Hello! (finally…)


“I don’t know how to put this but… I’m kind of a big deal.”  Ron Burgundy


Hello intrepid followers of the Thorn!  I’m Adam, AKA Ajay, Ajay29, whipping boy, or that lad who doesn’t paint.  I felt it was about time to introduce myself to the blog, seeing as how I’ve actually penned one article already (the Dominar Rasheth speculation article), assisted in another (the MEGA batrep), and had countless mentions, sly jabs, and general insults thrown my way since the Thorn kicked off!

So, yeah, my factions are currently Khador, Magnus’ Mercs and Skorne, but I’m a tad of a faction whore, so I’m dipping into Legion in the coming weeks and seeing how that works out for me!

I do have one astounding problem though… I don’t paint.

Well, hardly ever. I’ve got probably 10 models that I’ve actually painted myself. And thats out of around 400 points worth of models. So it’s a pretty big event when I turn up to the club with a model that is not only fully glued together, but has also had paint applied to it in some manner or form!

So in the coming months I REALLY hope to get some more stuff painted and get reporting on the Skorne and how they are shaping up in MKII (with or without Molik…), and maybe a n00bs view on Legion eventually!

Thanks for reading y’all, catch you later!



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One Response to “Hello! (finally…)”

  1. jasefox Says:

    I think I’ve got the noobs view on Legion nailed.

    Welcome to the blog Jabroney!!

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