Forge Games Stoke Challenge 25pt report

Hello everybody,

just had my first official warmahordes tournament and i must say it was a blast, BIG thanks to Phil over at forge games for putting it on. 

the format was standard steamroller scenarios at a 25pts two lists. 

my two lists were: 

Ekaya + laris 

feral warpwolf, pureblood,woldwyrd, lord of the feast and a war wolf 

alt list 


pureblood, woldwarden, woldwatcher, lord of the feast and a totem hunter. 

unfortunately i wrote down my opponents details and have lost them so i cant remember the names. 

games 1 VS khador(and the eventual winner) 


kayazy with boss, kodiak,winter guard with Jo and a man hunter. 

scenario gauntlet. i took Kruger to take down all that potential infantry and luckily he chose the irusk army. 

he went first, iron fleshed the kayazy and rand everything forward, winterguard on my left and the kodiak/kayazy on the right. my turn advanced and put lightning tendrils on the LoTF, cast skybourne and the watcher animus on Krueger. LoTF charged forward and missed all the kayazy and didn’t hurt the kodiak near by. 

my turn advanced krueger forward, feated and lightning everything must remember to boost damage with the feat against models like solos and the boss.  woldwarden did some damage to the kodiak. LoTF was stuck in combat missing lots of stuff. 

what happened to all the men???


 now at this time krueger was sat on 1 fury, full health and def 17 due to skybourne and i had lost of threat vectors for next turn(the template just above krueger is a forest due to the watcher shooting a kayazy). 

his turn his kodiak threw my warden at the watcher knocking it down and doing some damage to the warden. then he said the kayazy pop their min feat and charge the warden now i didn’t question it at the time but i told him the forest wasnt there any more and removed the template so he moved his models back and charged krueger with the boss and a kayazy instead. ( my friends afterwards told the mini-feat only ignore models not terrain so they didn’t have a charge lane to krueger, but we live and learn) anyway, first guy with gang need 9’s so he hits and does 6 damage me not expecting much more transfer it out, next the boss needing 8’s hits and does 11 damage, ouch, next sword again hits and even only on 2 damage gets 9 damage and game over. 

honestly felt a bit gutted after that as i just didn’t expect that to happen, but again i left him open to the possibility so my own mistake. on to round 2. 

Game 2 – capture the flag Vs Rich Pagent 

Rich had just 1 list – Absylonia, Angelus, Carnivion, shredder, Raek, Shepard and a strider solo. 

I took Ekaya and got first turn(first time in a while). 

i run forward

hmmm lots of gribblys

top picture is after my first turn, i basically just ran everything forward and cast upkeeps. 

His turn, everything advanced to the wall, ke cast his upkeeps on the angelus making it def 17, the strider went over to the right flag. and we rolled for which on went and it was the one on the right by the war wolf and strider. 

My turn, dropped shadow pack, cast the purebloods animus on the woldwyrd, and tried to arc a muzzle onto the angelius but missed(and forgot to pop feat). pure blood moved up cast its animus on its self then sprayed both abby and the angelius, boost to hit and damage the angel and did a fair bit of damage and missed abby, the war wolf charged the strider. The Wyrd shoots the angel doing some more damage because of purgation and ignoring his DEF boosts. LoTF uses the bird on the shredder and hits it and misses abbey his attacks,i called an extension for mt feral and charge the carniveon, with forced evo and warp for strength the warpwolf killed it with on 2 fury used. 

his activates abby cast some spells(one where my pure blood can’t be forced) kills the lord the feast with her and the shredder(Rich had some really bad rolls this game). Then we realise the feral was out of control range of eKaya so couldn’t have been forced. due to other stuff being done as a comprimise i offered to remove my feat(which would have let me force him anyway) but would loose the relocation part of it, ie cant leach from him or move any of the others. Rich accepted this, and we carried on(me feeling a bit bad) rich then activated his angel charged the pureblood and started to hit, i asked him about the damage to see if i had taken out any aspects then Rich realised he hadn’t popped his feat to heals its aspects, so i let him do that and the angel took the pureblood down to 7 health, the reak did some damage to the wyrd and the strider killed the warwolf. 

my turn the feral frenzys and eats the near by shepard, ekaya moves up and casts forced evo on the pureblood(forgets to heal it). laris claims the left flag. pureblood tickles the angel and the wold wyrd missed the raek. i claim 1 cp . 

his turn, abbey stops the feral from being forced and moves over to the right flag. the angel and raek only just kill the pureblood and wyrd, the strider runs at my objective to try to stop me claiming it but is about 3.5″ away, the shredder bites the feral a bit. we both claim another cp 

at thi point i realise i have won by scenario aslong as i dont move laris, so kaya eats the shredder and strider with flank and the feral charges abbey to contest and maybe hurt her due to alpha meaning i dont need to force to charge. i dont even hit her . end of my turn i get my 3rd cp and win 3-1 looking like this: 

laris wins the day


final game. Mercs(magnus steelhead) – destruction(2 columns) 

his list, pMagnus, 10 steelhead halberds, 6 steelhead riflemen, 2 renagades, mangler and gorman. 

i took kruguer,  and went first(it must have been my lucky day. his army advance moves.  i move up cast my upkeeps. 

his turn moves closer and combined range attack one of the columns with the riflemen doing 4 damage. 

my turn, i feat and cast lots of lightning, leaving 1 riflemen and no halberdiers and again only did 1 damage to gorman(need to boost the feat). Lotf killed some stuff aswell. clever tactic of the turn, both of his renagades were next to each other on the left so the totem hunter used leap to engage both. 

his turn moved both renagades out of combat and took some damage from freestrikes. rocketed the other column for 5 damage(ARM 20 is a bitch). the mangler kills the LoTF and damages the pureblood nearby. 

my turn i had a plan, the wold moves up to smash the renagade over magnus, and proceeds to wreck it :), so the totem hunter with prey charges and does 11 damage with his spear and then no damage with his shield :(, the pureblood couldn’t do anything due to black oil from gorman. so it was up to the watcher to slam gorman at magnus(only 3 damage needed). he slams and rolls a 1 for distance(he was 1.5″ away 😦 ) so magnus survives. his turn both jack were out of control range by my columns as so without focus couldn’t really hurt it so my opponent conceded. 

magnus survives 😦

magnus raises the white flag to live another day


disclaimer, not everything will be 100% accurate, but the basic gist is covered,  i wont tell you my other thornites games as they can do it themselves. but will 2 wins, 1 loss and 3 control points i came second, highest circle (of 3 very similar lists) and highest hordes. Again i want to say a big thankyou to Phil for running the event and to my opponents for 3 great games. I’ll leave you with a picture of some strange grinning bloke 🙂 (oh and the shirt is mint green for my club RGMB) 



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  1. petezilla Says:

    Whey! Nice one man.

    What sort of weird and disturbed gaming club would wear mint green shirts??

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