Fatman Falling From Favour


So, as Jase has already pointed out, we had the world famous HUGS Southport Showdown last Saturday! It was pretty epic to be honest; plenty of laughs, some great games, and the stuff from which legends are made!

I, not so wisely, decided to go out the night before and get steamingly drunk, so I spent literally the entirety of the 12 hour marathon dry heaving, moaning about my headaches, drinking gallons of water, and subjecting the guys to my own rectal version of Rasheths feat (Sam loves it, official).

So I didn’t take any pictures, but heres a quick run-down of how Fats Dominar performed!

Lists –

15 points

Rasheth, Bronzeback, Gladiator, Min Paingivers, Min Bonegrinders  (tier list, titans are at -1 point)

25 points

As above +

Drake, Min Praet Swordsmen

35 points

As above +

Max Arcuraii

50 Points

As above +

Brute, Agonizer, Min Ferox, Expand Praets to max unit

Game 1, 15 points, vs Buxton’s Trolls

Game ended with his Mauler in b2b with Rasheth after a refuge move.  He then kindly pointed out that my Gladiator could get to Doomie. Which he did! Win for me. (Highlight – My gracious opponent pointing out how I could win, which was nice of him considering I was struggling to see straight)

Game 2, 15 points, vs PeteZ’s PoM

Game ended with Rasheth by himself, eKreoss Bloodmarked, and 3 exemplar dudes charging fatty. eKreoss took something like 15 damage from the transfer, but then fatty got butchered. Loss for me. (Lowlight – Not managing to convince PeteZ that charging Rasheth with eKreoss’ AP attack would be the best course of action…)

Game 3, 25 points, vs Jase’s Cryx

I forgot what Perdition could do every single turn, and therefore miscalculated how far away Fatty needed to be from his Seether. Enough said really. Loss for me. (Lowlight – losing to Jase. Something has changed since he moved down south…)

Game 4, 25 points, vs Andy’s Circle

After a massive failure to eliminate Megalith and get the upper hand, Morvhana regrowth’d a few wolves to charge Rasheth. And that was that! Loss for me. (Highlight – The smug smile I felt creep across my face when telling Andy to remove from play his wolves. He had to make two seperate casualties piles. A moral victory!)

Game 5, 35 points, vs Sam’s Trolls

Kicked ass for 9/10 of the game. Stupidly left enough room for 2 fennblades to charge Rasheth, thinking Rasheth could take it. Which he could. He could not however, take the feat attacks granted by eMadrak. Eurgh. Loss to me. (Highlight  – Mulg wiffing 4 attacks in a row against my BB. 5’s to hit, it’s never guaranteed)

Game 6, 50 points, vs Buxton’s Trolls.

Grudge match from last week.  Unfortunately for Buxton, Rasheth flexes his debuff muscles on the Dires and grinds them down, with eDoomie being the last Troll to fall. Win for me. (Lowlight – Knowing that forever more, Buxton will hate me)

So only won 2 games, both against Buxton which only served to fuel the fires of his hatred for my Skorne.  Made a couple of stupid errors with Rasheth which led to him being assassinated from somewhere I hadn’t considered (Seether Perdition moves, regrown Wolves), but overall I think I used him quite well!

He’s still not a contender for my favourite warlock (Xerxis, pMorgs) or most competative (eMak, Zaal), but he won’t be sitting in my model box collecting dust (unlike Mordikaar).

Until next time!


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