5 Responses to “Ravagore”

  1. Ajay Says:

    wow, pretty!
    looks good man, do want!

  2. Andy Says:

    All these new gribblies to “look forward to” when you get back down here!
    Nice job, the flame especially looks to work well.

  3. jasefox Says:

    Pete that looks awesome man, and the purple really works awesome with the green. Colour wheel never fails!

  4. Padge Says:

    Yo Pete, That looks really sweet. I like it a lot. I need
    to get myself one of those as well, well two really. Padge

    • petezilla Says:

      Cheers bro. I wouldn’t mind another one but its a little difficult to part with the money when you’re only buying it for one list! One slightly dull list that people will hate you for!!

      Man, we really need to get back to posting on here, I’ve not painted anything since way before christmas and that was for the club secret santa.

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