Case Fail


The other day I was getting an armful of model cases out the car. One over the shoulder… check, two free hands to grab the other two, sorted! *THUMP* lame. So the strap on the case I use the most has this very occasional habit of just giving up. Here is the damage: the Crusader mace, the other banner off the Guardian (he looked silly with one anyway), the Covenant is in pieces, the Repenter flame thrower and the Reckoner’s boiler.

Battle damage takes its toll on the Protectorate's 'jacks

The damage isn’t too bad but I’m collecting quite a tableful of models in need of repair. I’ve heard stories of cases exploding on escalators and the ensuing grind of metal and plastic and cases falling onto motorways too. Has anybody else got a slightly more epic case fail than this? Let us know.

in a bit



4 Responses to “Case Fail”

  1. Nicolai Says:

    Its always a disaster when models break. I myself stumbled down the stairs once, had wet shoes on and was in a hurry to get to the gaming club. The models did not get all that banged up. I think a few of my bane thralls lost there spikes. But my arms hurt like hell and I had a hard time reaching over the table on that particular gaming night.


  2. Andy Says:

    The metal clips at the end of the straps on mine would come undone on there own from time to time, once or twice they did it while I was carrying it but I didn’t break anything that I can remember though I do recall finding a couple of loose warjack arms had come off at one point, so perhaps I just hadn’t noticed.

    The final straw though, was when I went to pick it up one day and the strap pinged right off one end .. I went to sit the rest of the strap out of the way to re-attach it and the other end came right off .. looking at it the metal had twisted and warped pretty severely on both to the point of uselessness, which is bad considering it wasn’t heavily used at all.

    So I would say to anyone with a metal KR case (Or one bought about the time they launched them, anyway) take the strap off or buy a replacement one if you feel you need a strap..

  3. Archimedes the Dog Says:

    That looks painful.

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