Thresher Fail!


Now then, you know those moments in hordes or warmachine that dont come up very regularly, those moments where one of your models is able to shine to its full potential and fulfill its existance… well my axer had this opportunity the other day when my trolls went up against fellow thornite petezillas menites.

A bunch of 9 tfg were lined up in a beautiful semicircle around where mulg had been standing. So no matter what the outcome… even if epic sev was standing next to the axer I would have taken the freestrike just to be able to thresher 9 tfg! So epic doomy puts up wild aggression which gives the axer a free charge and boosted hit dice… he threshers and manages to take out a grand total of 4… taking into consideration i needed 7’s to hit on 3 dice and 4’s to kill.

Heres the before and after!



One Response to “Thresher Fail!”

  1. Ajay Says:

    It’s karma for all the tough rolls you pass.

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