Jase does Genesis


This Saturday just passed, the Portsmouth Hordes gangsters threw down with our local Genesis tourny. There were 8 entries in total, with 2 players for each faction (not counting minions). Here’s my report from the day!

First off my lists:

Minimum Swordsmen

2 x Shredder
Full swordsmen and UA

2 x Shredders
Strider Deathstalker
Full Swordsmen + UA
Full Spawning vessel crew
Wrong Eye and Snapjaw

So my first game (25) I threw down against a fellow gamer called Callum

Callum had:
4 Acuarii
Cyclops Shaman

Highlights: I cast Rampager on the Titan, charged it with the Angelius then cried a little inside when he took his admonition move away, sad face.

The Titan slammed the Angelius, but it’s follow up move took it out of the control area of Morghoul, so no more hitty.

Two Acuarii charged Vayl, Dark Sentinel triggered in and the Angelius pasted one of them, the other hit Vayl and did 16 damage, Callum reached over to shake my hand (Morghoul’s feat turn can’t transfer damage to friendly models) when I promptly informed him that I’d transfer half the damage to his Cyclops Shaman.

Callum, with not a lot else to do, pasted the Angelius and Raek with Morgs then sprinted right into the face of Vayl, a good move as I had nothing left to get him with, however he left himself a gnats pube away from melee range and Vayl walked away, one boosted Hoarfrost left him with Six damage, one boosted Malice finished him off! First game to me!

Some pics:

Game two saw me play a nice guy called Lee

Lee’s been playing Trolls for about as long as I’d been playing Legion, but I’d never got a game against him, he had the following:
Fell Caller
Min burrowers
Min Fennblades


Turn 2, Rampager on the Bomber, turned him around, threw a bomb at the Fennblades, killed one and caused tough on 2, then destroyed the bomber with the Angelius.

The Angelius charged Calandra behind a wall, but between the wall and Star Crossed, failed to hit her.

Burrowers jumped up and destroyed my Def 15 Raek! Wtf!

The Impaler shot and critter a swordsmen and slammed him into Vayl! Ouch!

Typhon walked up, and sprayed Calandra, with Incite up we calculated that it was 10’s to hit, first attack rolled 5,4,3,3, taking away the 5 from star crossed meant a hit! Second attack 6,4,3,3, taking away the 6 for star crossed and Calndra died. Someone then kindly informed me that it was actually 9’s to hit, oops. Second win of the day!

Game Three saw a real showdown between me and my fellow Legion player Chris!

Chris had:
2x shepherd

Chris totally outfoxed me, getting me really excited when he put his Typhon way out in front, but alas, he then cast Banishing ward on it which meant no Rampager shenanigans. Sad face.

Chris moved all his Beasts forward and completely forgot to pop his feat, which meant he lost his Typhon and had his Angelius seriously injured in a comedy of errors…

…talking about that Angelius, he had respawn on it, which I knew was a pain, but I had a cunning plan. First I used the spawning vessel to pop a shredder, and then capped it with one of the handlers doing 3 damage. The plan was to jump the Raek and maybe the Angelius and do some damage to his Angelius, then finish it off with the Shredder and snack on it to remove it from play, but alas, my Angelius did too much damage to it and popped it, oops.

Chris’ Scythean charged my angelius and destroyed it with it’s first two attacks, it then did it’s chain attack and destroyed my Raek! Ouch!

Chris’ Angelius (on Saeryn’s feat turn) charged my Typhon, which put it within 5″ of Vayl, I activated Typhon with Dark Sentinel and popped a spray at the Angelius, letting Chris know that gunfighter was a ranged attack in melee, not a melee attack, this killed the respawned Angelius.

I tried to Rampager Chris’ Seraph out of his control area, but left it in by about 1/2″!!

Chris pulled off an amazing move next, he popped slipstream on Saeryn and charged his own Scythean, placing it because of slipstream out of Saeryn’s melee range, and facing directly at Vayl (he was looking away from her due to Rampager shenanigans) he then charged Vayl for one fury, no dark sentinels and all my beasts were maxed, it didn’t look good. He boosted for two fury, and missed. He boosted his second attack and hit, and boosted damage for 18 damage, which I transferred half to the Seraph that had frenzied and dumped it’s fury, this meant that the Scythean had maxed, and failed to kill Vayl.

I rampager’d the Scythean away, popped incite and chiller on Typhon, who walked over to Saeryn and layed the smacketh down. Game three and the tournament to me!

Chris informed me at this point that all I had to do was kill a shepherd and I could have won on scenario aswell.

So a good day was had by all, I walked away with the Legion coin and the overall Championship coin, and a promise by Sanj that I would get Bethayne when she comes out!


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9 Responses to “Jase does Genesis”

  1. sanj Says:

    I never promise anything because of an episode of ‘are you afraid of the dark?’ I saw when I was younger.

    Ghosts will come and fuck you up if you make a promise and don’t keep it, even if you try your best to keep said promise.

    You have the picture up until I get hold of Bethayne anyway…

  2. Vish Says:

    Well done Jase! Sounds like an awesome time! I’ll keep in contact with Sanj in regards to Bethayne. 😀


    • jasefox Says:

      I’ll be honest with ya Vish, more excited about the new Character upgrade kits! Hopefully my ninja shopper is picking mr up a Discordia from Gencon!

      • Vish Says:

        Indeed. I just want to glue all the kits onto one jack and call it something inappropriate. Then Rainbo the Annihilator can really get dirty! 😀

  3. petezilla Says:

    Damn you, you beardless fool! I’m never going to get a legion coin… 😦

    • Vish Says:

      You don’t need one, you Bunthunter! You need a steady supply of soaking wet twats to keep you in line. Now get to making some gaylord lists!

  4. sanj Says:

    Read the comment on this Photo.

    It looks like Karma finally came and bit Chris in the ass

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