How Wrong Was I?


So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been eagerly awaiting the Rasheth spoilers with baited breath, checking the PP forums for any snippets of information morning, noon and night.  And every day there would be nothing. I was having a sad.

So anyway, last week I went to Greece, thinking to myself “What are the chances that in the short amount of time that I have no internet access, Rasheth gets spoiled finally? Surely I won’t miss anything…”

First instance of being wrong.

Day one in sunny Greece, I get a text off the big cheese himself, Jase;

(the following is a completely, 100%, utterly accurate representation of the text conversation… honest)

Jase – Jabroney, have you seen the Rasheth spoilers yet?

Adam – Nope, I’m in Greece, send me them plx!

J – *lists abilities, spells, etc* ROFL, he is teh fail.

A – zomg, /geekgasm, I want him naow!!!11oneone1!eleven!!

J – No, he is the suck.

A – Do want.

J – He dies to everything.

A – Do want.

J – He’s useless.

A – …… Do want.

J – He’s no good.

A – …………….. Do want.

And so it went on, with Jase presenting various cases of Rasheth death (“a defender can kill him in 3 shots” was a particularly hilarious one, sorry boss), and me rebutting his claims with idiotic stubbornness.

You there!! Bring me that ham!!


I’m not going to post his spoilers here; they are easy enough to find on the PP forums if you haven’t seen them already.  However, how accurate were my previous claims in the earlier Rasheth post?

“Cruddy stats across the board except for ARM, CMD and I’ll say Fury 8 at least.”

Mostly right, except for ARM.  But he’s still more survivable than his ARM reveals…

“Attuned spirit [Titans] has been thrown around, and/or the possibility of free transfers to Titans (maybe just one a round though…).”

Second instance of being wrong.  Homework is a thousand lines, “Fluff does not equal rules.”

“He does seem like a bit of a grind-fest spellcaster; no melee abilities whatsoever but almost impossible to take down.”

Got that one!  Between Impervious Flesh, Blood Mark, transfers, Carnivore and Feat, he can be quite the immovable object.

“I’m also going to say that he has Agoniser abilities, but not the same ones that the regular one has, in addition to his spells like Xerxis’ Battle Plans.”

Third instance of being wrong.  I was pretty confident about this as well. So his Agonisers not only can’t attack like normal ones, but also can’t cry properly?!?!

“His feat will be some kind of massive debuff to SPD and DEF (make the enemy as fat as he, mwahahaha).”

Well I got the massive debuff right, so I count that as a win.

So I wasn’t far off the mark, and I still think he looks fun and competative, as well as being a beasty model.  But I’m not here to gush over him, oh no. Being a bitter and twisted being I have to find fault in Rasheth, and faults I CAN find.

Firstly, if I put him on the table and see Karchev, Darius, any Cryx caster or Baldur with Wolds, my heart is going to sink a little.  He has such a focus against living models that jacks, the undead and constructs are going to give him fits.

Secondly, no weapons at all… really? Mordikaar can fire a laser out of his ass as a basic attack, but this guy can’t do anything? I was secretly wishing for a ranged Sith-esque death grip, but alas ‘twas not to be.

Thirdly, I don’t care that ranged attacks get -1 damage die, he’s got 20 health boxes, and transfers out the wazoo; this guy WILL die if anything looks at him.  DEF 10 ARM 14 is just the right combination of numbers that everything will hit him, and everything will damage him.  Heck, I’d be worried about swamp gobbers on the charge.

But that’s all I’ve got really.  He’s got some very obvious weaknesses, but some very nice tricks and I look forward to slapping some fat lovin’ on the tabletop.

Catch y’all later!


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12 Responses to “How Wrong Was I?”

  1. jasefox Says:

    I never said the hunter thing. I personally think hunters are poo. Anyone with Obliteration however will literally blow him away.

    And looking through my texts, I actually said 3 defenders…

  2. Ajay Says:

    Edited! Thats what I get for posting without checking my sources 😛

  3. Protagonist Says:

    I’m posting solely to quote this line:

    “I look forward to slapping some fat lovin’ on the tabletop.”

    That is all.

  4. petezilla Says:

    Pyg bushwackers would own him, what fun!
    Parasite from Lylyth would also have humorous effects!

  5. Quixotic Says:

    Nice write up. I think that he’s another model like Cygnar’s Kraye who will have a hate/like value based on style of play and army build. And honestly, he seems to be a WARMACHINE representation of the Nurgle Palaquin Bearer (in more ways than one) where he’s very fragile but surrounded by a host of foot soldiers he’s awesome. In this case, he needs some extra Fury stashed somewhere, a few Beasts pre-determined for Damage Transfer purposes, and lots of support.

  6. Archimedes the Dog Says:

    So, those are the spoilers for HIM, are we sure he doesn’t have some sort of additional card for the litter-bearers?

  7. Ajay Says:

    Glad there’s some appreciation for this, always like to hear good feedback.
    Quixotic, funnily enough I like Kraye so maybe I’m just a sucker for the underdog… And yeah I don’t see him as effective below 50 points where he can really flex his muscles (or wobble his flab…), but we’ll see how he does when I (eventually) play-test him real.
    Dog, that’s a damn good point. If there WAS another card for the litter-bearers I think i’d dump a gusher…

  8. Wally Says:

    I like Kraye too and he actually does have some trix. Maybe with this guy you take some swampgobbers with him as they move faster then him and drop that cloud in front of him to prevent charges to him. You only have to deal with a few things at range that can go ahead and blast at him.

    With the nerfs to everblight I do not think you will see as much of them now as you once used to. An average non boosted seraph does 5 damage per shot. So if a seraph gets 3 shot he probably does not need to boost to hit so will boost 3 damage rolls. So, 8 shots a pop a turn from a seraph. If you transfer thats a lot of damage going to beast mitigating your army.

    Will love to hear how your play goes with him though.

    • jasefox Says:

      Actually a non boosted seraph shot would be -2 on 1 dice thanks to impervious flesh, which won’t do much. Boosted will average 5 damage!

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