BBC (Battle Box Challenge) – Day 1


So i tootled up to my FLGS, and i picked myself up the Khador battlebox. Whilst there i had a looksee around to see what else they had, this is what i ended up picking up….

Swag! Yarrr!

Now i’ll explain why i bought these. I generally have always used GW paints (used to be a GW staffer, so it made financial sense). However, lately i’ve been expanding my painting style, and i wanted to try different paints, so i ordered some P3. They were amazing. Thinner than GW paints and so much easier to blend with, i was in love. When i knew i was going to be painting Red, i knew i had to get the P3 red, and someone mentioned to me that the P3 black was also really good, so i decided to pick up both the Khador paint set and the IK paint set.

Now i cracked open the box…

Baggies! yay!

…and i got to work…

Beware sharp knife! well... it was sharp once... now it's kinda dull.

Now there were 2 things i quickly remembered about the PP plastics…

1: I hate Mould lines. Whilst Sorscha was relatively free of them, the Plastic jacks are covered in them.

2: I need a sharper knife to remove those mould lines.

Next update is Sunday, hopefully it will be about Basing! I am, after all, a Master baser.


One Response to “BBC (Battle Box Challenge) – Day 1”

  1. Owen Says:

    The mould lines on the plastics drove me made. They are quite substantial. I thought the detail looked a little soft too, but once I primed the model (converted Juggernaut) it looked fine.

    Enjoy painting them.


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