March of the Trolls


Just a quick painting update. As I said in my last post, I’m playing my Trolls at the stoke 25 point tournament! I’m really enjoying playing them again and the models just look awesome. Compared to my Cryx, it feels like my Trolls have a little more character which I like and helps to keep me motivated when painting them. I’m attempting to get fully painted for this tournament but ive still got quite a bit to do in a month, so we’ll wait and see.

So here they are, a few of my painted Kriel Warriors. I love the models because of the mixture of leather, tartan and armour plate. I nearly didn’t do any tartan pattern at all for them because I thought it would be too much effort and that my painting skills wouldn’t do it justice but I think what ive done is simple but very effective. I can pretty much get one of these guys done in a 3 hour painting session which is pretty decent.

Cheers for checking em out. I’ll post up my mauler and Borka asap


3 Responses to “March of the Trolls”

  1. petezilla Says:

    3 down. 7 to go!

  2. Mark Hazell Says:

    Hey awesome work im just starting a unit of these guys at the moment – i like what you’ve done with the tartan – do you have vertical lines on there as well as horizontal – i cant see anything in the pics but that might just be my eyes – Anyways great work. 🙂

  3. criticalsam Says:

    hey, sorry its been such a long time to reply! Thanks very much for the comment :D. I havent put any vertical lines on them yet, this is partly down to my confidence in making it look good and im a bit of a speed painter and this could potentially add a lot of time to getting them done!

    Post a link toyour post if you ever put one up on the pp forums, will be good to see more trolls!

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