Portsmouth Tier Challenge!


So this Saturday just passed me and PG_Sanj ran a 35pt, 4 round, tier tournament. it was 1 list only with the only stipulation being: you had to hit a tier!

It was a great event, we had 16 sign ups, but only 15 turned up, but everybody seemed to enjoy themselves! We had lists featuring the following casters: pMagnus, 2x eAsphyxious, 2x pCaine, pButcher, eButcher, pNemo, Amon, eDenny, Shae, eKreoss, eSeverius. Durgen and Mortenebra (forever known as Debra). Below are some pictures from the event:

So there you have it! a great day was had by most if not all! We had such great fun we’re already planning another tournament for next year!

If anyone wants to know anymore about the lists that were used just ask in the comments, i’ll make sure i reply and let you know what was in the lists 😀


5 Responses to “Portsmouth Tier Challenge!”

  1. Simon (PG_SimeTime) Says:

    Thanks for a great weekend. Very enjoyable.

    Out of interest what was the eDenny list that came 2nd and won the dirtiest list award?

  2. Protagonist Says:

    I’d like to see the pMagnus, Shae, eKreoss, eSeverius. and Durgen lists. If possible. 😀

    • jasefox Says:

      Mercenary Theme Force
      Tier 3: Shock & Awe
      35+6 points, 22 models

      Durgen Madhammer
      * Ghordson Avalancher
      * Wroughthammer Rockram
      Herne & Jonne
      Horgenhold Artillery Corps
      6 Horgenhold Forge Guard
      6 Horgenhold Forge Guard
      Thor Steinhammer
      * Ghordson Basher

      Grand Exemplar Kreoss
      * Fire of Salvation
      5 Exemplar Bastions
      Exemplar Errant Seneschal
      6 Exemplar Errants
      * Exemplar Errant Officer & Standard
      High Exemplar Gravus
      Knights Exemplar
      Knights Exemplar
      Knights Exemplar Seneschal

      Hierarch Severius
      * 2x Reckoner
      * Repenter
      * Revenger
      4 Choir of Menoth
      10 Temple Flameguard
      * TFG Officer & Standard
      2x Vassal of Menoth
      3 Wracks

      Captain Phinneus Shae
      * Buccaneer
      * Freebooter
      * Nomad
      Bosun Grogspar
      Doc Killingsworth
      First Mate Hawk
      Lady Aiyana & Master Holt
      Lord Rockbottom
      10 Press Gangers
      6 Sea Dogs
      * Mr. Walls, The Quartermaster
      * 1 Sea Dog Rifleman
      The Commodore Cannon & Crew

  3. Pompeyklaus Says:

    min Boomhowlers
    min Steelhead Halberdiers
    min Steelhead Riflemen
    Kell Bailoch

    I loved playing this list, i feel it just has a nice balance of units

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