Hordes Genesis: Subjugation Techniques


Welcome one and all to the next installment of Barbed Thorn’s special Hordes extravaganza!!

I will be looking at the Skorne, presenting a 15 point army that I consider pretty bad-ass and giving some insights hopefully.

So, starting with the list;

15 point army –

Master Tormentor Morghoul (+7)

Titan Gladiator (-8)

Titan Gladiator (-8)

Basilisk Drake (-4)

4 x Paingiver Beast Handlers (-2)

Guess which ones I actually painted myself...

Firstly, I decided on pMorgs to lead my small force for a number of reasons; he’s a freaking ninja, I like his play style, his fluff is epic and most importantly… I’ve applied paint to him!

Seriously though, I mostly use pMorgs because of the few awesome tricks he can pull out. Lawnmower’ing through infantry with Overtake and Anatomical Precision before Sprinting away, filling an enemy warbeast up with Fury (or emptying it…) with Inflict Pain, or simply walking up to an enemy Warcaster and popping his feat, laughing as the clumsy human tries desperately to hit him before getting cut up…

So the beasts then! Well a Gladiator has become a staple part of any force I make; it’s just an utterly solid beast for its points. Even without paingiver buffs and Abuse from pMorgs, it hits hard and hits a lot.  Layer on the effects and you can have 6 p+s 20 attacks and a p+s 19, charging for free from 11 inches away.  So since pMorgs almost gets one for free (+7 warbeast points, for the win), I’ll take two!!

It's the last thing your caster will see...

Now I’ve got 2 heavy hitters, I could do with some crowd control, which is where the Drake comes in. 8 inch spray at pow 14, yes please!

The Drake will be a mid to late game model, hanging around behind the titans and popping out to eradicate pesky solos or support models, or occasionally laying down some hurt on light beasts and jacks.  Alternatively, he goes ahead of everything and distracts from the titans and pMorgs for turn!

Final 2 points, and it’s the other staple of my lists; the obligatory Paingiver Beast Handlers.  These guys do everything to mitigate pMorgs low fury stat; healing beasts so he doesn’t have to, putting some excellent buffs on, and most importantly stripping the fury off the commonly running-hot beasts.

So what’s the game plan with the list?  Keeping it simple, the Gladiators look for things to mush and if the opportunity arises to slam and mush (gotta love follow up!), while the Drake deals with flankers and any clumped infantry.  pMorgs keeps Admonition on the leading Gladiator for the first 2-3 turns to try and avoid it getting charged, before popping it on himself for late game protection. Feat gets used offensively against ‘locks, and defensively against Warmachine mostly.

So how did this fare in battle? Well I recently took on Buxton’s Trolls from a previous post, and it was a bit of a slaughter-fest!  In the end, all I had left was Morgs himself and a badly injured Gladiator, compared to nearly everything from Peters army except half the Burrowers and the gobbers.  However it was the start of my turn and both my models were in b2b with Grim, who only had 2 health left. Forgone conclusion, so we called it.

Lessons learned? The Drake and Morgs can’t handle a full infantry unit by themselves without distracting from the rest of the force, and tough rolls really mess up Morgs ability to lawnmower (when a pyg makes 5 consecutive tough rolls, Morg sheds a tear).

With this in mind, expanding the force to 25 points definately warrants a full unit of Praetorian swordsmen with the UA for ultimate infantry handling, and a Void Spirit or Bloodrunner Master Tormentor for those last 2 points.  Or I could just upgrade a titan to a Bronzeback… RRAAWWRRRR!!!

Catch you later Thorners!


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5 Responses to “Hordes Genesis: Subjugation Techniques”

  1. jasefox Says:

    No Milik Karn!! Shock horror!

    Destined to fail…

  2. petezilla Says:

    Man, titans are too cheap… and as if Morgs deserves 7 beast points

  3. Ajay Says:

    Hey! I’ve won without Molik plenty of times…
    And Morgs needs the 7 beast points, hes fun to play but very sub par.

  4. criticalsam Says:

    Your leather char looks comfy! cool writeup dude, you seem to get your list builts really well balanced and i agree with pete that titans are badass for 8 points, they are surely as good as a mauler and hes 9!!!

  5. Ajay Says:

    That be my pimp chair. I sit in it while I drink my bitchin’ juice and ho’s dance around me.
    Anywho, thanks for the kind words Chris, nice to know someone appreciates…. :p

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