Nationals day 2…


Ok so this is the long awaited day two at the nationals, sorry its taken me so long to write it, been quite busy with work blah blah.

Game 4: Scenario – Two circles in the middle of the table:

He played some variation of Kreos, I played Asphyxious!

So I was determined to give Asphxious a run and get him a win at the nationals. Id been warned by my fellow friend, blogger and Menite player to be wary of Kreos because he basically hates on Cryx with arc nodes. This wasn’t a problem for me because in this list I had THREE of them… hmmm…
I think this was the first game all weekend that I actually got the go first which was pretty sweet and is probably what enabled me to later on take the victory. My knights were rocking it up on the right flank who over the two rounds managed to take out a min unit of Exemplar and Bastion wannabees with the help of a node and Tartarus. This enabled me to take this scenario area and gain a point, leaving him with nothing on that side of the board. On the other side id managed to kill off a load of Exemplar with breath of corruption spam and id somehow managed to get my thralls ahead of the scenario area which was clogging up his Templar and Avatar which again enabled me to strole on up and take another scenario point.
At this point I had thought id won the game. EVERY other scenario we had played was a win on 2 scenario points and id got too used to that setup and didn’t even to think to read the rules which is bad both of our parts. By the time we had realised we had already packed away which was lame. I do think that if the game had of gone on I would have won anyway because as I said earlier, he had nothing left on the right side of the board, and nothing even within range of a run so I would have just sat there for a round and got that extra point.
This was another game that I really enjoyed playing. The dude I was playing (sorry I cant remember names) had a really nicely painted Menoth army that he had dome especially for the nationals and had only been playing Menoth for 3 months prior to the event.
A highlight was having my knights hide in a forrest and then pounce on the unsuspecting enemy! A lowlight was having canks charge the Avatar and whiffing needing a 4 to hit…

Game 5: Scenario – Devistation (I think?)

Pete played eFeora, I played Asphyxious

Pete Buxton, fellow blogger and awesomest PGer had done a super job painting up the scenario markers for this game so a big thanks to him!
I got paired off against that pesky Petezilla for this game which was quite nice as it slightly takes the stress off the game and allowed me to relax a little. I wasn’t so sure about the scenario and how my army would react to it because my ranged threat wasn’t the best even though I did have nodes. I knew my army had the assassination advantage so this is the tactic I decided to go for…
We rolled off and surprise surprise I managed to loose and go second… again…

Now Ive played Pete LOADS and have never really been scarred by the advance deployment of his Daughters and Errants but in this scenario it seemed to give him the edge on the whole game.
From the word go I was on the back foot, I had daughters in my face on the left flank that even when cursed, knights couldn’t hit and Errants on my right flank that couldn’t be targeted by spells… sigh…
With a mixture of the daughters and the Reckoner he managed to take down one of the markers which was annoyed and there wasn’t a lot I could really do about it. At one point in the game I managed to get a nice charge off with my Knights, Deathjack and Canks which pretty much wrecked both of his heavies, I think even Asphyxious got in on the action at some point. Petes Errants were slowly whittling down my Thralls and managed to get in on the marker causing some damage to it.
It was now pretty much make or break and I had a pretty legit assassination run on Feora, I just needed to clear a Vassal and Choir boy out the way for my knights to charge her. This quickly ended by me blocking my own LOS with a breath of corruption, something that had never effected me before, and I’ve played Asphyxious a lot. This left Asphyxious sitting on full focus because he had feated. The knights ended up charging his marker and pretty much took it down.
The game ended up with one marker being taken down each and my second one left on about 4 health. After Petes attempt to take the marker down, he’d left Feora a little out in the open but Asphyxious was sitting in the middle of about 4 wreck markers and wouldn’t be able to get through the rough terrain, he moved forwards and slung a few spells instead which did minimal damage. Time was called and Pete won on victory conditions because he had caused more damage to the second marker. This game was pretty epic and very enjoyable, Pete and his army performed very well and seemed to be built just for this type of scenario. So that leaves me and Pete at 1-1 for tournament games against each other.

Game 6: Scenario – A control zone in the middle of the board…

He played Irusk, I played Asphyxious

All in all this game was a little limp…
It started off well with my node pretty much killing off a full unit of Pikemen because of their shield wall formation which invites breath of corruptions. I was also able to pretty effectively tie up his Widow Makers with my Cankerworm but I just COULDNT get rid of those friggin Kayazy Assassins. They did their thing and charged through everything to Asphyxious and killed him. There were a rule issue that this threw up but I couldn’t be bothered trying to sort it out and he just managed to total Asphyxious…

Overall I really enjoyed the weekend. After my first game I thought that tournaments weren’t for me because it was just way too stressful, but throughout the weekend I really got into it. It was organised very well and will definitely try to get there next year. For now there is a 25 point tournament in Stoke that I’m preparing for with my Trolls and I’m sure you will hear a little bit more about those preparations on here in the near future.
Cheers for reading, Sam


2 Responses to “Nationals day 2…”

  1. petezilla Says:

    Just before our game before we knew we where playing each other I was like: “yeah, take asphixous, parasite the destruction marker and spam spells at it, you’ll be made!” then it turned out we where playing and I peed a little.

  2. Procrastinator Says:

    roll on stoke, know your luck you will play both me and pete in this one

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