Faction Cards Have Landed!



My Troll Cards have turned up in the post today from the might Forge Games (Barbed Thorns Warmachine and Hordes Retailer of choice).

If you haven’t already seen a Hordes Mk II card, then shame on you. Go and hunt out the starter rules on the PP web site http://privateerpress.com/files/Hordes%20MkII%20DemoRules-WEB.pdf and check them out.

Done that? Good.

So, my take on the cards? Well they are a bunch of cards, much like the Warmachine cards, but this time with Hordes on! I am liking the new layout and the text is really nice and clear to read, which is a good thing.

As for changes, well I haven’t kept that up to date with the rules so I will leave it to other blogs out there to say what is good or bad, and further Troll Analysis will follow in the coming days (starting Monday Thorn Fans!) but I am pleased as it finally means I want to play with my Trolls and get some more painted and out on the table (to lose giving my current track record)

Don’t panic about Project Red Knickers, that is still on track, it just might slide a little for a couple of weeks, especially with the Hordes rulebook hitting the streets on the 28th

So to wet your appetite for the coming Hordes goodness here is a Mauler I’ve painted for the Paint Pink project (all my Trolls are Paint Pink specials) to remind you go out and get your Hordes cards.

Or else.


4 Responses to “Faction Cards Have Landed!”

  1. jasefox Says:

    I recieved my cards too! And now I’m debating whether or not to use another caster for the genesis even… Legion warlocks are sooo good!

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