Thagrosh is a pimp when it comes to ho’s!


Absylonia, a girl who can be anything you wish… Literally.

So i’ve played a couple of game with my 50point Absylonia list that I talked about in my previous post, and I just want to give a brief run down on my favourite of Thaggy’s handmaidens…

Stats: with an above average speed and a decent pow on her 2 melée weapons, Absylonia is no weaksauce. She lacks on the Armour side, but I’ve always been a big fan of high Def rather than high armour. Why? If a jack charges Abby, it’s gunna have to spend focus to hit def 16 on average, whereas I would have to be rocking arm 22+ to make people waste focus on damaging me.

Abilities: Resourceful really helps her fury go a long way. Her spontaneous mutation abilities are awesome if you get to a situation where Abby can charge, however you then need to start thinking how much fury you can reliably spend on then. Spending all 3 fury for each mutation is a risk, as it only leaves you three fury to kill/save for transfer.

Feat: Abby’s feat is golden, I’ve found myself leaving two or three fury on her at all times nearly, and leaving a nearby carnivean to transfer to. If a person can bypass her def 16 (usually 17 thanks to tenacity) and her 2 transfers AND still do enough damage to kill her, then fair play to that player, he’s either really good or I’m really dumb. However if he doesn’t kill her then I’m going to heal all that damage next turn.

Blight field: decent spell to use if your warbeast fails to kill a warjack, and you want to keep him alive next turn.

Carnivore, yet another way to heal Abby up! I can’t say I’ve had much use out of this yet due to playing mainly cryx, but I’m excited to see my blighted swordsmen not have to worry about hitting stupid high def troops like ATGM and Mage hunter strike force, or nyss hunters.

Forced evolution, omg, this spell is amazing. Whack this on an Angelius for a def 16 pow 16 armour piercing attack, I actually wrecked a seether in two hits with this. Whack tenacity on it for a supremely obscene def 17.

Playing God, not just a way to give Typhon back his reach! Yes it gives a warbeast reach, which is awesome. However, what I consider more awesome is it gives all the models melée weapons the open fist ability! This means the Raek can double handed throw if he so wishes! Nothing better than seeing a Raek walk, leap then double hand throw the enemy caster towards a waiting Typhon bwuahahahahaha.

Overall I think Abby is a good balanced caster, she really does like running the beasts however, which is good because with the Legion fury management tools (forsaken And shepherd) it makes running lots of beasts easy.

Oh and btw, just for reference, Thagrosh would definitely drive a Beemer.


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3 Responses to “Thagrosh is a pimp when it comes to ho’s!”

  1. Procrastinator Says:

    Safety Dance, Safety Dance !!!!!

  2. Adam Says:

    ‘Cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance then they ‘aint no friends of mine!

    Err, sorry…

    Anyway, nice write up man! Food for thought for when my Legion arri… Ooops, I’ve said too much…

  3. petezilla Says:

    Sam’s a pimp… when it comes to ho’s. Most the time he isn’t though… kettles? Sam isn’t a pimp…

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