The Cardboard Cutout Genre…


So, this wednesday just passed me and PG_Sanj wanted to throw down a game with our proposed new factions, only there was one problem…

Neither of us have the models yet.

Yeh we both want to do Minions, Sanj is doing Carver and the Farrow, i’m doing Barney and the Gators. we decided to cardboard cutout proxy this game, and it was a lot of fun.

First of all, the lists. We decided on 25 pts, and Sanj ran:

War Hog
War Hog
Gun Boar
Full Brigands
minimum Bone Grinders

I, on the other claw, ran:

Full Gatormen Posse
Totem Hunter
Croak Hunter

Now, i kinda shanked on our deal a little bit… i used Gatormen posse figures, and didn’t manage to get the extra 2, so i ended up proxying 2 Deathrippers as GMP. I also used a totem hunter model that wasn’t entirely put together, by which i mean it was stuck to a base.

The deployment:


The Gators. no where near as cool...

So i won the toss off to go first and off we went! i popped up two Swamp pits and advanced the GMP and Wrastlers into them.

Sanj’s first turn was just a small advance to catch up with his AD’ing Brigands. Carver put up Batten down the Hatches.

My second turn was very similar to my first, i popped down some Swamp pits and advanced into them. The croak hunter tried to shoot a Brigand through the trees but was out of range.

Sanj popped a Quagmire on the Brigands and ran them into everything in my lines. he advanced everything up behind them.

My turn three saw me pop up Warpath and my Feat. One Wrastler went to town on the Brigands in B2B with him, the Gators finished off the other Brigands and the Totem Hunter mopped up the last ones tying up the 2nd Wrastler, Warpath triggered and the Wrastler went running off into combat with one of the War Hogs. I learnt one thing from this endeavour, Wrastlers can’t kill a Batten down the hatches Hog.

Sanj’s turn saw one of the Hogs finish off the Wrastler after being healed by Carver.

there once was a wrastler in combat with the Hog...

Sanj then used the rest of his turn to back up a little bit, due to having to recover from the feat.

Over the next couple of turns, i managed to gator charge the Gun Boar and kill him off (with some help from Barney). The Totem Hunter went for some cheeky stab at Carver due to leaping into range, the Croak hunter had a pop at Carver aswell, again doing minimum damage, The 2nd Wrastler got a warpath charge on the 2nd Warhog, again failing to kill it, and we ended in a situation like this:

Iron flesh Barney. Yes.

After this, Carver popped feat, healed the Hog, killed the Croak and advanced out of Barney’s charge range. The hog killed the Wrastler and the turn flipped to me. I Gator charged the Hog and Carver, killing the Hog and missing Carver. Barney popped a swamp pit and advanced into it, forcing Carver to pop mobility if he wanted to get to me.

Sanj then did something which completely took me by surprise. He popped mobility, took 2 free strikes (one missed, the other left him on 2 health) and Trotted up to Barney. After the Hand of God had gone to town, Barney had 5 health left.

Rargh! Fucking Gators!

Barney then went to town and finished up Carver, serving up a Ham sandwich for himself.

At the end of the day, i like how the Gators play, i’m eagerly awating the Bull Snapper, and maybe if they get another unit it’ll be cool. I didn’t play this game to the best of my ability, but i don’t think Sanj did either.

Parting thoughts? Here’s what Sanj thinks of Barney….


3 Responses to “The Cardboard Cutout Genre…”

  1. Andy Says:


    Barney not flying into combat when he has a Wrastler left to throw him is blasphemy though :D.

  2. Ben Says:

    I love that Sanj used a mirrored picture for the second War Hog!
    Such cool factions.

  3. Ajay Says:

    Fire effects would be b0rken against either of those armies….
    Anyway, cool game bro!

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