Petezilla’s UK Nationals Adventure; Day 1


The UK nationals has been and gone. And now that I’ve finished all my essays for uni and summer is here I’ve got plenty of time to update the world on my experience! A quick recap, 64 players, 50pt lists, 6 rounds. I brought a ‘jack heavy pSev list and an infantry heavy eFeora list, they can be seen here:

It would be too much of an effort to go over every battle so I’m just going to give some highlights.


Played: Ste (from the Winsford crew)

Armies: Sev vs Venethrax

Scenario: Process of Elimination

Ste’s Lowlight: Not realising what Greater Destined Zealots do and losing his Corrupter and Warwitch Siren to them in one turn

Weirdest Moment Award: After my Zealots had used GD Ste ran his Corrupter and Warwitch in to engage them. My turn rolled around and the front two Zealots where ruining the rest of the units chance to bomb the pesky ‘jack and solo. I move them out of melee and Ste decides not to take the freestrikes because he didn’t want to give my Zealots the arm boost. The Zealots made short work of Ste’s models but because of the spacing one of the Zealots that Ste let live was out of the control zone meaning the unit wouldn’t get a control point that turn. The answer? My Guardian runs up and Sev blasts the wayward Zealot in the back with an Immolation. Any sacrifice for the glory of Menoth!

Result: Win by scenario!

Game 2

Played: Alun (from the Viet Taff…  I think)

Army: Sev vs eMadrak

Scenario: Capture the Flag

My Highlight: My sprays mowing down ranks of Dygmies and Fennblades

Alun’s Highlight: Tough rolls making all those awesome sprays pointless

My Lowlight: Running out of time just before a full focus Templar had the opportunity to pound Mulg into dust. This really messed up my game plan… sad face.

Result: Loss by tiebreaker. Just before the end Alun’s Pyre Troll ran around into B2B with my flag, both armies had been ground down to nothing but that cheeky troll stole the win for Alun.

Game 3

Played: Andy (not sure where he was from… he was a likeable chap though!)

Army: Sev vs eMadrak …..again

Scenario: Close Quarters

Epic Fail Moment: I had ground Andy’s army down pretty effectively and had the upper hand. Sev was sat in a forest so he was safe, or so I thought. Andy knew that his time was running out so he decided to go for a last ditch assassination run on Sev. Madrak moves up, throws the axe at sev. Fully boosted, it does a fair whack of damage. Madrak feats to get a second throw of the axe and that’s game! Lesson learned: just because your caster is sat in the woods doesn’t mean he is safe!

Result: Loss by caster kill.

So that was the end of the first day. And I was sitting on 1 win to 2 losses which I wasn’t too pleased about, especially considering Jase was on 2 for 1! Walking around the tourney it was bizarre to see how many Protectorate and Troll players there where, since when where they the popular armies?

So I was a bit down after the first day but it was nothing that an evening hanging with the Press Gang and drinking Guinness couldn’t cure.

Stay tuned for day 2!

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