Red Knickers and Great Racks are now in fashion!


So Mr Neil has decreed (despite my pleas for Zombie Pirates) that the Skarre list be the winner, so the Skarre List is now my Cryx army of choice. However the Skarlock is being swapped for Blood Hag for the sake of getting her painted with the full list.

So now I have the challenge I think I need a time table. I would ideally like to have the full army assembled before I start on the painting. This is something that I tend to go through whenever I get an army idea in my head. That way I get to play whilst I paint and can make any changes to list etc. Plus it means you can see just how far you have got in your painting to bare metal ratio!

So on to the plan. I will set myself deadlines of Monday night to get stuff complete, working on a unit/jack/couple of solos at a time I should be able to get stuff complete by my final deadline (Trollblood book coming out).

This week I would like to be fully assembled which means that I have the Bloodgorgers, Gerlak and the 2 Helljacks to be complete. I would also like to get it all undercoated by next Monday.

I also promise to get lots of WIP/Complete photos done as I am working on the army, it’s something I am not very good at and intend to make a better effort at!

Will I complete this weeks task? Tune in soon to see the outcome!


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