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BBC – Back to Base-ics, Tales of a Master Baser

October 17, 2010

So i cracked on with my bases, and only just managed to get them completed. Now i decided coming into this project that because this was going to be one of my new demoing battleboxes i would a) Paint them in the standard colours and b) not go OTT on the basing. This meant i got to ply my trade at doing some pretty basic bases, which i haven’t done in a long time. so my tools of the trade that i used:

GW sand
GW Gravel (not sure if they still do this)
PVA glue
Super glue
GW Scorched Grass flock
GW Burnt Grass flock

I unfortunately managed to lose all my pictures of me making the bases, but the process was simple:

Super glue and glue down some gravel in patches
Water down pva all over the base and dip in sand
PVA in splodges on the base and glue down some more gravel
Seal the whole lot with Watered down PVA

the painting side of it i managed to capture however, with some decidedly dodgy photos!

a basecoat of Umbral Umber, or GW Scorched Brown

a second coat of Thornwood green, or GW Charadon Granite

a light coat of Bootstrap Brown, or Calthan Brown GW

a very light drybrushing of Khemri brown

Paint the rocks, i did greatcoat grey, codex grey, fortress grey. the greatcoat grey could be missed out.

I mixed scorched grass and burnt grass together to create a darker flock, and applied with super glue.

Painted edges, i like to call this 'Rimming'

Next update Tuesday: WIP Sorscha!


The Battle Box Challenge!

October 11, 2010

So i realised the other day when i posted the Cardboard battle report up, i’ve really dropped the ball a little bit. I felt a little ashamed when Iron Agenda linked us in show notes and we were lacking any form of new post…

I need to explain my absence a little. First of all, i’ve got a little bit into Malifaux. so my recent (but little) hobby has been focused on painting up my Kirai crew. Secondly, i’ve been working like a fricking mad dog, but as a result, i now have a fair whack of monies available.

Now, feeling the urge to get back into my Warmachine hobby, i decided i needed a new challenge. Something akin to the original BTC, but something that would keep the Blog ticking over aswell. After seeing Lost Hemisphere’s plastic casters article, i knew i had to get one of these new battleboxes.

So here’s the Challenge:
Starting from the 15th October i shall have fully assembled, painted and based one Battlebox from a faction of my choice by 31st October
There will be updates every other day.

now i know what you’re thinking, ’16 days? pff easy’. Well let me answer that… This isn’t a challenge that is meant to be tough, or difficult, it’s just designed to get me back blogging regularly, and get me painting what will hopefully be a new faction for me (even though i can guarantee i WILL be doing gators) and it’s a little fun.

Now here’s the real fun part!

I’m basically throwing this challenge out to everyone who reads the blog. Build a battlebox with me! send me your WIP photos, any Photos you have of recently painted battleboxes, or any battleboxes you’re particularly proud of!

Oh and just so you know, the battlebox i have chosen to do is…

For the Motherland!

P.s: My username has changed on the PP forums, now look out for me as PG_Tips!

Fatman Falling From Favour

September 7, 2010

So, as Jase has already pointed out, we had the world famous HUGS Southport Showdown last Saturday! It was pretty epic to be honest; plenty of laughs, some great games, and the stuff from which legends are made!

I, not so wisely, decided to go out the night before and get steamingly drunk, so I spent literally the entirety of the 12 hour marathon dry heaving, moaning about my headaches, drinking gallons of water, and subjecting the guys to my own rectal version of Rasheths feat (Sam loves it, official).

So I didn’t take any pictures, but heres a quick run-down of how Fats Dominar performed!

Lists –

15 points

Rasheth, Bronzeback, Gladiator, Min Paingivers, Min Bonegrinders  (tier list, titans are at -1 point)

25 points

As above +

Drake, Min Praet Swordsmen

35 points

As above +

Max Arcuraii

50 Points

As above +

Brute, Agonizer, Min Ferox, Expand Praets to max unit

Game 1, 15 points, vs Buxton’s Trolls

Game ended with his Mauler in b2b with Rasheth after a refuge move.  He then kindly pointed out that my Gladiator could get to Doomie. Which he did! Win for me. (Highlight – My gracious opponent pointing out how I could win, which was nice of him considering I was struggling to see straight)

Game 2, 15 points, vs PeteZ’s PoM

Game ended with Rasheth by himself, eKreoss Bloodmarked, and 3 exemplar dudes charging fatty. eKreoss took something like 15 damage from the transfer, but then fatty got butchered. Loss for me. (Lowlight – Not managing to convince PeteZ that charging Rasheth with eKreoss’ AP attack would be the best course of action…)

Game 3, 25 points, vs Jase’s Cryx

I forgot what Perdition could do every single turn, and therefore miscalculated how far away Fatty needed to be from his Seether. Enough said really. Loss for me. (Lowlight – losing to Jase. Something has changed since he moved down south…)

Game 4, 25 points, vs Andy’s Circle

After a massive failure to eliminate Megalith and get the upper hand, Morvhana regrowth’d a few wolves to charge Rasheth. And that was that! Loss for me. (Highlight – The smug smile I felt creep across my face when telling Andy to remove from play his wolves. He had to make two seperate casualties piles. A moral victory!)

Game 5, 35 points, vs Sam’s Trolls

Kicked ass for 9/10 of the game. Stupidly left enough room for 2 fennblades to charge Rasheth, thinking Rasheth could take it. Which he could. He could not however, take the feat attacks granted by eMadrak. Eurgh. Loss to me. (Highlight  – Mulg wiffing 4 attacks in a row against my BB. 5’s to hit, it’s never guaranteed)

Game 6, 50 points, vs Buxton’s Trolls.

Grudge match from last week.  Unfortunately for Buxton, Rasheth flexes his debuff muscles on the Dires and grinds them down, with eDoomie being the last Troll to fall. Win for me. (Lowlight – Knowing that forever more, Buxton will hate me)

So only won 2 games, both against Buxton which only served to fuel the fires of his hatred for my Skorne.  Made a couple of stupid errors with Rasheth which led to him being assassinated from somewhere I hadn’t considered (Seether Perdition moves, regrown Wolves), but overall I think I used him quite well!

He’s still not a contender for my favourite warlock (Xerxis, pMorgs) or most competative (eMak, Zaal), but he won’t be sitting in my model box collecting dust (unlike Mordikaar).

Until next time!

Cryx and Troll updates!

July 6, 2010


I’ve had a busy and productive week on my Cryx army and have even been distracted by getting my Trolls ready for the Hordes specials we have lined up for you all!

The 50 point list is now fully assembled:

Note that the Raider Captain ran off to do her make up and missed the photo and the Hag is being distracted by a salty Sea Dog trying to catch her attention. The Raiders on the left and and BoneJack are painted but the lighting is a little dark. My fault, new camera excuse….
Started painting the list last night admist helping Neil get Laddermore together so here is a WIP shot!

And lastly I’ve finally finished a unit for my Trolls! A nearly finshed just need to tidy up the bases shot below:

Red Knickers and Great Racks are now in fashion!

June 29, 2010

So Mr Neil has decreed (despite my pleas for Zombie Pirates) that the Skarre list be the winner, so the Skarre List is now my Cryx army of choice. However the Skarlock is being swapped for Blood Hag for the sake of getting her painted with the full list.

So now I have the challenge I think I need a time table. I would ideally like to have the full army assembled before I start on the painting. This is something that I tend to go through whenever I get an army idea in my head. That way I get to play whilst I paint and can make any changes to list etc. Plus it means you can see just how far you have got in your painting to bare metal ratio!

So on to the plan. I will set myself deadlines of Monday night to get stuff complete, working on a unit/jack/couple of solos at a time I should be able to get stuff complete by my final deadline (Trollblood book coming out).

This week I would like to be fully assembled which means that I have the Bloodgorgers, Gerlak and the 2 Helljacks to be complete. I would also like to get it all undercoated by next Monday.

I also promise to get lots of WIP/Complete photos done as I am working on the army, it’s something I am not very good at and intend to make a better effort at!

Will I complete this weeks task? Tune in soon to see the outcome!

The UK Nationals, an event report.

June 6, 2010

BTC tourny report

Ok, unlike most of my battle reports, I don’t remember turn for turn what happened at this tourny, so these are kinda clipped reports. Sorry.

Game 1 vs. Circle, Kruger
The lists my opponent had were Krueger and Kromac, so I decided to run pDoomy to try and block Krueger with my banishing ward, or stop Kromac with my feat. In the end he went with Krueger and his list had 3 woldwardens in it, brilliant. It was double square moshpit in the middle, process of elimination i think.

I managed to get the Dygmies in early, and it slowed up his entire army, netting me an early control point. He took a shot at mulg and slammed him away a one point, presumably to knock him out the zone. I cast rampager on a wold and moved it in line with Krueger, then slammed it with a longrider, but it fell 1/2″ short. I rushed Mulg, stood him up and sling shotted him into the Wold, destroying it and goading him into Krueger’s melée range, however I had him on max fury. My opponent responded by going for the kill on Hoarluk with chain lightnings, and tbh, probably would have had it were it not for his turn time running out. On my turn I attempted to kill Krueger, but failed. I suddenly noticed I could win on scenario (I think my opponent pointed it out to me) so my fell caller killed the two Druids and I won on scenario. Fail Kriel 1, Nationals 0

Game 2 vs. Cryx, eDeneghra

There’s not a lot of highlights from this game, I expected eDenny to spell assasinate so took pDoomy, It was capture the flag and I attempted to keep my flag in tact whilst the Longriders went for his flag, the Longriders got bogged down by Nyss Hunters, and eDenny popped her feat whilst her whole army was roughly 5″ away. I got bummed, by bane Thralls.

Game 3 vs. Cryx, Venethrax
again I took pDoomy, mainly because he had a Skarloc, DJ and venny, and the Withershadow combine. Highlights of this game were Venny charging mukg and DESTROYING him and taking all 5 if his fury, which made him nigh on unkillable next turn. I finished him off by popping Dygmies in his back arc, purification off Doomy to get rid of dragon slayer, and then charging him, first caster kill to the Dygmies, day 1 ends with 2 wins 1 loss.

Day 2
Game 4 vs. Cryx, pDeneghra
Highlights? I should have taken pDoomy not eMadrak, I couldn’t get rid of crippling grasp. My opponent pretty much destroyed or made most of my force nigh on useless, but I saw a sly assasination run, went for it (despite it requiring me to kill 1/2 monkey pirates) but when I popped his feat it all went downhill as I failed to kill the Ogrun I needed to. Damn. He then knocked me down, parasited me, and charged me with banes.

Game 5 vs. Trolls, eMadrak

I took eMadrak aswell, and our lists were pretty similar. He countered my cavalry very well with fennblades, it was an epic slog fest in the middle, and I went for the scenario. When it failed I went for the caster kill, but wrong timing on my feat meant that I realised I couldn’t kill Maddy this turn, so I stored four fury and covered my head with my hands. Unfortunately, maddy didn’t win out. A loss on my behalf.

Game 6 vs Khador, eButcher
This game was an epic, epic grindfest. Alexia creating risen everywhere. Jacks in my grill from turn 2. A feat from Butcher turn 2. Mulg fluffing his attacks but then decimating everything during Maddies feat. And finally finished off with eMadrak putting his axe to Butchers month.

So, all in all 3 wins 3 losses, 3 games with pDoomy, 3 games with eMaddy. Strangely enough pDoomy had a better record than eMaddy. It was a really well organised event (well done pressgangers there; even our very own Peter B) some brilliant ways of marking out the scenarios. A brilliant Saturday night playing some relaxed 35 point games, and it was great meeting everyone and putting faces to names, easily an event I will be looking forward to next year.

Below are some pictures of my games:

BTC – The challenge continues

June 1, 2010

First of two posts by me today, I wanted to show off my eMadrak. I’m massively proud of the weathering on Rathrok.

Would I be right in sayin that Rathrok used to be Bane lord Tartarus’ axe? Can someone either confirm or deny this?

BTC – The End and why i failed…

May 31, 2010

So Sunday was the last day of the Barbed Thorn Challenge.

And the result? I failed unfortunately, I fell at the final hurdle. You see it came down to the final week and all I had left to paint was 3 longriders, easy peasy I just have to copy my Horthol paint scheme.

But no, it was too daunting. I sprayed one and got it half finished, but then I moved onto other things…

BUT!! Don’t despair!! It wasn’t completely fail, as you see the ‘other things’ I moved onto were the remaining models for my 50 point lists for the Nationals! so far I have painted the Axer, Skilldrak (eMadrak), and 5 Fennblades! Wow! I’ll have some pictures of those up tomorrow when I have better lighting and I’ve finished the basing.

So where to now? Well I’m hoping that by the end of this Thursday I can finish painting the other 5 Fennblades, the 3 longriders, 5 whelps, Chronicler and hopefully the Elder (if I can get a hold of one!) that way I will be able to, for the first time ever I might add, take a DECENTLY painted army to a tournament! I know it won’t win any awards, but it’ll be nice to just have a fully painted force.

“What’s the future of the trolls?” I hear you cry!

Well I’ll be honest, I’m going to keep them long enough to win a troll faction coin in the Hordes release event (hopefully) then they shall be going up for sale, as I need money to fund my next army (which, for the record, will be Magnus’ Agenda) any bids to take the army off my hands will be appreciated, and can be emailed to me urcaen(at)gmail(dot)com

It’s been fun, and all that’s left now is to name that Kriel!! suggestions below!

I got eStryker’d!!

May 22, 2010

Ok so today I had a throw down against the local press ganger here PG_Sanj.

Sanj brought along some lovely (mostly) painted Cygnar, his list was as follows:

Lord Commander Stryker
* Lancer
* Ol’ Rowdy
* Stormclad
* Squire

Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team
Captain Arlan Strangewayes
Rupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord
* Stormblade Officer & Standard
* 3 Stormblade Storm Gunners
6 Sword Knights
6 Trenchers

I brought my natonals Hoarluk list:

Slag troll
10 Dygmies
6 Fennblades
Krielstone bearers and stone scribes
Stone scribe chronicler
Fell caller

I won the roll for deployment, and set up like this:

Notice the single Dygmy out on his own.

Sanj setup pretty central, with gun mages and sword knights flanking like so:

Notice the immaturity on Sanj’s behalf.

I had first turn and it all went pretty straight forward, the Dygmies and longriders ran, the Fennblades ran, the slag troll advanced, Horthol ran coming more central, the axer cast rush on Mulg who ran forward, Hoarluk put banishing ward on the Fennblades and dumped 4 fury onto the Krielstone. The fell caller and chronicler just advanced up.

Sanj’s turn, he popped smoke on the trenchers after advancing, Rupert gave Stormblades pathfinder and they advanced through the woods, Black 13th advanced and took a snipe shot at Horthol doing 3 Damage. Lancer ran forward, Rowdy and the Stormclad advanced, Sword knights tried to block the Longriders charge lane to the Lancer, and finally Stryker arced a Rebuke onto the Dygmy leader, which meant that because no orders, no burrowing. Well played Mr. Sanj.

My turn 2, I ran the Fennblades forward, with 1 running into the smoke to engage the trenchers. Krielstone popped the aura again and Chronicler put the knockdown story on the Fennblades (if anyone killed them in melée they would be KD’d after their activation.) A Longrider charged the Lancer, killing the blocking sword knights with impact attacks, but didn’t do much damage, another longrider charged the sword knights killing 2, and the third one ran round the terrain. The axer popped Rush on the slag, who advanced trying to get range on the stormclad but was just out. Mulg advanced up slowly, popping his animus. Hoarluk advanced and dumped all but one of his fury.

Sanj’s turn 2, he advanced the black 13th and black penny’d the Fennblade in combat with the trenchers, and killed 1 other fennblade. The trenchers advanced and cra’d 2 more fennblades down. The Stormguard got pathfinder from rupert and shot down the remaining fennblades, leaving one left alive thanks to tough. The Stormclad charged mulg, hitting with his first attack and doing 15 damage, ouch. However his second attack then did 3 damage, he missed his third attack and his fourth did a meager amount of damage aswell, the electro leap managed to kill a stone scribe (twice thanks to tough) and one of the whelps I popped, leaving two whelps behind mulg and mulg with about 8 boxes left, phew. The lancer beat down one of the longriders and the sword k ights finished him off, and another one too, leaving the one behind them.

My turn 3, I moved the slag troll behind the Stormclad and double handed throw on him, throwing him at some trenchers, this was a silly mistake as it totally blocked Mulgs charge lane to a trencher which, with Goad from hoarluk, could’ve got me in melée range of Stryker. The Dygmies burrowed, the Krielstone popped his aura, the chronicler and fell caller didn’t really do anything but move up (I think the chronicler put the KD story on the stone scribes). The Axer put rush on Mulg and Mulg charged a trencher, which he bitch slapped (eager to Goad him I totally forgot about snacking down the trencher) so I forced him forward thanks to Goad and thunked Rowdy with mah trunk, damaging him quite a bit and taking out his hammer arm, yay! The remaining Longrider performed a (debatable) charge on Arlan, now Sanj says I did a bendy charge around the terrain here, I don’t think I did, but he let it go because he’s a nice guy, and the longrider murdered Arlan. Hoarluk advanced and popped his feat, and Mulgs animus on himself.
Things forgotten on this turn: Snacking on the Trencher, Mulgs extra attack from his affinity with Hoarluk.

Sanj’s turn 3. He started off by assaulting with the Stormblades, a couple of them got shots on Hoarluk, which did a bit of damage and I think I transferred one of them. The Black 13tu shot Hoarluk doing a bit of damage which I transferred again. The trenchers also had a go, which I took the damage off. At the end of all those attacks Hoarluk had 2 health and no transfers, talk about living dangerously. A couple of sword knights tried to walk up to Hoarluk taking free strikes from the surviving member of the fennblades and died, the other two capped the fennblade as retribution. The Lancer smacked a Stone scribe, and Rowdy hit on another Stone scribe, but he passed his tough. The Stormclad stood up and beat on Horthol, killing him. Stryker charged the last remaining Longrider and the velocity (is that the right spell?) off towards my left, where I couldn’t get him. ‘Brill, I’m going to have to kill his whole army’ I thought.

My turn was a quick one, the slag frenzied and pathetically tickled the sword knight officer, but I removed the fury off him. The Dygmies arrived and surrounded the Storm guard. Hoarluk put fortune on the Dygmies and camped 3 fury, cause I could see the assasination attempt coming. The fell caller gave the Dygmies +2 to hit, and the Chronicler gave them the KD story, both of these models then advanced to stand by Hoarluk. The Dygmies DESTROYED the storm guard, majority of them with their hand weapons aswell due to some sick rolling on my behalf. The axer rushed himself and walked over to the Stormclad and thresher’d doing not a lot, but boosting on the stormclad to put him on max fury, mistake #1. Mulg beat down on Rowdy, and left him with 2 damage boxes, both cortex, and 2 fury available on Mulg, this is mistake #2, I bought the extra attack with Mulg and finished off Rowdy, then forced him for Goad 2″ towards the lancer. In hindsight, I should have left Rowdy, with damaged arms he wouldn’t have done much to Mulg, and in further hindsight, Mulg should have got his affinity with Doomshaper attack and finished off Rowdy, at the least I should have left the Goad. Fudge.

Sanj started his last turn and charged the Sword Knight into Hoarluk, he hit and I transferred the damage to the Slag troll, thinking about it I’m not sure if i was allowed to do this because it frenzied last turn. The Sanj velocity’d over a wall, and charged Hoarluk, missing with his charge attack, he bought another which hit and I transferred again killing the slag troll, and he bought a final attack that finished off Hoarluk.

A good game overall, I forgot a lot of things, and that longrider charge will always be disputed. I think the list played really well and I was proud of it, I was especially impressed with the Dygmies once again. I feel Hoarluk just doesn’t have a lot going for him, 7 fury is nice but his spells are so situational, against menoth I can see them being good, or even against Cryx, but other factions tend to laugh them off. Ah well, we’ll have to see how it goes.

BTC – *cockney accent* You Slag!!

May 18, 2010

So I did some more painting last night and the results can be seen below. Unfortunately, the picture did not capture the sickeningly green tint the slag troll has to his skin, and I was unable to get a decent picture of the fell caller where the lighting was right, I apologise for that.