Hordes Genesis: a bolt from the blue


Ahh, Legion! My first love. After playing the Protectorate for the last 6 months dabbling in Legion again literally made me giggle in glee.  Moving 7 inches then shooting 12 is a bizarre experience for me now-a-days . Anyway, on with business!

We’ve saved the best 15pt list til last! When I first thought up a list it resembled Jase’s very closely, Caster – Angelius – Carnivean, but now I’ve tweaked the list to do one thing and do it well. Here it is:

Lylyth, Herald of Everblight





Back in MK1 I wasn’t a massive fan of the power casters like Saeryn and eThagrosh, I was more into the super solos Lylyth and Rhyas. So I’m keeping it old school with pLylyth. This is a hardcore alpha strike army that will cut the balls of your opponent before they know whats happening, heres how it goes down.

  1. Identify the corner stone/ heavy hitter of your opponents list.
  2. Activate Lylyth and tag the model with her bow, then cast parasite (-3 Arm) on it which will automatically hit then take another shot at effective pow 15 or camp according to taste.
  3. Activate the Seraph and cast slipstream to move the Angelius 2” and then take some shots at the parasite target, again at effective pow 15.
  4. Activate a Shredder and put tenacity on the Angelius, the other Shredder can run interference and get ready for next turn.
  5. The Angelius now comes in to ruin the parasite targets life from 14” away with an effective pow 17 armour pierce attack and then sits infront of the army at def 15 arm 18.

Hopefully from there the game should be a case of cleaning up, combo-ing the feat (additional attack dice) + parasite on the opponent caster then sending the Seraph in is a pretty effective end game.

This will probably be the core of my list for the Genesis event Alex (KhadorRed) and the Winsford crew are running. Starting with 25pts I’m torn between adding Striders + UA or a Scythean…

Thanks for joining theThorn for our Hordes Genesis extravaganza.

in a bit



One Response to “Hordes Genesis: a bolt from the blue”

  1. Nixon Says:

    Glad that Im not the only one who has a soft spot for Lylyth

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