Portsmouth Tier Challenge: Pete takes the PoM to Pompey


This weekend saw myself, Sam and Jase travel all the way down to Portsmouth (thats 200 odd miles) for Jase’s first tourney as TO/PGer: The Portsmouth Tier Challenge. It was 35pts tier lists only. I made a mockery of the system and brought a tier 1 eSeverius list which looked like this:

Hierarch Severius





Choir of Menoth (Leader and 3 Grunts)

Temple Flameguard (Leader and 9 Grunts)

Temple Flameguard Officer & Standard

The Wrack (3 wracks)

Vassal of Menoth

Vassal of Menoth

I was supposed to paint Sevvy and Reckoner no.2 the week before the tourny, it didn't happen.

I’d had a fair amount of practice with this list and it seemed to work pretty well. eSev’s Awareness spell means its got a constant assassination threat by allowing the Reckoners to ignore line of sight. Holy Ward makes the TFG def 15 (thats before set defence kicks in), theres nothing like high defence infantry to ruin your opponents day!  And enemy infantry can be taken out of the equation thanks to Fear of God, Influence or Sev’s people jacking feat. If all else fails Creator’s Wrath gives Sev additional attack a damage dice making him a fairly lethal combatant himself.

Game 1 – Ed & eDenegrha

Hot damn, eDenegrha! I thought tier lists where for the fun loving types! To make it worse we where playing the scenario with the 3 flags across the middle of the board. To make it worse Ed got first turn. To make it worse Denegrha’s tier gives her +2” on her deployment. I ran my TFG in a desperate attempt to contest but Ed feated and killed most of them and won on scenario. eDenegrha, bad times.

YOU! Are going to lose.

Game 2 – Tom & pNemo

Old man fight! Tom had 3 light jacks (Lancer, Charger, Sentinel) and a Stormclad along with a gang of Stormblades with all the trimmings plus the usual support pieces (Junior and Squire). As our frail old men spent the game cowering behind their ‘jacks this game went on for ages on top of that my jacks kept getting disrupted and having bits chopped off them.  In the end I won by scenario tie break as I had more points in the box. Points of interest include:

  • Tom sidestepping Holy Ward’s anti-magic buff by targeting his Storm Blades with Chain Lightning so it arced to the TFG.
  • My Revenger decided it could take out Tom’s Charger and did a pretty good job of crippling it but then spent the rest of the game being head butted by it and disrupted from one place or another.
  • Severius, after seeing both his Reckoners lose their arms to the Stormclad, took matters into his own hands and wrecked the thing himself.

It was a good game and we both had mental good dice, although I felt bad winning on tie break I think I had him on the back foot by the end and my Repenter was revving up his flamethrower to douse Nemo in Menoth’s Fury.

May the oldest, wimpiest man win!

Game 3 – Callum & Mortenebra (Debora)

Slightly anxious going into this one as I wasn’t sure how well I’d deal with a load of heavy ‘jacks. We where playing destruction and I got first turn. I was feeling less confident after deployment as I had a forest in the middle of my zone meaning that I could only really cover one destruction objective whereas Callum had a 14” deploymet zone because of the new Steamroller rules and Debora’s tier benefits. This meant that the Deathjack ADed 20” across the board and was looking hungrily at the Destruction objective I hadn’t covered. In reality this game was an easy win. Callum’s list included two Seethers, a Leviathan and the Deathjack plus Sirens. Callum didn’t have much experience against the Protectorate and ran both his Seethers into my face apparently expecting that to end well. My TFG charged the Seethers and promptly decided it was a bad idea and shat themselves (failng a CMD 9 check twice). Fortunately my Reckoners where waiting in the wings and took down a Seether each. At that point it was just a case of mopping up. Although Debora ran in my face and overboosted as much as she could surviving a couple of turns I eventually got her. There was a moment when it looked like Callum might have snatched a win when the Deathjack overran and ran towards Sev ready to eat him next turn but I killed Debora just in the nick of time.

Callum looking just gorgeous.

Sev just pooped a little

Game 4 – Simon & eKreoss

eKreoss, Fires of Salvation and loads of Exemplar of various flavours. I ran a similar list the other weekend at the Southport Showdown and its pretty nifty. We where playing killbox so I didn’t have to worry about him swarming objectives. This was a slightly silly game. We both moved up and I finally got a good opportunity to try out the Awareness assassination, Kreoss was camping a lot of focus so he survived but had taken a fair lump of damage. I then decided to move Sev up to ensure he stayed in the killbox, there where some Knights Exemplar looking at him but they’re slow so I figured they wouldn’t get him. Next turn Kreoss feated and one of those Knights did get him… twice. Game over, in the crappiest way ever… Looking back I might have had a chance if I had feated with Sev and taken over the Bastions hanging around Kreoss as he was on -2 Def because of the Reckoner shots, 4 or 5 pow 12 weapon master attacks might have done the job.

Overall it was a fun day and probably the most chilled out tourney I’ve ever been to. Getting drawn against eDenny on an objective based scenario and brain farting in my last game was a bit of a bummer but hanging out and watching games is good fun too.

in a bit



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