Forge Games Stoke Challenge: Zombies, Robots and Wolves


I think we need to let the authorities know that the UK tournament scene’s children are being held hostage by the mafia and is being forced to work every hour of the day to get them back. Thats the only reasonable explanation for the amount of tournaments going on at the moment.

Last weekend an intrepid crew of gamers from in and around the Chester area (although there was a club member missing due to being trapped in the Arctic Circle – true story!) made their way to one of these events – the Stoke 25pt Challenge.

I know what you, the devoted Thorn readers, are now thinking. You’re thinking: “But wait! Pete, with your hair majestically blowing in the wind, the last we heard about the Stoke 25pter you where busy getting your lists fully painted, what happened to that? Or are you nothing but a hairy liar who holds his paintbrush like some kind of bearded child?”

Well, you bizarre complement giving/insult throwing reader, the tournament was on Sunday, the Testament of Menoth was finished on Friday and I spent around 8 hours on Saturday getting Fires of Salvation into an appropriate condition to crush heretics. Here they are in their fully painted glory!

Testament of Menoth



Fires of Salvation

Repent! I braved a load of freehand on this guy


Pray for Salvation

Onto the Tournament then! Here’s a reminder of the two lists that I got painted and brought with me:

High Executioner Servath Reznik




Choir of Menoth (Leader and 3 Grunts)

Exemplar Bastions (Leader and 4 Grunts)

Paladin of the Order of the Wall

The Wrack (3 wracks)

Vassal of Menoth

Testament of Menoth

Fire of Salvation


Knights Exemplar (Leader and 5 Grunts)

Knights Exemplar (Leader and 5 Grunts)

Temple Flameguard (Leader and 9 Grunts)

High Paladin Dartan Vilmon

The Wrack (3 wracks)

Game 1

..when it boxes a LIVING enemy warrior model…

The first game of a tourney is always a bit nerve wracking, the guy I was playing against was a Protectorate player at heart but he was dabbling in Cryx. He had a Mortenebra list and a pAsphixious list. Although the infantry swarm would have been nice against both of these lists, I’ve had too many bad experiences of Asphixious spell assassination runs at the hands of CriticalSam to risk bringing ToM. Reznik’s Witch Hound ability gives him some movement shenanigans when he is hit by spells so I brought him.

To my shame, I’ve forgotten what the guy I played was called but for some reason I want to call him John so I’ll run with that. John’s list looked something like this:



2 Deathrippers

Full Bane Thralls + UA

Tarts- ‘r’ -us


Machine Wraith

This game was a complete bloodbath. After we had ran everything up I was busy plotting and scheming working out how to get rid of as many Banes as possible before John could effectively retaliate. I was saved the effort of implementing some hair brained scheme when John charged my Templar with Canks (who then took a step backwards thanks to enliven) and ran his Banes in right behind. It was going to be one of those games was it? I easily got a lot of models into combat with the Banes but thanks to tough rolls and positioning not as many died as I hoped for.  It turned into a real grind and in the end John only had Asphixious left, who moved up and zapped Reznik for the win. Damn it!

Pant wetting moment: Scything touched Bane Thralls + Parasited Bastions = (effective) pow 18 weapon masters!

Arsehole of the match award goes to: John’s Machine Wraith! My word that thing pulled its weight. It jumped into my Templar two or three turns in a row completely minimising it’s effectiveness by restricting focus allocation. On top of that, to get rid of a Machine Wraith you roll a dice plus your casters CMD against the Machine Wraith CMD of 7. Reznik, being a big meanie, also has a CMD of 7 so it cost me around 3 or 4 focus to get rid of that thing one turn!

Epic Moment: One of Johns Deathrippers ran up a flank, my Paladin walked up towards it and entered stone and mortar stance, the Deathripper shat itself and ran back the way it came!

W/L: 0-1, not an awesome start but a fun game.

Game B


My second game was against a guy from the same club as ‘John’, I’m going to call him Dave. Dave is an old player but was relatively new to MK2. He was rocking Cygnar, pStryker and Darius. I knew his shooty Stryker list would struggle to cap my guys quick enough in my ToM list and that his Darius list would struggle with the swarm so ToM seemed the obvious choice. The list Dave took looked like this (and is pretty impressive for a 25pter):

Darius (tier 3 – cheap ‘jacks and free Swordknight UA)





Swordknights + UA

We where playing the magical disappearing flag scenario. The middle flag disappeared which was awkward for my army which likes to clump up around ToM. Although Dave wasn’t too confident he played the scenario really well. He had the bulk of his army head for one flag while the other he defended with half-jack mines and Cyclone “dakka-dakka” templates making it impossible for my infantry to get in. In the end though ToM’s feat turn assassination run won the day which brings me onto:

Unit of the Match: For the feat turn run I Revived a bunch of TFG into Daves back-field ready to run up and do a big CMA but there was no need for all that fanciness. My purple Knights Exemplar unit charged first and 3 of them got into melee with Daruis, they where rocking pow 11 at the time. The first Knight hit and rolled damage: 6-6-6-5, 16 damage! Not quite a one shot but it’ll do! The second Knight hit and rolled 6-6-5-5 for the win, I don’t know what Kreoss is feeding these guys but keep it up! The 3rd Knight, as it happened, was then free to teabag the man in the moving toilet. But wait! There’s more! Not only are Knights good at killing things, they’re pretty good at not dying too. The previous turn Dave’s Swordknights engaged my Exemplar and 4 of them where forced to surround my sacrificial blocker, when the dust had cleared those 4 Swordknights had failed to kill that 1 Exemplar, what a monster!

Disappointment of the Match: Fires of Salvation. After 8 hours spent making him pretty he was pretty much wrecked when the Centurion freed up the Ironclad who then charged him under full throttle. What a poser!

W/L: 1 – 1

Final Match

“With a Templar you’ll go far.” – Ancient Menite Proverb

I’m pretty sure the last guy I played was from the same club as “Dave” and “John” but he was definitely called Paul. Paul was packing a couple of similar Circle Krueger lists, one with the Lank-of-the-Feast (he’s a lanky bastard) and the other with a Gorax. After listening to Chris (aka Procrastinator) ramble on about his Krueger list I knew I couldn’t bring the infantry swarm, they would just die, frazzled alive in their armour as bolts of lightning fly everywhere. Reznik was the obvious choice as Bastions love being hit by pow 10s, it feels tingly! Paul brought:





Tharn Bloodweavers

Shifting Stones


We where playing Destruction which initially made me groan but its actually been a bit awesome both times I’ve played it. Paul had never played against the Protectorate before but he learned quick. He lost his Warpwolf very early on when he warped for strength, got the Gorax animus and charged my enlivened Templar who once again took a dainty step backwards after one hit. With Iron Aggression on it, it made short work of the Warpwolf in the next turn. The rest of Pauls army advanced up behind the shifting stones which is usually an ace tactic but as my whole army had reach it didn’t work out too well. My enlivened Revenger rushed up with ignite and tickled his Woldwarden with a couple pow17s through the gap in the stones. I was impressed that Paul quickly figured out that headbutting the Revenger was the way to go and soon made a wreck of it. I played a pretty cagey game and when the Templar smooshed Krueger Paul only had two Bloodweavers on the board.

Epic Fail: You may have noticed that the Bastions didn’t get much of a mention in that summary. That would be because I ran them up on my first turn and most of the unit where hanging around a Wrack. Paul cast chain lighting and started plinking them. Bastion- plink. Bastion- plink. Bastion- plink. Wrack – BOOM! Pow 14s all round. This was probably my favourite moment of the whole tourney even though the unit was looking pretty sorry from that point on.

Man of the Match: Had to be the Templar. Because the Bastions got taken down quickly and Paul dealt with the Revenger the Templar had a lot of weight to lift. In the end his kill tally was – Krueger, a Warpwolf, a Gorax, he finished off the Woldwarden, killed 4 Bloodweavers, a Shifting Stone and a Gobber. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: reach + beat-back = win! Iron Agression helps too. Loads of folk find the Reckoner and the Vanquisher to be a lot better but I think the Templar has officially removed the Reckoner as my favourite ‘jack.

Paul’s Spell of the Match: Tornado! Because he couldn’t really deal with the Templar he just kept slamming it back, this would have been an ace move except…

My Spell of the Match: Perdition. I love it. Each time the Templar was knocked on his arse I stood him up and used Perdition to reposition him.

Honourable Mention: After the Bonejack scaring funtimes in my first game the Paladin did me proud by running up a flank on his own to put 16 damage on one of the Destruction objectives. Paul only reacted to him after two turns of beating on the objective. In 25pt games a melee solo seems like a worthwhile choice. Points are tight and people probably don’t want to spare 2 on a solo but if you don’t have one then you may end up having to divert an expensive unit or ‘jack to deal with somebody else’s.

Handbag Moment: Paul’s surviving Gobber charged a choir boy, it was ace.

W/L: 2-1 Solid, my kill/death ratio was above 1.

I don’t know what position I came on the leaderboard but in reality I came in the postion ‘not the winner’. I didn’t go away empty handed though! I won the ever dubious best/only player of faction award which got me a nifty menofix patch and I miraculously got the nicest guy award aka the sportsmanship award which got me this:

This was a cool tournament and was exactly what I was looking for after the uber competitive nationals. I think I was lucky that I didn’t face anything that was ultra gribbly (I dodged the Khador Iron Flesh players anyway) but I think 25pts is a challenging point level to make really mean lists at and lists are very focused on a particular style which I like a lot. Another big thanks to Forge-Games-Phil for running things.

Next on the tourney timetable is Alex Smith’s Genesis event in Winsford, there are two places left check it out at

Until next time

in a bit



3 Responses to “Forge Games Stoke Challenge: Zombies, Robots and Wolves”

  1. Procrastinator Says:

    Awesome write up, still cant believe you lost the first game, definately snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

  2. Khador Red Says:

    Good write up, although you could have done a bit better on the “nitty-gritty” like your opponents names…

    Thanks for the mention too!

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