Pete does Genesis: Grudge and a Decent from Greatness


Last weekend Hordes Genesis happened at Winsford, the ‘jacks got put back in the warehouse (mostly) and the beasts came slinking out of whatever hole they live in, dribbling and snarling. I had thought about bringing a beardy Saeryn double penetration Angel list but didn’t get that sorted and instead decided I wanted to put eLylyth on the table, there is something elating about killing half a unit while moving 8 inches across the table that I couldn’t resist. Genesis is an escalating event and we where kicking off with 25pts where I was forced to go with pLylyth, here is how my lists panned out:


Lylyth, Herald of Everblight





Blighted Nyss Shepherd

Strider Deathstalker


Lylyth, Herald of Everblight





Blighted Nyss Raptors (Leader and 4 Grunts)

Blighted Nyss Shepherd

Strider Deathstalker


Lylyth, Shadow of Everblight





Blighted Nyss Raptors (Leader and 4 Grunts)

Blighted Nyss Striders (Leader and 5 Grunts)

Blighted Nyss Striders Officer & Musician

Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew (Leader and 1 Grunt)

Blighted Nyss Shepherd

Strider Deathstalker

Strider Deathstalker

The Forsaken

I didn’t have any massive preconceived plans except doing lots of flanking and shooting with my super quick shooty models. Something that made this tourney interesting was that the guys I played against in 3 of my 4 games I had played before, this is a Hordes Genesis grudge match special!

Game 1 – The Quick and the Dead

25pts vs Nathan Hoole’s Cygnar

I played Nathan at the last event held in Winsford; the pre-masters mash up. That time I had snatched victory from his eHaley list. We knew the first round draw before the event and I was expecting Nathan to bring Haley again, which gave me some fierce first round nerves! Instead I was relieved to see:

Kara Sloan

2 x Hunters

Gun Mages + UA

Stormblades + UA


I couldn’t let this list sit and shoot at me, giving Kara and the Hunters time to shoot at me would lead to my army turning into meaty chunks. At the same time Nathan was worried about my Seraph coming along and blowing Kara away. On my second turn I used slipstream to fire my Angelius across the table and into his Hunters. I figured those things are made out of tinfoil and loo rolls so an armour pierce attack should lay one out. I boosted the charge attack to make sure I hit and rolled a pathetic 6, Angelii seem pretty good at whiffing that one! The second attack missed so I left it at that and ran the Scythean in to be a bit of a nob and engage his shit.

The dreaded question: "What's Lylyth's defence and armour?"

Nathan began his turn by proclaiming: “You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.” And went for the assassination run. His whole army started shooting at Lylyth under Kara’s feat giving them boosted hit dice. Gun mages where ducking their way out of beast’s melee ranges and Stormblades where assaulting her.

Once all the guns had fallen silent (including Kara’s MONSTER rifle) Lylyth was still standing. Kara had missed her shot. Then it was feat + parasite x scythean = win.

Game 2 – Operation: Get Behind the Praetorians

35pts vs Jamie P’s Skorne

I’ve played Jamie a couple of times before when he has been using his mean Khador lists and have got my arse concerningly beaten both times. It doesn’t help that my game always seems to turn to shit when I play against him. This time he was bringing:


Titan Gladiator


Basilisk Drake


Full Praetorians + UA

Ancestral Guardian

Totem Hunter


I got first turn and ran everything forward, trying to pretend that I was totally confident. The Raptors actually ran diagonally across the board to escape the Totem Hunter who had chosen them as prey.

Jamie ran his army up behind his Praetorians who where happy to die to provide souls for the AG and tokens for Zaal’s feat.

In my turn Strider and Raptor fire cleared a path for my Scythean to charge Jamie’s Titan through the Praetorians. Denis Smith, my Scythean, doesn’t like hitting on his charge attacks or pulling his chain attack off and it was looking unlikely that I would take out the Titan but thanks to a final obnoxious damage roll it went down.

This is where a unit of Praets and a Titan used to be

In return Jamie feated and cast Last Stand on the AG giving it silly handfuls of dice when it attacked and took down my Angelius. This freed up Molik to go for a run on Lylyth. The plan was to bounce around the Seraph with side-step but Jamie’s dice where not his friends. Missing his second initial attack left Molik blowing in the breeze.

The game had turned into a grind but I had gained the upper hand as far a scenario points where concerned and found myself on 6 out of the 7 needed to win. It came down to the Swamp Gobbers contesting the control zone on my side of the board and tying up Lylyth. She stepped back and bolted one of the Gobbers in the face, the other Gobber pissed itself and the game went to me!

Molik goes down, the Shredder snacked on him!

The armies are getting thin, Jamie's Gobber shock troopers get ready to strike

The most epic ending a game of Warmachine has seen!

Game 3 – The Quick and the Dead 2: Dueling through Time!

50pts vs Rich ‘big bro’ Paget’s Legion

My first Warmachine tournament was about a year ago in Manchester, 750pts 2 casters, where I came second to Paget. I have also placed 1 position below him in several other events so this was a real grudge match, he is a lovely guy but the phrase: ‘cock gobbling cunt’ may have been uttered. As a graduate of the Necra-Chi Seraph-Spam academy Rich was rocking this list:


3 x Seraph



Striders + UA

2 x Deathstalker

2 x Shepherd


Bum Grinders

Padge taking a picture of me taking a picture of him taking a picture of me.....

This was a quick game, Rich seems to specialise in turn 2 assassination runs. He got first turn and ran everything up.

Although the Seraphs where probably the main threat I couldn’t resist the juicy target that was Typhon so eLylyth moved up and put her shiny new 15” range Pin Cushion on him then popped her feat. All my shooting left Typhon as nothing but a heap of meat filled with arrows and had put a fair amount of damage on a couple of his Seraphs too. Unfortunately I had left eLyl in a slightly dangerous place with just one transfer.

No more Typhon!

After some shuffling around and disposing of some of my infantry in the way the game came down to 2 Seraphs shooting eLylyth under pLylyth’s feat and the second Seraph’s final shot. I needed some lame rolls on Rich’s part to win it but at the end of the day the dice went his way. I’ll get him someday!

And eLylyth goes down!

To see this battle (and the rest of the event) from Rich’s point of view press the red button now, if your keyboard doesn’t have a red button you could try:

Game 4 – Pete: “Man I lost that game badly” Sam: “What happened?” Pete: “Saeryn happened”

50pts vs Pat Vance’s Legion

This was the only game of the day that wasn’t against a guy I’ve played before. Pat is a sound Legion/Protectorate player from Cardiff, he can’t be faulted on his choice of factions! He brought:


2 xAngelius





Spawning Vessel (!?)

Bum Grinders

2 x Shepherd


This was a pretty terrifying list, Saeryn answers a lot of questions. Pat got the first turn and ran up. My game went down hill pretty quickly, I wanted to snipe out an Angelius to reduce the effectiveness of her awesome feat so Lylyth moved up to Pin Cushion but missed and I was torn between the beast and Pat’s Warmongers, the Striders barely scratched the Warmongers and my beasts put some damage on an Angelius.

Pat's army not looking too concerned after my turn of shooting

Pat replied by shoving Angelii down my throat under Saeryn’s feat, being jammed back into my own deployment zone by invincible beasts pretty much ended me and Pat gained a lot of control points. I had a last ditch assassination run which failed miserably so the game went to Pat. Highlight of this game was Pat sending his Warchief in to kill my Shepherd and Forsaken, killing them both and then taking a berserk attack on his own Angelius for 11 damage, Pat only realised later that the Warchief doesn’t have to make berserk attacks.  I’m looking forward to getting Saeryn back on the table myself, she is good… really good.

Can I maybe shoot you? ...No?

So there you go, another cool event, thanks to Alex ‘the coolest gamer’ Smith. The podium looked like this:

1st Rich Loxam with Calandra

2nd Pat Vance with Saeryn

3rd Rich Paget wit pLylyth

I came 5th thanks to a strong strength of schedule which I’m pretty pleased with. Its also interesting to see a lot of high placing Legion, in the aftermath of the eThagrosh-Typhon nerf apocalypse Legion players fight on with their meagre supplies of awesome models!

in a bit



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4 Responses to “Pete does Genesis: Grudge and a Decent from Greatness”

  1. Padge Says:

    Good write up there “Lil Bro”, I enjoyed reading it and shall look forward to the next one.

    I’m sure that wee’ll meet again, probably with a Searyn each 😉

  2. Clayton Says:

    I can just hear you uttering “I’ll get you next time Padge…Next Time!” and then a cat howls.

  3. Deacis Says:

    Great read! Thanx for sharing.

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