Hordes Genesis – bald man cometh


Hey everyone as you have already in the previous 2 articles(if you haven’t go read them) each thorn author is writing 15pt lists for the faction now as with my previous articles which usually don’t make much sense I thought I would use it to explain my army choice, see here
To build my list so first the list
Totem hunter

Now that is quite a small list but let me explain with each catagory.
Offence : now in such a small point army I can reall come across anything so I had to prepare for everthing. Having 2 heavy beasts mean I should be able to go toe to toe with any other beast heavy lists also krueger and the wold hurling lightning everywhere and krueger feat should take care of infintry, the reason for the totem hunter is he is the best anti-solo goin with his 14″ threat and with prey can take down those pesky Mage hunter assasins or manhunters and then go hunting enemy warcasters. So I think I can fight well against all types of army possiblitys

Defence: now having a limited model count means I will need to he careful about Los to krueger I would likely cast airborne each turn just for the +2 def against, I can also use the wold animus to create a woods to hide in. With geomancy on the wold I can still cause damage even if immobilised.

Flexibilty: now at such small points costs it’s hard to stay flexible but for scenario play my main focus was to remove models for control points so infintry krueger can fry and for larger targets Krueger(tornado) the wold(combo smite) and gnarl can all slam and the gnarl can get a good distance out and follow up to keep them there. Also with kruegers flight and high speed and high ctrl range I can if needs be have the beasts quite far apart.

Tricks: the main ones u have here are if you come across spell ward infintry , doomreavers for example cast tendrils on the gnarlhorn and get him near the unit the wold and krueger then attack him with the bolts and d6 near by models feels pain fun thing is he is immune to lightning so isn’t hurt himself. Also krueger is immune to the wold can cast it him to kill off surrounding infintry. And finally one thing I found with the gnarl horn is that If he slams a small or medium based model into a larger one when he follows up he is then out of reach for attacks so if you give him tendrils he gains reach and can still reach that chewy centre and will electro leap on te middle of the enemy army.

So I hope this helps explain my line of thought on the previous post but don’t forget the main thing especially at smaller points to make sure everything has a role and doesn’t overdo it as doing 20 damage to a 1 health model is a waste of resources.

As for the future I think the next things I will add to get to 25pts is a unit of Druids and UA and a feralguist as they give me more flexibilty and tricks availible.

Until next time enjoy a nearly finished army and for anyone heading to Stoke you may get to kill it in person


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One Response to “Hordes Genesis – bald man cometh”

  1. petezilla Says:

    This list is pretty slam-a-riffic, don’t forget the awesmoeness of the Gnarlhorn animus!

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