Hordes Genesis: Spontaneous Mutation


This is going to be the first in a series of Hordes Genesis articles that we at the Thorn are doing this week to celebrate the release of the new Hordes cards and models, and later on this month, Primal MkII.

The Bread and butter of each post will be based around a 15 point list, there will be a different faction each day, and will finish up next Monday as we do a combined report on the new minion models rules availible in this months No Quarter.

So, onto my list. As you guys already know I’m taking Absylonia to our local Hordes Genesis event, having recently had a resurgence of my interest in The Legion of Everblight. So it made sense for me to make a 15 point list around her.

I started off with Absylonia, and I knew straight away that unless I had a spare point knocking around this would be a Tooth and claw list. Abby comes with +5 warbeast points so this gave me 20 points to spend on warbeasts.

I started off with my favourite, and a must have with Absylonia imo, the Angelius. This is a no brainer for me, a 9 point warbeast that has reach and an armour piercing attack, def 14, flight AND a ranged weapon aswell! With forced evolution (+2 DEF and STR) it makes the Beast DEF 16 and P+S 16 armour piercing attack! Ouch! If you combine this with a strategically placed Blight Field, everyone should have a hard time hitting the beast.

My next choice had to be something that could come up as a second wave, a late game hitter. I originally toyed with a Scythean, which would have left me points for a Shredder, but I realised that the only thing the Scythean has over the Carnivean is reach and a cool chain attack! Once I realised that the carnivean could pick up reach with Playing God, and that a 10″ spray is ‘fricking lazer beams coming out of their eyes’ style awesome, I decided to go with that.

So, this meant that I had hit my 20 points with just 2 beasts. Massed infantry could cause me a problem, but I do have a spray to help me there. After making the list there was only one thing left, put it into action!

I headed on down to our FLGS and managed to get a quick game against another guy there. A friendly chap by the name of Sam, he was bringing Skorne and had:

2 x void spirits

Damn, I suddenly realised I had very little magic attacks to deal with those Void Spirits. We set up pretty opposite each other and off we went.

I started off by putting playing god on the Carnivean, and Forced evolution on the Angelius, walked Abby and the Carnivean forward hand in hand, and ran the Angelius up field.

Sam put the Krea’s animus up, and pretty much everything advanced forward.

I took the advantage here to try and take down the Titan. I advanced Abby and popped a blight field in front of the Titan. The Angelius charged in and hit with it’s AP attack, doing 18 damage. I bought a couple of extra attacks and left the Titan with 2 health.

Sam walked the Krea and the Drake forward and tried to hit the Angelius but failed, the Titan managed to hit with one of it’s attacks and did a fair whack of damage (after being healed by Morghoul) and Morgy advanced towards a wood.

I realised that if Abby had eyeless sight, I would have got Morghoul here, but unfortunately she doesn’t. The Angelius frenzied and hit the Krea, Absylonia advanced and pasted the 2 void spirits, and put up the Blight Field again. The Carnivean (who does have eyeless sight) assaulted Morghoul, but was a little out of reach range, I boosted the spray to hit, needing a 13 to hit, but I managed to roll a 12 šŸ˜¦

Sam had been clever last turn and left the Krea and Drake on full fury, just so they would frenzy, which they did, and they attempted to hit the Angelius. The Drake hit but didn’t do anything, and the Krea took a couple of wounds. The Angelius was pretty hurt at this point and Sam knew he had to take it down, he enraged the Titan and abused it with Morghoul moving Morghoul back around behind the Titan. I realised at this point that with all the +Str the Titan had, he only had to hit the Angelius to kill it, but at Mat 6 and in a blight field he had to roll a 10 on 2D6 to hit it.
1st attack, missed.
2nd attack, missed.
3rd attack, hits! Bye bye Angelius!

I started my turn with Morghoul just inside my control area, therefor just inside my threat range, but I had to move a Drake out the way first, and how do I get past that Def 17 of his?

Then it hit me (some might say, like a Drake to the face)

I moved the Carnivean over to the drake, taking a free strike off a paingiver (2 damage!) I then picked up and double handed throw the Drake at Morghoul, which missed, but because I was so close to Morghoul it couldn’t scatter more than and inch and a half, which meant it still hit him! Morgy transferred the damage (not sure if you can transfer collateral) and we went on. Abby warped for flight and reach, and charged Morgy. I decided to roll the attack roll on the first attack, boosting to hit aswell hoping for the crit, which didn’t come šŸ˜¦ my second attack was also boosted to hit, and I nailed the crit, grievous wounds, so he couldn’t transfer anymore damage, bought a third attack, took the auto hit and pasted him all over the floor. A victory for the Blighted ones!

So there you have it, I was particularly proud of the Angelius, the combination of Blight Field and Forced Evolution is pretty nasty. The Carnivean did exactly what I wanted, being a late gamer, and Abby performed exemplary.

I hope you enjoy all the other articles coming from the rest of the guys this week, please feel free to leave comments and criticisms.


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One Response to “Hordes Genesis: Spontaneous Mutation”

  1. Ajay Says:

    Great article man!
    Now I have to defend Morg’s honour in my article though…

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