eSev vs Rhyas: Round 2!


About a week ago I posted up a report of a game myself and Vish played with the promise of a second part when we swapped armies. I took control of the Legion while Vish played with the old man.

Unfortunately I don’t remember massive amounts about this game and didn’t take many pictures. Lets see what we can figure out about the game from the pictures I did take, awesome detective powers! Away!!

  • Here my swordsmen are trying to block in the TFG and stall the Protectorate for as long as possible while Rhyas and her beast strike force zip up the flank.
  • Typhon and his rubbish rat5 has just managed to kill 3 TFG, 12 points well spent, he is about to get pounded.
  • Vish, who usually runs obnoxious infantry armies, did a pretty good job of making his ‘jacks trip over each other in the bottleneck between the forest and the wall.
  • The Warmongers spent most of the game walking up that flank because of Fear of God.

  • Seraphs are pretty cool for killing casters! Rapport helps.
  • Previously, Rhyas dashed across the battlefield at a Reckoner tying up the Seraph, sword held to the side she leaped upwards off the Reckoner’s cannon and sheared the ‘jacks head clean off, she landed on the ‘jack’s smokestacks as the ‘jack stood motionless for a few moments only stepping off a moment before the it hit the ground.
  • Furthermore, the Templar has just made a tit of itself by trying to hit and missing that swordsman 3 or 4 times.

Hurray! A second win! I guess I had the upper hand what with both armies being mine. Until next time.

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2 Responses to “eSev vs Rhyas: Round 2!”

  1. Ajay Says:

    Nice one man. This does prove that neither Legion nor PoM are broken, but it is in fact YOU Pete that are the broken one!

  2. Peter Buxton Says:

    Playing on the factory floor against Vish = +1 awesome. It’s the stuff dreams are made off.

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