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BBC – Back to Base-ics, Tales of a Master Baser

October 17, 2010

So i cracked on with my bases, and only just managed to get them completed. Now i decided coming into this project that because this was going to be one of my new demoing battleboxes i would a) Paint them in the standard colours and b) not go OTT on the basing. This meant i got to ply my trade at doing some pretty basic bases, which i haven’t done in a long time. so my tools of the trade that i used:

GW sand
GW Gravel (not sure if they still do this)
PVA glue
Super glue
GW Scorched Grass flock
GW Burnt Grass flock

I unfortunately managed to lose all my pictures of me making the bases, but the process was simple:

Super glue and glue down some gravel in patches
Water down pva all over the base and dip in sand
PVA in splodges on the base and glue down some more gravel
Seal the whole lot with Watered down PVA

the painting side of it i managed to capture however, with some decidedly dodgy photos!

a basecoat of Umbral Umber, or GW Scorched Brown

a second coat of Thornwood green, or GW Charadon Granite

a light coat of Bootstrap Brown, or Calthan Brown GW

a very light drybrushing of Khemri brown

Paint the rocks, i did greatcoat grey, codex grey, fortress grey. the greatcoat grey could be missed out.

I mixed scorched grass and burnt grass together to create a darker flock, and applied with super glue.

Painted edges, i like to call this 'Rimming'

Next update Tuesday: WIP Sorscha!


BBC (Battle Box Challenge) – Day 1

October 15, 2010

So i tootled up to my FLGS, and i picked myself up the Khador battlebox. Whilst there i had a looksee around to see what else they had, this is what i ended up picking up….

Swag! Yarrr!

Now i’ll explain why i bought these. I generally have always used GW paints (used to be a GW staffer, so it made financial sense). However, lately i’ve been expanding my painting style, and i wanted to try different paints, so i ordered some P3. They were amazing. Thinner than GW paints and so much easier to blend with, i was in love. When i knew i was going to be painting Red, i knew i had to get the P3 red, and someone mentioned to me that the P3 black was also really good, so i decided to pick up both the Khador paint set and the IK paint set.

Now i cracked open the box…

Baggies! yay!

…and i got to work…

Beware sharp knife! well... it was sharp once... now it's kinda dull.

Now there were 2 things i quickly remembered about the PP plastics…

1: I hate Mould lines. Whilst Sorscha was relatively free of them, the Plastic jacks are covered in them.

2: I need a sharper knife to remove those mould lines.

Next update is Sunday, hopefully it will be about Basing! I am, after all, a Master baser.

The Battle Box Challenge!

October 11, 2010

So i realised the other day when i posted the Cardboard battle report up, i’ve really dropped the ball a little bit. I felt a little ashamed when Iron Agenda linked us in show notes and we were lacking any form of new post…

I need to explain my absence a little. First of all, i’ve got a little bit into Malifaux. so my recent (but little) hobby has been focused on painting up my Kirai crew. Secondly, i’ve been working like a fricking mad dog, but as a result, i now have a fair whack of monies available.

Now, feeling the urge to get back into my Warmachine hobby, i decided i needed a new challenge. Something akin to the original BTC, but something that would keep the Blog ticking over aswell. After seeing Lost Hemisphere’s plastic casters article, i knew i had to get one of these new battleboxes.

So here’s the Challenge:
Starting from the 15th October i shall have fully assembled, painted and based one Battlebox from a faction of my choice by 31st October
There will be updates every other day.

now i know what you’re thinking, ’16 days? pff easy’. Well let me answer that… This isn’t a challenge that is meant to be tough, or difficult, it’s just designed to get me back blogging regularly, and get me painting what will hopefully be a new faction for me (even though i can guarantee i WILL be doing gators) and it’s a little fun.

Now here’s the real fun part!

I’m basically throwing this challenge out to everyone who reads the blog. Build a battlebox with me! send me your WIP photos, any Photos you have of recently painted battleboxes, or any battleboxes you’re particularly proud of!

Oh and just so you know, the battlebox i have chosen to do is…

For the Motherland!

P.s: My username has changed on the PP forums, now look out for me as PG_Tips!

The Cardboard Cutout Genre…

October 8, 2010

So, this wednesday just passed me and PG_Sanj wanted to throw down a game with our proposed new factions, only there was one problem…

Neither of us have the models yet.

Yeh we both want to do Minions, Sanj is doing Carver and the Farrow, i’m doing Barney and the Gators. we decided to cardboard cutout proxy this game, and it was a lot of fun.

First of all, the lists. We decided on 25 pts, and Sanj ran:

War Hog
War Hog
Gun Boar
Full Brigands
minimum Bone Grinders

I, on the other claw, ran:

Full Gatormen Posse
Totem Hunter
Croak Hunter

Now, i kinda shanked on our deal a little bit… i used Gatormen posse figures, and didn’t manage to get the extra 2, so i ended up proxying 2 Deathrippers as GMP. I also used a totem hunter model that wasn’t entirely put together, by which i mean it was stuck to a base.

The deployment:


The Gators. no where near as cool...

So i won the toss off to go first and off we went! i popped up two Swamp pits and advanced the GMP and Wrastlers into them.

Sanj’s first turn was just a small advance to catch up with his AD’ing Brigands. Carver put up Batten down the Hatches.

My second turn was very similar to my first, i popped down some Swamp pits and advanced into them. The croak hunter tried to shoot a Brigand through the trees but was out of range.

Sanj popped a Quagmire on the Brigands and ran them into everything in my lines. he advanced everything up behind them.

My turn three saw me pop up Warpath and my Feat. One Wrastler went to town on the Brigands in B2B with him, the Gators finished off the other Brigands and the Totem Hunter mopped up the last ones tying up the 2nd Wrastler, Warpath triggered and the Wrastler went running off into combat with one of the War Hogs. I learnt one thing from this endeavour, Wrastlers can’t kill a Batten down the hatches Hog.

Sanj’s turn saw one of the Hogs finish off the Wrastler after being healed by Carver.

there once was a wrastler in combat with the Hog...

Sanj then used the rest of his turn to back up a little bit, due to having to recover from the feat.

Over the next couple of turns, i managed to gator charge the Gun Boar and kill him off (with some help from Barney). The Totem Hunter went for some cheeky stab at Carver due to leaping into range, the Croak hunter had a pop at Carver aswell, again doing minimum damage, The 2nd Wrastler got a warpath charge on the 2nd Warhog, again failing to kill it, and we ended in a situation like this:

Iron flesh Barney. Yes.

After this, Carver popped feat, healed the Hog, killed the Croak and advanced out of Barney’s charge range. The hog killed the Wrastler and the turn flipped to me. I Gator charged the Hog and Carver, killing the Hog and missing Carver. Barney popped a swamp pit and advanced into it, forcing Carver to pop mobility if he wanted to get to me.

Sanj then did something which completely took me by surprise. He popped mobility, took 2 free strikes (one missed, the other left him on 2 health) and Trotted up to Barney. After the Hand of God had gone to town, Barney had 5 health left.

Rargh! Fucking Gators!

Barney then went to town and finished up Carver, serving up a Ham sandwich for himself.

At the end of the day, i like how the Gators play, i’m eagerly awating the Bull Snapper, and maybe if they get another unit it’ll be cool. I didn’t play this game to the best of my ability, but i don’t think Sanj did either.

Parting thoughts? Here’s what Sanj thinks of Barney….

Portsmouth Tier Challenge!

September 12, 2010

So this Saturday just passed me and PG_Sanj ran a 35pt, 4 round, tier tournament. it was 1 list only with the only stipulation being: you had to hit a tier!

It was a great event, we had 16 sign ups, but only 15 turned up, but everybody seemed to enjoy themselves! We had lists featuring the following casters: pMagnus, 2x eAsphyxious, 2x pCaine, pButcher, eButcher, pNemo, Amon, eDenny, Shae, eKreoss, eSeverius. Durgen and Mortenebra (forever known as Debra). Below are some pictures from the event:

So there you have it! a great day was had by most if not all! We had such great fun we’re already planning another tournament for next year!

If anyone wants to know anymore about the lists that were used just ask in the comments, i’ll make sure i reply and let you know what was in the lists 😀

Southport Showdown! Jase’s Review

September 6, 2010

So this Saturday just passed we had the Southport Showdown! Hai-ooooooo!

Petezilla, our gracious host, had one stipulation, use a caster you’re not familiar with. So i thought i’d test a possible Nationals 2011 caster, i emailed and text a few people and managed to wrangle enough models to field my proposed armies. It was an escalating event, here’s my lists:

15 pts
10 Satyxis +UA

25 pts
as above +
Satyxis Captain
2x Deathrippers

35 pts
as above +

50 pts
as above +
10 Bane Thralls +UA
Bane Lord Tartare Sauce

now we played 6 games over the course of the day, of which i won 2! (should have been 3 but one was rudely snatched away as i expended every last resource to kill eDoomy, then as we were about to pack away someone shouts TOUGH! eDoomy then proceeded to roll a 6 😦 ) Now because i can’t remember most of the games, i’m just gunna photo dump! Here we go….

My final game was against PeteZ’s horrid eKreoss infantry Horde, which i got no pictures of!

we started at roughly 11am, and finished at close to midnight, it was n awesome and epic day, and my thanks goes out to Petezilla and the other guys for an amazing day! hopefully there will be more upcoming photo dumps by the other guys!

Jase does Genesis

August 7, 2010

This Saturday just passed, the Portsmouth Hordes gangsters threw down with our local Genesis tourny. There were 8 entries in total, with 2 players for each faction (not counting minions). Here’s my report from the day!

First off my lists:

Minimum Swordsmen

2 x Shredder
Full swordsmen and UA

2 x Shredders
Strider Deathstalker
Full Swordsmen + UA
Full Spawning vessel crew
Wrong Eye and Snapjaw

So my first game (25) I threw down against a fellow gamer called Callum

Callum had:
4 Acuarii
Cyclops Shaman

Highlights: I cast Rampager on the Titan, charged it with the Angelius then cried a little inside when he took his admonition move away, sad face.

The Titan slammed the Angelius, but it’s follow up move took it out of the control area of Morghoul, so no more hitty.

Two Acuarii charged Vayl, Dark Sentinel triggered in and the Angelius pasted one of them, the other hit Vayl and did 16 damage, Callum reached over to shake my hand (Morghoul’s feat turn can’t transfer damage to friendly models) when I promptly informed him that I’d transfer half the damage to his Cyclops Shaman.

Callum, with not a lot else to do, pasted the Angelius and Raek with Morgs then sprinted right into the face of Vayl, a good move as I had nothing left to get him with, however he left himself a gnats pube away from melee range and Vayl walked away, one boosted Hoarfrost left him with Six damage, one boosted Malice finished him off! First game to me!

Some pics:

Game two saw me play a nice guy called Lee

Lee’s been playing Trolls for about as long as I’d been playing Legion, but I’d never got a game against him, he had the following:
Fell Caller
Min burrowers
Min Fennblades


Turn 2, Rampager on the Bomber, turned him around, threw a bomb at the Fennblades, killed one and caused tough on 2, then destroyed the bomber with the Angelius.

The Angelius charged Calandra behind a wall, but between the wall and Star Crossed, failed to hit her.

Burrowers jumped up and destroyed my Def 15 Raek! Wtf!

The Impaler shot and critter a swordsmen and slammed him into Vayl! Ouch!

Typhon walked up, and sprayed Calandra, with Incite up we calculated that it was 10’s to hit, first attack rolled 5,4,3,3, taking away the 5 from star crossed meant a hit! Second attack 6,4,3,3, taking away the 6 for star crossed and Calndra died. Someone then kindly informed me that it was actually 9’s to hit, oops. Second win of the day!

Game Three saw a real showdown between me and my fellow Legion player Chris!

Chris had:
2x shepherd

Chris totally outfoxed me, getting me really excited when he put his Typhon way out in front, but alas, he then cast Banishing ward on it which meant no Rampager shenanigans. Sad face.

Chris moved all his Beasts forward and completely forgot to pop his feat, which meant he lost his Typhon and had his Angelius seriously injured in a comedy of errors…

…talking about that Angelius, he had respawn on it, which I knew was a pain, but I had a cunning plan. First I used the spawning vessel to pop a shredder, and then capped it with one of the handlers doing 3 damage. The plan was to jump the Raek and maybe the Angelius and do some damage to his Angelius, then finish it off with the Shredder and snack on it to remove it from play, but alas, my Angelius did too much damage to it and popped it, oops.

Chris’ Scythean charged my angelius and destroyed it with it’s first two attacks, it then did it’s chain attack and destroyed my Raek! Ouch!

Chris’ Angelius (on Saeryn’s feat turn) charged my Typhon, which put it within 5″ of Vayl, I activated Typhon with Dark Sentinel and popped a spray at the Angelius, letting Chris know that gunfighter was a ranged attack in melee, not a melee attack, this killed the respawned Angelius.

I tried to Rampager Chris’ Seraph out of his control area, but left it in by about 1/2″!!

Chris pulled off an amazing move next, he popped slipstream on Saeryn and charged his own Scythean, placing it because of slipstream out of Saeryn’s melee range, and facing directly at Vayl (he was looking away from her due to Rampager shenanigans) he then charged Vayl for one fury, no dark sentinels and all my beasts were maxed, it didn’t look good. He boosted for two fury, and missed. He boosted his second attack and hit, and boosted damage for 18 damage, which I transferred half to the Seraph that had frenzied and dumped it’s fury, this meant that the Scythean had maxed, and failed to kill Vayl.

I rampager’d the Scythean away, popped incite and chiller on Typhon, who walked over to Saeryn and layed the smacketh down. Game three and the tournament to me!

Chris informed me at this point that all I had to do was kill a shepherd and I could have won on scenario aswell.

So a good day was had by all, I walked away with the Legion coin and the overall Championship coin, and a promise by Sanj that I would get Bethayne when she comes out!

Happy Birthday to me!

August 2, 2010

Today is my Birthday, and it feels only fitting I should come back and talk about Hordes Genesis.

Our local Hordes Genesis event takes place this coming Saturday, and although I’ve talked before about what army I’m taking, my list has changed a lot during the past few weeks. The list I’m taking in it’s current incarnation is undefeated, but I’m not letting that get me too cocky. Let me show you the lists…

Army Name: Vayl 25
Legion of Everblight
25+6 points, 11 models

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight +6 points
* Angelius
* Carnivean
* Raek
* Shredder

6 Blighted Swordsmen

Army Name: Vayl 35
Legion of Everblight
34+6 points, 18 models

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight +6 points
* Angelius
* Raek
* 2x Shredder
* Typhon

10 Blighted Swordsmen
* Abbot & Champion

Army Name: Vayl 50
Legion of Everblight
50+6 points, 27 models

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight +6 points
* Angelius
* Carnivean
* Raek
* 2x Shredder
* Typhon

10 Blighted Swordsmen
* Abbot & Champion
7 Spawning Vessel
Strider Deathstalker

So I know what your first question is, and that’ll probably be “Vayl?”

Yes Vayl, when I first recieved the Legion cards I looked through them and had a gander at all the casters. Vayl struck me as particularly useful vs. Hordes, not something I would take vs. Warmachine, but very useful vs. Hordes. I had the model so I broke her out and played with her. It sealed the deal for me when in one game I managed to kill two of my opponents heavy beasts at the top of turn one, and feated to get back again, ouch.

Now the other surprise addition to my list you’ll notice is the spawning vessel. This to me, is the hidden jewel in the rough, but it’s something I want to talk about later in the week, so I’ll save that for now.

Anyway, I need to paint up 25 points by Saturday, so there should be daily updates as to what I’ve painted up until then. All I have painted is Vayl as above, but I’m aiming for a Carnivean, Angelius and a Raek, and my spawning vessel and acolyths aswell. Hopefully it will go well!

Hordes Genesis: Spontaneous Mutation

July 12, 2010

This is going to be the first in a series of Hordes Genesis articles that we at the Thorn are doing this week to celebrate the release of the new Hordes cards and models, and later on this month, Primal MkII.

The Bread and butter of each post will be based around a 15 point list, there will be a different faction each day, and will finish up next Monday as we do a combined report on the new minion models rules availible in this months No Quarter.

So, onto my list. As you guys already know I’m taking Absylonia to our local Hordes Genesis event, having recently had a resurgence of my interest in The Legion of Everblight. So it made sense for me to make a 15 point list around her.

I started off with Absylonia, and I knew straight away that unless I had a spare point knocking around this would be a Tooth and claw list. Abby comes with +5 warbeast points so this gave me 20 points to spend on warbeasts.

I started off with my favourite, and a must have with Absylonia imo, the Angelius. This is a no brainer for me, a 9 point warbeast that has reach and an armour piercing attack, def 14, flight AND a ranged weapon aswell! With forced evolution (+2 DEF and STR) it makes the Beast DEF 16 and P+S 16 armour piercing attack! Ouch! If you combine this with a strategically placed Blight Field, everyone should have a hard time hitting the beast.

My next choice had to be something that could come up as a second wave, a late game hitter. I originally toyed with a Scythean, which would have left me points for a Shredder, but I realised that the only thing the Scythean has over the Carnivean is reach and a cool chain attack! Once I realised that the carnivean could pick up reach with Playing God, and that a 10″ spray is ‘fricking lazer beams coming out of their eyes’ style awesome, I decided to go with that.

So, this meant that I had hit my 20 points with just 2 beasts. Massed infantry could cause me a problem, but I do have a spray to help me there. After making the list there was only one thing left, put it into action!

I headed on down to our FLGS and managed to get a quick game against another guy there. A friendly chap by the name of Sam, he was bringing Skorne and had:

2 x void spirits

Damn, I suddenly realised I had very little magic attacks to deal with those Void Spirits. We set up pretty opposite each other and off we went.

I started off by putting playing god on the Carnivean, and Forced evolution on the Angelius, walked Abby and the Carnivean forward hand in hand, and ran the Angelius up field.

Sam put the Krea’s animus up, and pretty much everything advanced forward.

I took the advantage here to try and take down the Titan. I advanced Abby and popped a blight field in front of the Titan. The Angelius charged in and hit with it’s AP attack, doing 18 damage. I bought a couple of extra attacks and left the Titan with 2 health.

Sam walked the Krea and the Drake forward and tried to hit the Angelius but failed, the Titan managed to hit with one of it’s attacks and did a fair whack of damage (after being healed by Morghoul) and Morgy advanced towards a wood.

I realised that if Abby had eyeless sight, I would have got Morghoul here, but unfortunately she doesn’t. The Angelius frenzied and hit the Krea, Absylonia advanced and pasted the 2 void spirits, and put up the Blight Field again. The Carnivean (who does have eyeless sight) assaulted Morghoul, but was a little out of reach range, I boosted the spray to hit, needing a 13 to hit, but I managed to roll a 12 😦

Sam had been clever last turn and left the Krea and Drake on full fury, just so they would frenzy, which they did, and they attempted to hit the Angelius. The Drake hit but didn’t do anything, and the Krea took a couple of wounds. The Angelius was pretty hurt at this point and Sam knew he had to take it down, he enraged the Titan and abused it with Morghoul moving Morghoul back around behind the Titan. I realised at this point that with all the +Str the Titan had, he only had to hit the Angelius to kill it, but at Mat 6 and in a blight field he had to roll a 10 on 2D6 to hit it.
1st attack, missed.
2nd attack, missed.
3rd attack, hits! Bye bye Angelius!

I started my turn with Morghoul just inside my control area, therefor just inside my threat range, but I had to move a Drake out the way first, and how do I get past that Def 17 of his?

Then it hit me (some might say, like a Drake to the face)

I moved the Carnivean over to the drake, taking a free strike off a paingiver (2 damage!) I then picked up and double handed throw the Drake at Morghoul, which missed, but because I was so close to Morghoul it couldn’t scatter more than and inch and a half, which meant it still hit him! Morgy transferred the damage (not sure if you can transfer collateral) and we went on. Abby warped for flight and reach, and charged Morgy. I decided to roll the attack roll on the first attack, boosting to hit aswell hoping for the crit, which didn’t come 😦 my second attack was also boosted to hit, and I nailed the crit, grievous wounds, so he couldn’t transfer anymore damage, bought a third attack, took the auto hit and pasted him all over the floor. A victory for the Blighted ones!

So there you have it, I was particularly proud of the Angelius, the combination of Blight Field and Forced Evolution is pretty nasty. The Carnivean did exactly what I wanted, being a late gamer, and Abby performed exemplary.

I hope you enjoy all the other articles coming from the rest of the guys this week, please feel free to leave comments and criticisms.

July – Hordes

July 4, 2010

ok So this is more of a post informing you, the reader, of what we have in store for July.

As most of you will know, we’re all kind of hoping Hordes Primal will be rereleased in July, as such we have a lot of interesting articles planned. First off, starting from the 12th of July, each of our Authors will be doing an article on a 15 point list i’ve asked them to write up for their respective factions. these will run as follows:
12th Jase: Legion
13th Buxton: Trolls
14th ChrisY: Circle
15th Adam: Skorne
16th Sam: Trolls
17th Andy: Circle
18th PeteZ: Legion

After this i will be introducing my new Legion paint scheme, and you will be able to follow my build up to the Genesis event that is being run here in Portsmouth on 7th August.

I also know Adam is getting really excited about his Skorne, and possibly dabbling into a brand new faction… CriticalSam has revived his Trolls after PeteZ was nice enough to buy him a Borka model as a thankyou. And Chris Y is taking his Circle to a tournament in Stoke pretty soon, so hopefully we’ll be seeing pictures of his painted models and commentary on his list some more (Chris’ commentaries, whilst very very interesting to read, always blow my mind!)

So, here’s looking forward to a busy Fury filled month!!