the position at the ‘jack factory has been filled


So almost a month ago we had the UK nationals where I met London Press Ganger Vish. It turned out that he was moving up Liverpool way to work with Cerberus/Game Craft who do the distribution for Warmachine in the UK and Europe. As I study and come from near Liverpool we’ve stayed in contact with the hope of getting him down to club sometime.

Fast-forward a month, I’ve moved home from uni and my Dad is getting on my back about getting a job over the summer holidays. I’m not necessarily against the idea, money would be nice, but I quite like the idea of spending 2 months doing nothing but painting and playing guitar and computer games and I can’t really be bothered with the hassle of applying and going for interviews.

A week has gone by and I’ve side-stepped the whole job topic pretty skillfully, I’m sitting getting some work done on a Knight Exemplar when my phone goes off. I didn’t have the number and when I answered there was some southern joker on the line. So yeah, Vish rings up out of the blue and asks if I’m free and fancy doing some part time work at the ‘jack factory over the summer in preparation for the Hordes MKII release. Hell yeah! Perfect summer job lands right in my lap.

The flip-side of this is that I’m going to have to be on the ball to make sure I get my 25pt armies for Stoke painted up on time.

in a bit

(a slightly smug) petezilla


3 Responses to “the position at the ‘jack factory has been filled”

  1. Peter Buxton Says:

    Dear Pete.

    Please pack my parts. (snigger).

    Well done, now we have a member of staff on board on the Thorn!

    Remember to remind Lee that he still owes me a pint.

  2. Procrastinator Says:

    oooh oooh that means i can just complain to you about my totem hunters sheild, yey!!!

    on a more serious note good stuff mate, and youve made me realise im gonna have to be on the ball soon aswell. not many days left

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