Reznik’s Rank wReckers – 25pt Tournament List


“He is nothing but a blunt instrument of the hierarch released to obliterate any who offend. Pray your name never earns a place on his writs.” – Grand Exemplar Mikael Kreoss

The Stoke 25pt tourney with Forge Games Phil is less than 3 weeks away! The lists have been sent off to check that they’re all above board so there’s no turning back to fiddle around with them now. Fortunately my first list is now fully painted. Behold!









Paladin of the Wall

I’ve gone for a heavy armour list with high threat density. As I mentioned in my Reznik write up I’ve brought along an arc node and a slingshot ‘jack to throw up field with Reznik’s Perdition spell. The Templar will hopefully be the first thing to hit the enemy lines and when it gets there it is equipped to mince units because of the manoeuvrability  given by beat-back or heavy targets … by hitting them repeatedly. The plan is to throw enliven on the Templar so my opponent will really have to commit to dealing with it while the rest of my army gets into position and if any jack will survive being plonked into the middle of an opposing army its the Templar.

With the Templar in your grill this will hopefully give the Bastions the chance to charge but otherwise the Bastions will form a blockade to deal with any swarms and make good tank-busters with Ignite on them (+2pow for pow14 weapon masters). I’ve also grown fond of throwing Ignite on the Revenger, including the choir, it puts the Revenger on pow 17 which is badass when you consider that most Cryx heavies are running around with pow 16 weapons.

I originally threw in the Paladin because I didn’t really know what else to do with the points and felt sorry for the Paladins as I don’t usually bring them. In practice the Paladin has really lifted his weight. This army has a small model count and is in danger of getting overwhelmed but the Paladin is a model who can separate from the brick and cannot be ignored. Often people have to commit more than the Paladins worth do dealing with him. I’ve had a Baldur player using his Rapid Growth forest just to block the Paladin, a Totem Hunter sacrificed to get rid of him and a Troll Axer stepping in to dispatch him when Kriel Warriors struggled to break the 21arm.

When the battle has ground on and there is little left on the table Reznik remains an effective killing machine able to wreck heavies and blow holes in units with his Wrack shenanigans. This army seems to struggle through each game it plays to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, lets see how it manages in contact with a load more mean 25pt lists.

I’ve started painting some stuff for my second Stoke list which I’ll be sharing soon.

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2 Responses to “Reznik’s Rank wReckers – 25pt Tournament List”

  1. Mark Hazell Says:

    Looks like a great force, looking forward to finding out how it does. I really like 25 games Just big enough to allow you to get some real combos in but not so big that the game goes on forever.

    • petezilla Says:

      I agree. At 25pts you really have to figure out what you NEED in a list. At one point this list had a Guardian instead of a Revenger but that would have meant dropping the support for Reznik’s focus. Whereas at 50pts you can find yourself throwing things in just because you like the flavor or want to give something a bash.

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