Bit of painting


Hey guys, havent put anything up for a while… been majorly busy with work which has been a bit lame. Ive managed to slowly keep a trickle of painting on the go though which has been good! I was going to do a writeup of the genesis even that me, petezilla and andy attended but I managed to remeber to take all of two pictures and I dont think battle reports are as effective without pictures, so I will try harder at the next event. I managed to go 2 for 2 which placed me 7th out of 14  people at the event which makes me the most average player… sweet. Borka did pretty well, im still trying to figure out his perfect 35/50 point army. I mucked up quite a bit in one of my games letting mulg frenzy when he was in charge range of molik and quite possibly a gladiator in the same turn… but all the time im learning and gaining experience which is good!

So just a quick painting update… I love painting my beasts and allthough i have a pretty much speed painting mentality with a lot of wash useage going on i still think there is a certain ‘nack’ to pulling it off. So heres my earthborn, without tusks which i didnt even know he was suppose to have but i think he looks better without them anyway:

Cheers, Sam


One Response to “Bit of painting”

  1. petezilla Says:

    Aww mate, it looks like you dropped your fig in a pool of dirty water, you’ll have to start again!

    It looks like your painting area is making progress, good to see various bits of packaging strewn everywhere.

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