eDeneghra and Asphyxious go to the UK Nationals


Ok so it’s time for me to do a bit of a write-up on my UK Nationals experience! I unfortunately did the worst out of the barbed thorn lot coming in at a not so bad 42nd place out of 64 with 2 wins and 4 losses. Even though that’s not amazing, I’ve taken a lot of positives out of the weekend and I had some darn good matches against some really good people. I’m not amazing at remembering games after I’ve played them unless I take notes so I apologise for the slightly vague reports… and for not remembering most of the player names…

Game 1: Scenario – Process of Elimination:

He played eDoomy, I played eDeneghra

I decided to go with eDeneghra to see if all the hype about her scenario play lived up to expectations… and in this game it did. I was also scared to play my Asphyxious list because assassinating warlocks doesn’t work as well as assassinating warlocks because of the fury transfers.

He got first turn and pretty much did the standard run into position, with Mulg heading up the army and a bomber closely behind. I cautiously moved into position not really knowing what to expect because I hadn’t really seen Trolls MKII. On his second turn he managed to charge Mulg at my Deathjack from an obnoxious distance away which was pretty awesome but he wiffed a few of his rolls and left him standing… just. The Bomber got snipe from the Impailer and made an attempt on Deneghra and he was about half an inch out, this was very unlucky because Deneghra doesn’t appreciate two power 16’s to the face. It was my turn and time to get some damage out. Deneghra went incorporeal moved her 7 inches and feated which caught everything bar an Impailer at the back of his army. This allowed to clear out the left hand scenario area because he only had his exposed Bomber contesting it and at the end of the round he was a Bomber, Mulg and 1 scenario point down. His move consisted of activating his Impailer and not moving it into the scenario area so it came to my turn and I automatically got another point which meant I won on scenario.

A highlight was having 3 Bane Knights lay waste to the Bomber. A lowlight was having Deathjack charged by the tree wielding Mulg from half the table away!

Game2: Scenario – Capture the Flag:

He played eThagrosh, I played eDeneghra

As you all might have guessed his list consisted of lots of sprays. I went with eDeneghra again because of the same reason as last time, I didn’t really think she was going to be very helpful in capturing the flag but the list had a little more hitting power. This game was probably the best game I had all weekend, it was very challenging and I pulled off some pretty cool shenanigans.

Sporting the pink tape measure! 🙂

The jist of the game was that he would attempt to get the sprayers into range of spraying Deneghra but the whole of my army attempting to stop them in their tracks. I was able to hold up a Carnivian and Typhon with a mixture of a Siren,  Pistol Wraith and Deneghras feat for pretty much the whole game and I actually ended up managing to take out both his Carnivians, one with some Thralls and the other with the Deathjack. I managed to get three Thralls into combat with a cursed Thagrosh and one of them wiffed its roll which probably would have meant that Thagrosh would have gone down. I think the Defiler also missed all of its three attacks that it made during the game. All this time trying to beat on Thagrosh meant that he was slowly whittling down my army and I think he was left on 3 or 4 hit points before he feated and managed to get into combat with Deneghra and that was that… a loss due to caster kill. I kinda didn’t care because I had such an awesome game.

A highlight was definitely being able to hold up his army while I slowly took a model down one at a time. A lowlight was having the Defiler wiff so many times.

Game3: Scenario – Close Quarters:

Bruno (yay a name) plaed eMadrak, I played eDeneghra

Again I was playing Hordes so my Asphyxious list just wasn’t going to cut it…

I was dealing with his army pretty effectively in this game and a turning point in the game was when the Deathjack didn’t manage to total Mulg which lead to him wrecking his bad ass. At one point in the game Tartarus managed to curse Madrak and lay waste to three champions, creating three more Knights. The knights then promptly charged Madrak and I managed to get 6 of them in. At this point I think he had two transfers and two infantry within range of being sacrificed, which effectively left two Knights to finish Madrak off if all went to plan… and it didn’t, I think three of them wiffed the hit roles and the other three didn’t really cause Madrak much concern. At this point I had ran out of time and Deneghra was sitting in Mulgs threat range which didn’t end well.

In hindsight I should have just left Madrak to it and grinded him down because I had the upper hand at that point but I got a bit greedy and went for the kill.

A highlight was having the Burrowers charge my Thrall front line and one of them charging the Deathjack causing them to take and fail an abomination check ‘que Deathjacks scary face’. A lowlight was definitely not being able to take Mulg down.

That was the end of day one and I was a little disappointed but I thought I’d done myself proud because I hadn’t got wasted in any of my games. The Legion game was definitely my favourite but Bruno was definitely the biggest dude! And I think he went on to go 4-1 which made me feel not so bad about the loss.

Roll on day two and a bit of Asphyxious… hopefully…


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