Here comes the Wracking Crew


I need to pick up the ball on the painting thing, its been about a week since I posted up the WIP shot of Reznik and I’ve only just finished him. I’ve moved home from uni for the summer now though and I usually turn into a bit of a painting hermit while I’m back as I don’t get any games. I’ve also given myself a target to aim for: in precisely a months time a few of us are heading over to a 25pt tournament in Stoke which I want to be fully painted for which is why I put down the Zealots and picked up the High Executioner. More on those lists and my painting progress soon.

My interest in blogging was started during one of my painting hermit phases during which I constantly updated my painting progress on a thread Pete Buxton started on our club boards focused on reviewing models from a painting/modelling stand-point. So I want to do a bit of that before delving into tactics and play experience. Reznik was good fun to paint mainly because he is a bit of a brute without too many of those fiddly bits that the likes of Feora have. His mammoth sword, scroll, chimneys stolen from a warjack and skirt stolen off Karchev are interesting features. The only complaint I have about the Reznik model is his tiny port-a-wrack which would only useful if he was wracking a Pyg (which, incidentally, he did the other day). The more observant may have noticed that my Reznik doesn’t have a wrack right now; this is because I’m going to buy him a full size wrack and clip the base off so he has something a bit more useful and intimidating to work with! I’m pretty happy with the way my Reznik turned out. I’ve reversed the colour scheme on him, I’ve been looking for a caster to do this with for a while and did it with Reznik to represent the darker nature of his work. There is more freedom painting colours other than white and I’m pleased with the way the purple blooms on this model.

Some of the guys I play against regularly have found their way onto Reznik's death warrant, they'll get crossed off once I've wracked one of their casters.

In game Reznik is the definition of a beat-stick, coming second only to the likes of the Buthcher, Karchev and eStryker when he’s doing his thing. This is because in MKII he stole Engines of Destruction off Feora and can become a spd 7 mat 11 pow 18 monster. And don’t forget about Purgatation on his sword which gives him an additional dice on attack and damage rolls against enemies with upkeeps on them! In the last week I’ve killed 2 Warpwolves with that 4 dice pow 18 charge, beautiful! With a 12 inch threat range and such high accuracy and power Reznik is his own end game. But he is also pretty adept at slaying groups of infantry by himself. Once per turn he can wrack a living enemy warrior model, placing that wrack on the edge of his reach range he can then hit it to dish out pow 14s to everything under the 5” pie plate while standing smugly outside of the blast. There is nothing quite so fun as having a caster who can really get stuck in and do some dirty work.

Does my bum look big in this?

When building a Reznik army I always like to include an arc node. This is because Perdition is an offensive spell which lets a ’jack in his battlegroup move after the spell damages something. So after the arc node comes a ‘jack to slingshot up with the Perdition spell. A ‘jack I have used a lot in the past is the Dervish because he is cheap enough to throw away, maneuverable enough to deal with infantry (thanks to side-step) and can pack a massive punch if he is faced with enemy ‘jacks. By stacking Ignite from Reznik and the Choir’s battle hymn the Dervish is packing two pow 17 blades, I’ve chopped both arms off a Slayer and started laying into a bone-jack before now with that combo. If its a big gang of infantry you’re faced with then perhaps Iron Agression would be a better choice for your slingshot jack giving it free runs/charges and and boosted melee attack rolls. You should even be hitting those blasted Bob and Weave + Iron Flesh Winterguard with that! Its also a cool spell to put on the Guardian if you’ve taken it as your arc node because 3 hit dice + critical pitch = win.

With all these brilliant spells to be upkeeping and slinging and all these jacks that need feeding focus can be troublesome for Reznik so I nearly always end up bringing both Wracks and a Hierophant to keep him going. A Reclaimer is also a good call. I don’t often bring a Reclaimer however because I usually feel obliged to bring Bastions along to cover Reznik’s big base. That’s ok though as Bastions are a solid unit and like the +2 pow from Ignite.

Finally his feat. I’ve always found it to be a little bit ‘meh.’ Opponents lose all focus and fury and can’t allocate focus or upkeep spells. Not bad denial for a heavy ‘jack army and quite useful for the assassination run. My attitude is changing now that Hordes is getting more popular on the run up to the cards release, stripping warlocks of fury is far more brutal than taking the focus off a caster and really pulls their pants down ready for the ball slapping assassination run.

So thats Reznik! I’ll be posting up the list I will be taking with him to Stoke soon.

Next on the table? My second unit of Knights Exemplar

in a bit



5 Responses to “Here comes the Wracking Crew”

  1. Adam Says:

    Cool write-up man! Rezzers is a bit smexy to be fair.
    But “Jones” will NEVER be crossed off that list :p

  2. petezilla Says:

    He’s coming for ya! Make sure you keep your casters locked up safe at night.

  3. jasefox Says:

    Nice basing on Reznik there pete 😉

    but yeh, Rezzy is a beat stick, nice work on the article and the paint job.

    Oh and Adam, don’t worry, you can have a wrack vs. Pimp slap showdown.

  4. petezilla Says:

    Cheers Jase, its one of the better bases I’ve done 🙂

  5. criticalsam Says:

    Nice one dude. He looks flippin awesome and im still digging that death warrant!

    Just this second finished my third kreil warrior and they look sweet. Ill try and get a few pics up today.

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