Sam: “What happened?” Pete: “Saeryn happened”

50pts vs Pat Vance’s Legion

This was the only game of the day that wasn’t against a guy I’ve played before. Pat is a sound Legion/Protectorate player from Cardiff, he can’t be faulted on his choice of factions! He brought:


2 xAngelius





Spawning Vessel (!?)

Bum Grinders

2 x Shepherd


This was a pretty terrifying list, Saeryn answers a lot of questions. Pat got the first turn and ran up. My game went down hill pretty quickly, I wanted to snipe out an Angelius to reduce the effectiveness of her awesome feat so Lylyth moved up to Pin Cushion but missed and I was torn between the beast and Pat’s Warmongers, the Striders barely scratched the Warmongers and my beasts put some damage on an Angelius.

Pat's army not looking too concerned after my turn of shooting

Pat replied by shoving Angelii down my throat under Saeryn’s feat, being jammed back into my own deployment zone by invincible beasts pretty much ended me and Pat gained a lot of control points. I had a last ditch assassination run which failed miserably so the game went to Pat. Highlight of this game was Pat sending his Warchief in to kill my Shepherd and Forsaken, killing them both and then taking a berserk attack on his own Angelius for 11 damage, Pat only realised later that the Warchief doesn’t have to make berserk attacks.  I’m looking forward to getting Saeryn back on the table myself, she is good… really good.

Can I maybe shoot you? ...No?

So there you go, another cool event, thanks to Alex ‘the coolest gamer’ Smith. The podium looked like this:

1st Rich Loxam with Calandra

2nd Pat Vance with Saeryn

3rd Rich Paget wit pLylyth

I came 5th thanks to a strong strength of schedule which I’m pretty pleased with. Its also interesting to see a lot of high placing Legion, in the aftermath of the eThagrosh-Typhon nerf apocalypse Legion players fight on with their meagre supplies of awesome models!

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A Rather Pink Update…..

August 10, 2010

Well, after a telling off from our Editor in Chief I’ve cracked out the camera to produce some sub standard finished pics of what I have been up to on my weeks off and show the Pink Kriel off fully!

In hindsight I should have made a group shot but I don’t think my camera could cope with that much pink…..

Without further ado we have the Pink Kriel so far….

My pride of the collection so far and the most fun I have had painting a miniature!

And his smaller brother (or sister, it’s hard to tell….)

Impalers, and an Axer the basis of any good Troll collection

Grim on the hunt for, err, chicken?

Ahh, and to think he is going to bring all that doom.

Perhaps the most common solo seen in Troll armies?

Quite possibly the cutest PP minis ever?

The cornerstone of many bricks

Magic digging Pygmies? What could be better?

Ok, smoke blowing gobbers, I suppose they are better.

Hope you enjoy my hard work, I have some Champs, a Pyre Troll and a Stone Scribe Chronicler on my painting table to finish of and then some casters and maybe another beast or two before I start on the slog that is the Kriel Warriors. All that tartan is beginning to scare me….

Jase does Genesis

August 7, 2010

This Saturday just passed, the Portsmouth Hordes gangsters threw down with our local Genesis tourny. There were 8 entries in total, with 2 players for each faction (not counting minions). Here’s my report from the day!

First off my lists:

Minimum Swordsmen

2 x Shredder
Full swordsmen and UA

2 x Shredders
Strider Deathstalker
Full Swordsmen + UA
Full Spawning vessel crew
Wrong Eye and Snapjaw

So my first game (25) I threw down against a fellow gamer called Callum

Callum had:
4 Acuarii
Cyclops Shaman

Highlights: I cast Rampager on the Titan, charged it with the Angelius then cried a little inside when he took his admonition move away, sad face.

The Titan slammed the Angelius, but it’s follow up move took it out of the control area of Morghoul, so no more hitty.

Two Acuarii charged Vayl, Dark Sentinel triggered in and the Angelius pasted one of them, the other hit Vayl and did 16 damage, Callum reached over to shake my hand (Morghoul’s feat turn can’t transfer damage to friendly models) when I promptly informed him that I’d transfer half the damage to his Cyclops Shaman.

Callum, with not a lot else to do, pasted the Angelius and Raek with Morgs then sprinted right into the face of Vayl, a good move as I had nothing left to get him with, however he left himself a gnats pube away from melee range and Vayl walked away, one boosted Hoarfrost left him with Six damage, one boosted Malice finished him off! First game to me!

Some pics:

Game two saw me play a nice guy called Lee

Lee’s been playing Trolls for about as long as I’d been playing Legion, but I’d never got a game against him, he had the following:
Fell Caller
Min burrowers
Min Fennblades


Turn 2, Rampager on the Bomber, turned him around, threw a bomb at the Fennblades, killed one and caused tough on 2, then destroyed the bomber with the Angelius.

The Angelius charged Calandra behind a wall, but between the wall and Star Crossed, failed to hit her.

Burrowers jumped up and destroyed my Def 15 Raek! Wtf!

The Impaler shot and critter a swordsmen and slammed him into Vayl! Ouch!

Typhon walked up, and sprayed Calandra, with Incite up we calculated that it was 10’s to hit, first attack rolled 5,4,3,3, taking away the 5 from star crossed meant a hit! Second attack 6,4,3,3, taking away the 6 for star crossed and Calndra died. Someone then kindly informed me that it was actually 9’s to hit, oops. Second win of the day!

Game Three saw a real showdown between me and my fellow Legion player Chris!

Chris had:
2x shepherd

Chris totally outfoxed me, getting me really excited when he put his Typhon way out in front, but alas, he then cast Banishing ward on it which meant no Rampager shenanigans. Sad face.

Chris moved all his Beasts forward and completely forgot to pop his feat, which meant he lost his Typhon and had his Angelius seriously injured in a comedy of errors…

…talking about that Angelius, he had respawn on it, which I knew was a pain, but I had a cunning plan. First I used the spawning vessel to pop a shredder, and then capped it with one of the handlers doing 3 damage. The plan was to jump the Raek and maybe the Angelius and do some damage to his Angelius, then finish it off with the Shredder and snack on it to remove it from play, but alas, my Angelius did too much damage to it and popped it, oops.

Chris’ Scythean charged my angelius and destroyed it with it’s first two attacks, it then did it’s chain attack and destroyed my Raek! Ouch!

Chris’ Angelius (on Saeryn’s feat turn) charged my Typhon, which put it within 5″ of Vayl, I activated Typhon with Dark Sentinel and popped a spray at the Angelius, letting Chris know that gunfighter was a ranged attack in melee, not a melee attack, this killed the respawned Angelius.

I tried to Rampager Chris’ Seraph out of his control area, but left it in by about 1/2″!!

Chris pulled off an amazing move next, he popped slipstream on Saeryn and charged his own Scythean, placing it because of slipstream out of Saeryn’s melee range, and facing directly at Vayl (he was looking away from her due to Rampager shenanigans) he then charged Vayl for one fury, no dark sentinels and all my beasts were maxed, it didn’t look good. He boosted for two fury, and missed. He boosted his second attack and hit, and boosted damage for 18 damage, which I transferred half to the Seraph that had frenzied and dumped it’s fury, this meant that the Scythean had maxed, and failed to kill Vayl.

I rampager’d the Scythean away, popped incite and chiller on Typhon, who walked over to Saeryn and layed the smacketh down. Game three and the tournament to me!

Chris informed me at this point that all I had to do was kill a shepherd and I could have won on scenario aswell.

So a good day was had by all, I walked away with the Legion coin and the overall Championship coin, and a promise by Sanj that I would get Bethayne when she comes out!

How Wrong Was I?

August 3, 2010

So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been eagerly awaiting the Rasheth spoilers with baited breath, checking the PP forums for any snippets of information morning, noon and night.  And every day there would be nothing. I was having a sad.

So anyway, last week I went to Greece, thinking to myself “What are the chances that in the short amount of time that I have no internet access, Rasheth gets spoiled finally? Surely I won’t miss anything…”

First instance of being wrong.

Day one in sunny Greece, I get a text off the big cheese himself, Jase;

(the following is a completely, 100%, utterly accurate representation of the text conversation… honest)

Jase – Jabroney, have you seen the Rasheth spoilers yet?

Adam – Nope, I’m in Greece, send me them plx!

J – *lists abilities, spells, etc* ROFL, he is teh fail.

A – zomg, /geekgasm, I want him naow!!!11oneone1!eleven!!

J – No, he is the suck.

A – Do want.

J – He dies to everything.

A – Do want.

J – He’s useless.

A – …… Do want.

J – He’s no good.

A – …………….. Do want.

And so it went on, with Jase presenting various cases of Rasheth death (“a defender can kill him in 3 shots” was a particularly hilarious one, sorry boss), and me rebutting his claims with idiotic stubbornness.

You there!! Bring me that ham!!


I’m not going to post his spoilers here; they are easy enough to find on the PP forums if you haven’t seen them already.  However, how accurate were my previous claims in the earlier Rasheth post?

“Cruddy stats across the board except for ARM, CMD and I’ll say Fury 8 at least.”

Mostly right, except for ARM.  But he’s still more survivable than his ARM reveals…

“Attuned spirit [Titans] has been thrown around, and/or the possibility of free transfers to Titans (maybe just one a round though…).”

Second instance of being wrong.  Homework is a thousand lines, “Fluff does not equal rules.”

“He does seem like a bit of a grind-fest spellcaster; no melee abilities whatsoever but almost impossible to take down.”

Got that one!  Between Impervious Flesh, Blood Mark, transfers, Carnivore and Feat, he can be quite the immovable object.

“I’m also going to say that he has Agoniser abilities, but not the same ones that the regular one has, in addition to his spells like Xerxis’ Battle Plans.”

Third instance of being wrong.  I was pretty confident about this as well. So his Agonisers not only can’t attack like normal ones, but also can’t cry properly?!?!

“His feat will be some kind of massive debuff to SPD and DEF (make the enemy as fat as he, mwahahaha).”

Well I got the massive debuff right, so I count that as a win.

So I wasn’t far off the mark, and I still think he looks fun and competative, as well as being a beasty model.  But I’m not here to gush over him, oh no. Being a bitter and twisted being I have to find fault in Rasheth, and faults I CAN find.

Firstly, if I put him on the table and see Karchev, Darius, any Cryx caster or Baldur with Wolds, my heart is going to sink a little.  He has such a focus against living models that jacks, the undead and constructs are going to give him fits.

Secondly, no weapons at all… really? Mordikaar can fire a laser out of his ass as a basic attack, but this guy can’t do anything? I was secretly wishing for a ranged Sith-esque death grip, but alas ‘twas not to be.

Thirdly, I don’t care that ranged attacks get -1 damage die, he’s got 20 health boxes, and transfers out the wazoo; this guy WILL die if anything looks at him.  DEF 10 ARM 14 is just the right combination of numbers that everything will hit him, and everything will damage him.  Heck, I’d be worried about swamp gobbers on the charge.

But that’s all I’ve got really.  He’s got some very obvious weaknesses, but some very nice tricks and I look forward to slapping some fat lovin’ on the tabletop.

Catch y’all later!

Happy Birthday to me!

August 2, 2010

Today is my Birthday, and it feels only fitting I should come back and talk about Hordes Genesis.

Our local Hordes Genesis event takes place this coming Saturday, and although I’ve talked before about what army I’m taking, my list has changed a lot during the past few weeks. The list I’m taking in it’s current incarnation is undefeated, but I’m not letting that get me too cocky. Let me show you the lists…

Army Name: Vayl 25
Legion of Everblight
25+6 points, 11 models

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight +6 points
* Angelius
* Carnivean
* Raek
* Shredder

6 Blighted Swordsmen

Army Name: Vayl 35
Legion of Everblight
34+6 points, 18 models

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight +6 points
* Angelius
* Raek
* 2x Shredder
* Typhon

10 Blighted Swordsmen
* Abbot & Champion

Army Name: Vayl 50
Legion of Everblight
50+6 points, 27 models

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight +6 points
* Angelius
* Carnivean
* Raek
* 2x Shredder
* Typhon

10 Blighted Swordsmen
* Abbot & Champion
7 Spawning Vessel
Strider Deathstalker

So I know what your first question is, and that’ll probably be “Vayl?”

Yes Vayl, when I first recieved the Legion cards I looked through them and had a gander at all the casters. Vayl struck me as particularly useful vs. Hordes, not something I would take vs. Warmachine, but very useful vs. Hordes. I had the model so I broke her out and played with her. It sealed the deal for me when in one game I managed to kill two of my opponents heavy beasts at the top of turn one, and feated to get back again, ouch.

Now the other surprise addition to my list you’ll notice is the spawning vessel. This to me, is the hidden jewel in the rough, but it’s something I want to talk about later in the week, so I’ll save that for now.

Anyway, I need to paint up 25 points by Saturday, so there should be daily updates as to what I’ve painted up until then. All I have painted is Vayl as above, but I’m aiming for a Carnivean, Angelius and a Raek, and my spawning vessel and acolyths aswell. Hopefully it will go well!

Hordes Genesis: A Pint of Axe to Month Please

July 17, 2010

Hello all and welcome to the 6th article and second instalment of Trolls for our Hordes extraviganzer! Hordes is where I began and Trollbloods were my first faction so they have a spcial little place in my heart. I think as ive already explained in a previous post, they just have a bit more of a ‘real’ feel to them than my Cryx (even though I do love those too). I think I prefer a big raging warbeast to a big metal jack, it just has a lot more character to me.

Now the only warlocks I have played for any number of games is pMadrak, pDoomy, Grim Angus and more recently Borka, who is the only lock I have played in MKII apart from some proxied Epic Doomy games. This lead me to choose Borka as my homeboy and as you all may know I’m using him in a tournament in about a weeks time, so ive had quite a bit of tabletop play with him.

So without further a dooooo:

Borka Kegslayer
Keg Carrier

Diretroll Mauler

Kriel Warriors (max)


Now, ive unfortunately failed to played a game with this list because ive been away on holiday but ive played a list very similar to this, add in an Axer and min Burrowers and its identical. To be the most competitive at this point level however I think the best thing to do is go with an almost full beast army… but this list fitted so nicely together and I still think its really strong. I will deffinately use it in a match and report on how it did.

So… Borka… hes an awesome caster who smashes face all day, comes home and gets his own personal pyg to pour him a pint, he may even sometimes smash some face with one hand and drink ale with the other. But no seriously, he has a really good spell list with the likes of iron flesh, this is one of the main reasons for including a unit in the list. This makes the Kriels just that little harder to deal with. Wind Wall is fantastic aswell, enabling him to cover himself and any other models completly within 3” of him from none magical ranged attacks. This can quite easily be a fair chunk of your front line or easily protect your mauler from those pesky Cygnar jacks. Mosh Pit is Borkas party piece and I think its an amazing spell. Anything you attack with a melee attack is automatically knocked down. This makes the use of the mauler very efficient, allowing him to only need to boost the first attack roll when hitting a slightly higher defence model. Its just an all round helpful spell. Borkas feat is again really helpful to both beasts and units because it effects them all. Allowing beats to charge for free and gaining extra dice on power attack damage rolls and collateral damage and giving an all round +2 speed on charge, slams and tramples. This works really well with all the models in this list.

The Diretroll Mauler is a fairly staple and obvious choice. Hes there to mangle stuff up. Hes got to be one of my favourite models in both Hordes and Warmachine. Hes a solid model for 9 points and is an awesome sculpt. On feat turn he has a 10” threat which isn’t awful for a speed 5 beast and he will most likely be screened by Kriels until he can get off that crucial charge.

Kriel Warriors are again quality models, both sculpt wise and table play wise. They are cheap as hell but can be buffed up to pretty decent standards. They will be defence 15 pretty much the whole time due to iron flesh until feat turn where it will have to be dropped to allow them to charge. The chronicler can then on top of that give them concealment which makes them def 17 against ranged attacks… awesome sauce. Their extra prayers help out a hell of a lot, the movement one allows them to charge 12” across the table. The +2’s all round puts them on a respectable POW 12 and can reach a mat of 9 coupled with the fell callers war cry.

Fellcaller – the staple of all troll lists. He makes my cheap kriels very versatile. Standing any of them up if they have managed to survive a round with tough rolls. Giving them pathfinder or +2’s to attack rolls. This not only counts for units, it is also able to buff up the Mauler or Borka. Hes pretty hard hitting himself, having 2 POW 10 weapon master attacks and an 8” spray which will be pretty useful for clearing out infantry.

The Chronicler has been a recent purchase for me and he does so much for 2 points. As I said before he can give out concealment to my Kriels and make them untargetable if they are knocked down, so if you do manage to hit def 17 from a ranged attack, if I pass the tough check then you cant then target my knocked down Kriel… asesome. When the Kriels are in the thick of it, then up goes Heroes Tragedy. This means that any living model that kills one of them with a melee attack gets knocked down at the end of their activation. This is going to make a lot of high def casters think twice about killing one of these dudes, a good example would be Morghoull taking down a few of them and then… all point and laugh as he sits down on his ass. It also makes them a great tar pit unit allowing them to hold up beasts and units very effectively.

So this is my 15 point list. It will also be very easy to upgrade this list to higher points and has the potential to be a strong and versatile force. This is a quick group shot of the dudes so far, i would obviously have all 10 Kriels instead of just 3… its not fully painted but its not far off!

Thanks for reading!