July – Hordes


ok So this is more of a post informing you, the reader, of what we have in store for July.

As most of you will know, we’re all kind of hoping Hordes Primal will be rereleased in July, as such we have a lot of interesting articles planned. First off, starting from the 12th of July, each of our Authors will be doing an article on a 15 point list i’ve asked them to write up for their respective factions. these will run as follows:
12th Jase: Legion
13th Buxton: Trolls
14th ChrisY: Circle
15th Adam: Skorne
16th Sam: Trolls
17th Andy: Circle
18th PeteZ: Legion

After this i will be introducing my new Legion paint scheme, and you will be able to follow my build up to the Genesis event that is being run here in Portsmouth on 7th August.

I also know Adam is getting really excited about his Skorne, and possibly dabbling into a brand new faction… CriticalSam has revived his Trolls after PeteZ was nice enough to buy him a Borka model as a thankyou. And Chris Y is taking his Circle to a tournament in Stoke pretty soon, so hopefully we’ll be seeing pictures of his painted models and commentary on his list some more (Chris’ commentaries, whilst very very interesting to read, always blow my mind!)

So, here’s looking forward to a busy Fury filled month!!


6 Responses to “July – Hordes”

  1. Adam Says:

    I’m an author now? Sweet!
    Seriously though, excited doesnt even begin to describe my feelings towards the Skorne stuff. I should invent a new word for the level of elation… Megajoyamathon. There we go, I’m having a megajoyamathon over the Skorne!

  2. Archimedes the Dog Says:

    I’m really looking forward to this. The Hordes factions have really grown on me, visually, especially Skorne, and I’m looking forward to learning more about them in the next few months.

  3. Mark Hazell Says:

    Im looking forward to reading your troll articles.

  4. Peter Buxton Says:

    I am looking forward to writing them! My Trolls have been on the self ever since a couple of unsuccessful outings at the beginning of the field test.

    I have some backlog of painting to do on my Trolls as well as a few pieces I never got the chance to play during Mark 1.

  5. ozmo Says:

    Any chance of minions article, especially with Lord Carver “reveal” in NQ coming out tomorrow?

    • jasefox Says:

      Rest assured there will be something about Lord Carver, at least 3 of us authors are interested in doing a minion faction, the reason it’s not in our list of 15 point forces articles is because we’re not sure how much info will be released by then!

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