List building and asprin – my random ramblings


Hey it’s been a while since I posted and the reason being I’ve been working away for this stoke tournament coming up and painted so much I’ve need to buy new brushes.

One of the things that I’ve been thinking allot about over the past few weeks is how to build a list and what factors into that.

In summary when making a list there are four main parts (in my opinion)that I’m sure we all go through at some point, they are Offence, Defence, Flexibility and Tricks.

Offence: now obviously for circle a primaled warped feral warpwolf sounds like a good offence but when making your list there is more to it than that. really it come down to the goal of the list, do you want to focus and anti-infantry or anti-beast or a bit of both, can you include something that does both for example in my pkrueger list I’ve gone for the pureblood over the feral as with electro leap if he isn’t spraying, he keeps the threat range of a feral warped for speed due to reach and can also take down infantry while bogged down in combat also the spray is high enough pow to do some damage to light jacks and casters. As obvious as it sounds a good offence isn’t about having something that hits the hardest it’s about having something do the best damage for the roll needed(ie pow 15 weapon master against armour 14,1 wound isn’t cost effective) the cheapest points allowing you to do the role needed but have more points to have other roles filled.

Defence – this is not just to do with how tough or high def your models are or if you have stealth, a good defence is the one that counters your enemy’s offence. Think of how the enemy will try to kill you and make sure you can prevent it or adapt to it, for example Edenny holds your army in place preventing you from charging so make sure you have a ranged/placement or magic option to counter it and keep the pressure on even if you can’t move. Kreoss and sorcha with their KD and stationary, dust of that woldwatcher and use his animus to stop those attack runs on your caster. Basically a good defence is understanding how your enemy will try and get you and adapting around it.

flexibility – this is mainly around scenario play, if your list totally focussed on caster kill what happens when you have to go to different sides of the board to control 2 different areas. If you run beast heavy will your control radius cover enough of the board to use our beasts in both, this is where solos and infantry come in being able to run independently, so make sure that infantry unit you choose doesn’t need help from the caster if they will be on their own.

tricks – this is largely depended on your faction and warcaster but most lists will have something that they do really well, but don’t forget other tricks such as if you can’t use magic against a unit throw in a infantry man/beast and target them with the magic aoe(for example a pow 10 lightning cant hurt my lightning tendraled pureblood but it will the d6 doomreavers stood next it), basically anything your opponent can’t predict will give you the advantage in a game not just the feat turn.

Anyway I think I’ve rambled enough and I’m sure you’ll need some aspirin.

Next time I’ll write at list used what I’ve said.

Until then have fun


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