Southport Showdown! Jase’s Review


So this Saturday just passed we had the Southport Showdown! Hai-ooooooo!

Petezilla, our gracious host, had one stipulation, use a caster you’re not familiar with. So i thought i’d test a possible Nationals 2011 caster, i emailed and text a few people and managed to wrangle enough models to field my proposed armies. It was an escalating event, here’s my lists:

15 pts
10 Satyxis +UA

25 pts
as above +
Satyxis Captain
2x Deathrippers

35 pts
as above +

50 pts
as above +
10 Bane Thralls +UA
Bane Lord Tartare Sauce

now we played 6 games over the course of the day, of which i won 2! (should have been 3 but one was rudely snatched away as i expended every last resource to kill eDoomy, then as we were about to pack away someone shouts TOUGH! eDoomy then proceeded to roll a 6 😦 ) Now because i can’t remember most of the games, i’m just gunna photo dump! Here we go….

My final game was against PeteZ’s horrid eKreoss infantry Horde, which i got no pictures of!

we started at roughly 11am, and finished at close to midnight, it was n awesome and epic day, and my thanks goes out to Petezilla and the other guys for an amazing day! hopefully there will be more upcoming photo dumps by the other guys!


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