Petezilla’s UK Nationals Adventure; Day 2


Alright, I’m back with day 2 of my UK Nationals tournament report. After the not so awesome performance of day 1 and the complete absence of my eFeora list I decided that using her was top on my list of priorities.

Game 4

Played: Tony (from the Marple Marauders)

Armies: eFeora vs Absylonia

Scenario: Overtake, Overrun, Overdose, Over-alliterate?

Epic Fail: Tony totally forgot about the scenario in this game and at the start of my second turn had no models in either of the objectives so I immediately gained 2 of 3 control points. Tony was then forced to run Typhon into the far control zone my Daughters (of the Flame) had been chilling in just to stay in the game.

Highlight: I had a combination of feelings when Tony forgot about the scenario, I was chuffed because I could snatch a win but gutted that the game would be a non-event but all bets where off when Typhon ran in to contest the far zone. At this point Tony had put a considerable dent in my army and Abby had popped her feat so things wouldn’t end well for me if I didn’t take out Typhon to get the last control point. This required an assassination run usually reserved to casters. The Daughters all prodded away at him, 11 of the 12 attacks hit doing auto-points, not bad. The rest of my army went about setting fire to as many of Tony’s beasts as possible before the Redeemer ran out to act as a charge target which Feora could use to firestep from and spring board into melee with Typhon, after popping the feat of course! Feora had 5 focus left after casting ignite on herself and using firestep and made pretty short work of the beast giving me my third control point. It was the first game I’ve ever won by beast assassination!

Result: Win by scenario!

It was unlucky for Tony, any other day of the week and he would have trounced me, if it had been a straight up caster-kill game he would have whittled me down to nothing no problem.

I felt a bit more positive at this point sitting on 2 wins to 2 losses. On to the next game!

Game 5

Played: Sam (as in fellow blogger CriticalSam of the RGMB!)

Armies: eFeora vs pAsphixious

Scenario: Destroy-the-objective-markers-4’-out-of-your-opponents-deployment-zone-which-Pete-Buxton-spent-all-week-painting (4 wreck marker looking things on each of the 32 tables = 128 nicely painted scenario pieces!)

Highlight: My eFeora army had full Errants + UA and a unit of Daughters and the pair of those advance deployed units whisking up the table quick-sharp was impressive, getting the first turn was definitely useful! The Errants +UA especially did a beautiful job of mopping up Sam’s Bane Thralls + UA although when they got to the objective they didn’t quite manage to destroy it quickly enough.. I blame dice. This was the second game where I used eFeoras charge => firestep shenanigans for bizarre reasons. This time it was travel halfway across the board to put ignite on the Errants to help those pow 9 weaponmasters put a dint in the arm 20 objective with 20hp.

Lowlight: Feora running and hiding behind a wall to avoid Sam’s deadly arc node assassination attempts.

Sam’s Lowlight: Arcing Breath of Corruption at a Vassal stood near Feora in order to catch her in the blast and/or clear line of sight for another spell. She wasn’t in the blast. Breath of Corruption leaves a cloud effect. Bad times!

Result: This one went to tie break which I won as the Daughters and ranged ‘jacks had destroyed one marker while the one the Errants had been working on was left with something like 2-4hp.

It was nice to play Sam at the event as playing someone you know is pretty relaxing even if it was a pretty intense game. This is the second time I’ve ended up playing Sam at a tourney, some people resent travelling to another part of the country only to end up playing folk from their own club but I welcome a change in pace. And it makes up for him beating me in the rematch of our Vap-attack game. I was now on 3 wins to 2 losses which is what I was aiming for so I went into the last game with a pretty relaxed attitude.

Game 6

Mike in the black/blue shirt and his 48 inch long line of infantry

Played: Mike (from a location unknown to the minds of men, maybe the thornwood)

Armies: Sev vs Borka

Scenario: I can’t remember what its called but the control zones stretch across the middle of the table so as your zone is only a few inches from your deployment line.

Surprise of the Match: Longriders charging out on Mike’s second turn under Borka’s feat and blocking my army into the back end of my own control zone!

MVP: The Templar – After those smelly bison got all up in my grill the Templar single handedly took out most of the unit using beat-back to shuffle along the line, epic! This also freed my Guardian up to charge his only beast, a Mauler, and put a fair dent into it. Throughout the game the Templar was a thorn in Mike’s side, with arm 23 from Defenders ward and beat-back there was little he could do to stop it with his infantry heavy army.

Lowlight: Well there was one thing he could do… I spotted a solid beat-back run toward Borka which could have landed a solid blow on him so I loaded the Templar up on focus. One of my Repenters sprayed Borka with a fully boosted pow15 and then followed it up with another one from a Vassal then it was the Templar’s turn. But he hadn’t reckoned with the Krielstone Bearer. The Templar went nowhere as everytime I ‘killed’ the KSB one of his mates would throw himself in the way with self-sacrifice and beat-back wouldn’t trigger. Thats if he wasn’t busy passing tough checks!

Result: Borka was left with around 4hp but I was ground down by wave after wave of Troll infantry that literally stretched from one side of the table to the other. The game ended with Sev surrounded by Fennblades….

So that was my run at the UK Nationals, I left with a completely average 3 wins and 3 losses and came 33rd out of 64. The tables at the Nationals where split between two rooms 32 tables in the champ’s room and 32 in the chump’s room, if we had gone one more round I would have been on top table in the chump’s room so I left the Nationals with my head held high as self proclaimed king of the chumps!

It was a genius event although pretty intense, not the most relaxing weeked! Big thank you goes to the Press Gang. Now I’m looking forward to playing some more chilled out games, the next tourney lined up is the Forge Games sponsored 25pter in Stoke which I don’t think I’ll bother taking too seriously, I’m eyeing up Reznik and Testament but more on that at a later date! Cheers for reading

in a bit


3 Responses to “Petezilla’s UK Nationals Adventure; Day 2”

  1. Andy Says:

    beatback only requires you hit the model you were attacking, not destroy it. 😉

  2. Procrastinator Says:

    loved the report matey, didnt realise you played sam though!

    im suprised you used sevvy so much you and feora seemed to have a thing going at the club.

    can’t wait to see sams report for his perspective on the same match.

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