Hordes Genesis: The Pink Kriel Cometh.

Well it’s day 2 of the Barbed Thorns Hordes coverage and it’s the turn of the Trollbloods.
Now in case you don’t know, becoming a Press Ganger means you lose your gaming prowess (your’re next Jase!) so playing isn’t really my strong point. I also tend to put lists together by ‘ohh that’s pretty’ rather than x works with y so my take will largely be from the ‘boy this guy looks cool’ but I will also try and give some ‘in game’ reasons for taking the list. It may suck, but at least it will be full of miniatures that I love.

Now to my list:

  • Grim Angus  +6 points
  • * Troll Axer  6 points
  • * Troll Impaler  5 points
  • Fell Caller Hero 3 points
  • 10 Pyg Burrowers  6 points
  • Swamp Gobber Crew 1 point


So who to take as my Warlock then? Often this is the first question a Hordes player will ask, especially with starting off for the first time. I’ve played Hordes since the day of release all those many years ago and have been a diehard Madrak fan not really straying from my comfort zone. I fancied a change so wanted to opt for another ‘Lock. Doomshaper was considered, but I have a plan involving Maulers that I want to save for another day and I didn’t fancy all that infantry for Grissel just yet. Sam is rocking Borka at the moment and didn’t want to duplicate and Calandra doesn’t feel like my playstyle just yet so that leaves only one.

If there is one ‘Lock that I have wanted to try properly for a while then it is Grim Angus. I like his fluff and love his figure, have had him for ages and only played one or two games with him, so it is only fair that he gets an outing. Plus he looks like Deckard which is cool.

So armed with my caster choice what does Grim look like on paper? Well he is a high Def (16) and lowish ARM (15) for a Troll so needs to stay out range of heavy hitters with a good health stat of 17. Relatively low strength for a Troll with his Melee weapon and good MAT. Where he does excel in is his shooting ability. High RAT POW 13 gun with True Sight means that he can get some sneaky boosted hits in there every now and again. His Snare Gun can get a knockdown in that can be useful for taking out targets, but has a low range of 8”.

Grim’s Spells are nice and supportive and helps his army get to their target and crush it completely. Cross-Country and Marked for Death can ruin a target and Lock the Target can stop enemies in their track. Finally Return Fire is a cheap defensive spell that can make your opponent think twice before gunning down your models. Grims’ feat Spread the Net is a nice debuff for the enemy, it will keep them in place and make it easier for my army to hit them! Of course when to spring the trap will be something I will have to learn…


The Impaler and the Axer were the first 2 beasts I got to play with in Hordes and to this day I love them. I love the sculpts and I love the background behind them, more so than the elemental trolls. So I choose 2 solid Trolls that I know well and like (and also give me some flexibility if I expand the list past 15 points)

I love the Axer, it is a ace model and a lot of fun on the battlefield. Troll like DEF and high ARM along with a P+S 14 reach weapon and thresher what isn’t there to like! His animus makes warbeasts mobile (extra 2” range on the Impaler) or will allow him a 12” threat range. The Impaler is brought along because of that lovely Critical Slam and access to Far Strike (giving Grim a 17” shot!)

Units and Solos

10 Burrowers. I could not resist a unit of 10 of them in 15 points. Burrowers kick major ass. POW 14 guns with a low RAT doesn’t seem like much but with Grim’s Feat and a enemy unit Marked for Death then anything targeted should be taken down. Plus the trick of Tunnelling means that they can quite easily cause a problem anywhere on the board! There is plenty to fear from a unit of Pyg’s appearing in front of your caster and blowing them away!

The Fell Caller Hero is the man. Man. Solid stats all round with MAT 7 and RAT 6 plus POW 10 Weapon Master (x2!) means that he can deal out some damage. Combine this with being able to dish out Pathfinder and give the Pygs or the Axer another +2 to their melee attack means that if the Hero is in the right place he can really help out the army. Combine this with a nasty spray and Cross-Country and you have a solo that any Everblight player would be proud off! Plus he is a cool model.

And finally is the 1 point filler and movable cover of the Swamp Gobbers and their cloud effect. Just right for hiding gun toting Warlocks in!

In Play rather than Paper

Err, yeah, well about that. Tuesday is our play night so my article will miss out all that ‘how it actually performs on the battlefield’ stuff, so I there will be mini bat rep in the comments or you can wait till the other Thorner’s get their article out and write about how they beat me horribly!

Painting, or why the hell do you have Pink Trolls Buxton?

Now this is where I start to get more interested! 🙂 My Pink Trolls were started for PP’s Breast Cancer Brawl in November 2008 and started as a Box set which has slowly grown over the years. I must admit my Trolls started to gather the dust the selves when Mark II hit and I wasn’t too impressed with them before that. My Cryx and Retribution took center stage before and during the Warmachine half of the year, but now that Mark II Hordes has hit my Trolls have seen some daylight at last!

I also have even more of a reason to get them out and about as my Mother In Law found out she had Breast Cancer in March and is half way through her treatment for it (and thankfully doing well!), so promoting the cause has become even more important!

I like to have fully painted armies where possible and have managed to get finished last week and this week Grim with just the Burrowers, Fell Caller Hero and Swamp Gobbers to get done! I was hoping to get 15 points fully painted, but real life has a habit of getting in the way. I cheated and had the Axer and Impaler painted from my box set (another reason for taking the pair!)

Grim In all of his Hunting glory

What a lovely pair!

Very WIP group shot. Note the Skittle favoured Pygs

Finally there is a possibility that the Thorn will be taking a trip to a local Genesis event so it looks like I will have to be expanding this army list quite quickly! Lets just hope that I can get 50 points painted in a month, and my next article should be about me expanding up to 25 points. In the mean time wish me luck for tonight as the army gets it’s first outing against Adam’s Skorne. At least I know I will have more painted models on the table than him…..


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7 Responses to “Hordes Genesis: The Pink Kriel Cometh.”

  1. Ajay Says:

    Great article mate, love me some pink trolls!
    And by the by, no you won’t have more fully painted models than me tonight…. DUN DUN DUUUNNNN!!!

  2. gdaybloke Says:

    Looking forward to seeing more pink trolls out of you, sonny 😉

    • Peter Buxton Says:

      They are coming! At last now I have a reason to be playing them! Expect some updates over on Paint Pink as well when Jase stops forcing us to write things for him….

  3. Paul A Buxton Says:

    Hi son fantastic article, you should be doing this more

  4. petezilla Says:

    …who is Deckard?

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