Better to burn out than fade away…


So, it’s been a while since I posted last, and I can hear you all screaming “what the hell have you been doing Jase?!?”

Well I’ll tell you. First off let me say that after the nationals I suffered from a massive burnout. Not with playing, I still wanted to play, but with painting big style. I played a game with my Retribution at the LGS and it got me back into wanting to play them (especially because I wanted to win the league with them) I also managed to arrange a 100 point game.

Now one of the things that always bugs me about my Bution is that the majority of them are just undercoated black, this is for 2 main reasons
1: White is a pain in the arse to paint
2: I hate painting masses of infantry, which is pretty much all my Bution is.

However when I made my list for my 100 pt game I wanted to make sure that my 2 casters I was going to use would be painted, that way I wouldn’t lose them in the masses of infantry.

So I sat down with my iPod and paints, and broke out the 2 casters I needed to paint: Kaelyssa and Ravyn.

These took me roughly 2 nights to complete, let’s say about 12 hours. I’m pretty proud of them, and I think they look good next to the other casters.

This does of course now leave me with the task of completely painting all my Bution casters, and with only Vyros to do this should be easy. HOWEVER me and the missus are moving to a new house in a week or so, so all my paints have been packed away 😦 sad face. But keep checking back and I’ll have my Dawnlord ‘Samuel L Jackson’ Vyros done soon enough.


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7 Responses to “Better to burn out than fade away…”

  1. petezilla Says:

    Nice on man, your ‘bution looks good, there is a lot of naff looking ‘bution out there!
    p.s is Vyros still poo?

  2. gdaybloke Says:

    I agree with you on the white, but I mainly do it on my Menite warjacks, so big flat plates helps.

  3. Procrastinator Says:

    very pretty mate, can wait to se the whole army painted 🙂

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