Hordes Genesis: Big Rocks!


Hello dear reader! I’m Andy and whilst this is my second article I’ve not yet introduced myself so I should really get on with that huh?

So as I said I’m generally known as Andy around here, or occasionally the less friendly-sounding “Bladestorm” which is a relic from when I was an awful lot younger, but I’m a bit stuck with/attached to! I left wargaming more than a decade ago when I was in my teens, having been less than impressed by both of the games I played at the time going to drastically different new versions which were practically new games and required a whole bunch of new models that I couldn’t afford on my meagre pocket money, I dare-say some of you know what I’m talking about, but if you don’t just be glad it didn’t happen to you!

Anyway back in 2006 I saw an ad for a local club, decided to turn up and learned that they were hosting the club’s show on the next weekend, there I saw a warmachine mangled metal tournament going on and I was immediately hooked, buying a Cygnar battle box plus Captain Haley from an attending trader on the recommendation of every player there, many of whom later regretted recommending that second item! The Cygnar grew slowly but steadily from there and were soon joined by a fledgling Searforge commission army after a club-mate sold me a second-hand Gorten Battle-box. It wasn’t long before I read about the Llaelese resistance and realized that any mercenaries I had or bought for either Cygnar or Searforge would all work for the Highborn Covenant, so I picked up Ashlynn and some warjacks to start my third army.

Around late 2007 I think, I realized that at the rate that I was buying models and with the things I still wanted, I was eventually going to buy at least one of everything for my factions, so perhaps I should bite the bullet and do it in bulk, to get a discount on it (a move my assembling and painting is still desperately trying to catch up from!). Whilst doing this I couldn’t resist picking up a token force of some models that had really caught my eye whilst looking through the books – The Elemental Constructs of the Circle Orboros and so my fourth army came into existence! This nicely ties up my introduction and brings me to the main subject of this post!

So, given the task of producing a 15 point Circle list I came up with the following:

Baldur “The rock of Orboros” Stonecleaver (+6) Back when I was choosing my token force I quickly realized that Baldur was the only warlock that was really stone-themed, not to mention the only one that could build a real army out of the rock-men and one of my favourites from the background, so he had to be the one for me and has been ever since, given I’m yet to actually run another warlock! As of MK II he’s received a couple of upgrades that should see his assassination potential actually crop up more than once in a blue moon and that allow him to support his army a bit better, generally I have been impressed at how he still feels like the old Baldur, but is much more solid at the same time.

Megalith (-11) I play this chap so much that Baldur’s card may as well say: Baldur and Megalith, cost 5 points. He’s a tougher, more accurate, harder-hitting, higher fury Woldwarden with an extremely good animus for helping his army and curtailing an opponent’s options as well as a solid spell slinger with Geomancy. The fact that he heals himself, Baldur and any Wardens who end next to him every turn is just gravy! The astute amongst you will also note he isn’t valid in a first tier Genesis event, but I couldn’t just leave him out when we aren’t actually playing one ;). In case of an actual event I’d probably sub in a regular Woldwarden and a unit of Shifting stones to provide a bit of healing and fury relief for my warbeasts.

Woldwatcher (-5) Ol’ mr Huggles has been amongst my favourite models from the beginning, but has had a hard life, being little more than a glorified animus on legs in MK I. Now in MK II he can be something of a road-block with the ability to really become an immovable object with high armour which can even take a ranged hit for another nearby model. He is absolutely at his best with Baldur since he has the potential to make a forest for Baldur to teleport to, can charge or slam and still be a roadblock and can potentially have Stone Skin cast on him to bump his armour from great to ridiculous and make any free strikes he performs more lethal.

Woldwyrd (-5) While his gun can look rather weak at first glance it becomes much better if the enemy tries to use upkeep spells and he can nowadays not even be stopped by engaging since he has picked up gunfighter. A pair of these landing four shots with boosted damage from a long way back ended many a MK I game after an opposing warlock was knocked down by a critical earth spikes slung by Baldur or a Woldwarden and the new potential for four dice of damage or an additional boosted shot will only make them more lethal. The new animus might not have the offensive power of the old animus, but since it allows the warlock to join in covering the table with doubled spell costs, can really mount up to a vicious anti-magic net.

Generally the list isn’t at the top of the heap for raw power but it is very versatile and has an enormous number of tricks hiding in the woods ready to catch the unwary, in true Circle Orboros fashion! 🙂

And with that, gentle reader I shall wish you well until next we meet amongst the barbed thorns!


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3 Responses to “Hordes Genesis: Big Rocks!”

  1. jasefox Says:

    Zomg, Andy is the first to bring a character beast! I’m shocked! I honestly thought it would be Molik Skorne.

  2. criticalsam Says:

    cool writeup andy! the whole construct thing is pretty awesome

  3. petezilla Says:

    This list definately doesn’t look like much but the combo of animi and sneaky abilities make it a bit of a bastard!

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