Hordes Genesis: A Pint of Axe to Month Please


Hello all and welcome to the 6th article and second instalment of Trolls for our Hordes extraviganzer! Hordes is where I began and Trollbloods were my first faction so they have a spcial little place in my heart. I think as ive already explained in a previous post, they just have a bit more of a ‘real’ feel to them than my Cryx (even though I do love those too). I think I prefer a big raging warbeast to a big metal jack, it just has a lot more character to me.

Now the only warlocks I have played for any number of games is pMadrak, pDoomy, Grim Angus and more recently Borka, who is the only lock I have played in MKII apart from some proxied Epic Doomy games. This lead me to choose Borka as my homeboy and as you all may know I’m using him in a tournament in about a weeks time, so ive had quite a bit of tabletop play with him.

So without further a dooooo:

Borka Kegslayer
Keg Carrier

Diretroll Mauler

Kriel Warriors (max)


Now, ive unfortunately failed to played a game with this list because ive been away on holiday but ive played a list very similar to this, add in an Axer and min Burrowers and its identical. To be the most competitive at this point level however I think the best thing to do is go with an almost full beast army… but this list fitted so nicely together and I still think its really strong. I will deffinately use it in a match and report on how it did.

So… Borka… hes an awesome caster who smashes face all day, comes home and gets his own personal pyg to pour him a pint, he may even sometimes smash some face with one hand and drink ale with the other. But no seriously, he has a really good spell list with the likes of iron flesh, this is one of the main reasons for including a unit in the list. This makes the Kriels just that little harder to deal with. Wind Wall is fantastic aswell, enabling him to cover himself and any other models completly within 3” of him from none magical ranged attacks. This can quite easily be a fair chunk of your front line or easily protect your mauler from those pesky Cygnar jacks. Mosh Pit is Borkas party piece and I think its an amazing spell. Anything you attack with a melee attack is automatically knocked down. This makes the use of the mauler very efficient, allowing him to only need to boost the first attack roll when hitting a slightly higher defence model. Its just an all round helpful spell. Borkas feat is again really helpful to both beasts and units because it effects them all. Allowing beats to charge for free and gaining extra dice on power attack damage rolls and collateral damage and giving an all round +2 speed on charge, slams and tramples. This works really well with all the models in this list.

The Diretroll Mauler is a fairly staple and obvious choice. Hes there to mangle stuff up. Hes got to be one of my favourite models in both Hordes and Warmachine. Hes a solid model for 9 points and is an awesome sculpt. On feat turn he has a 10” threat which isn’t awful for a speed 5 beast and he will most likely be screened by Kriels until he can get off that crucial charge.

Kriel Warriors are again quality models, both sculpt wise and table play wise. They are cheap as hell but can be buffed up to pretty decent standards. They will be defence 15 pretty much the whole time due to iron flesh until feat turn where it will have to be dropped to allow them to charge. The chronicler can then on top of that give them concealment which makes them def 17 against ranged attacks… awesome sauce. Their extra prayers help out a hell of a lot, the movement one allows them to charge 12” across the table. The +2’s all round puts them on a respectable POW 12 and can reach a mat of 9 coupled with the fell callers war cry.

Fellcaller – the staple of all troll lists. He makes my cheap kriels very versatile. Standing any of them up if they have managed to survive a round with tough rolls. Giving them pathfinder or +2’s to attack rolls. This not only counts for units, it is also able to buff up the Mauler or Borka. Hes pretty hard hitting himself, having 2 POW 10 weapon master attacks and an 8” spray which will be pretty useful for clearing out infantry.

The Chronicler has been a recent purchase for me and he does so much for 2 points. As I said before he can give out concealment to my Kriels and make them untargetable if they are knocked down, so if you do manage to hit def 17 from a ranged attack, if I pass the tough check then you cant then target my knocked down Kriel… asesome. When the Kriels are in the thick of it, then up goes Heroes Tragedy. This means that any living model that kills one of them with a melee attack gets knocked down at the end of their activation. This is going to make a lot of high def casters think twice about killing one of these dudes, a good example would be Morghoull taking down a few of them and then… all point and laugh as he sits down on his ass. It also makes them a great tar pit unit allowing them to hold up beasts and units very effectively.

So this is my 15 point list. It will also be very easy to upgrade this list to higher points and has the potential to be a strong and versatile force. This is a quick group shot of the dudes so far, i would obviously have all 10 Kriels instead of just 3… its not fully painted but its not far off!

Thanks for reading!



4 Responses to “Hordes Genesis: A Pint of Axe to Month Please”

  1. jasefox Says:

    Nice one Sam!

    Just to point out, you can’t fell call the Mauler as it’s friendly faction warrior model/unit!

  2. Ajay Says:

    Nice article dood!
    Btw, check the latest errata, Borka is no longer allowed. At all. He’s too damn good.

  3. petezilla Says:

    Nice bases!
    My list would cry if it saw this list..
    Is that a gammy dire troll extreme hiding in the shadows back there?

  4. jasefox Says:

    Sam’s getting quite good at that painting malarkey eh?

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