1000 Tonnes of AWESOME!!!! – new troll caster


Just checking out the PP site today and you can see in the insiders a sketch of the new Trollblood caster.

He has a rocket launcher for gods sake, amazing. This guy is a reason to collect trolls all on his own. now all privateer press need to do is make the model look half as good as the sketch and he will be great.

Now the other good think is this guy will likely love a bit of AOE so im sure his best friend is going to be the troll blitzer. Quotes of the day will be when he walk up to Caine and say ‘thats not a gun, THIS is a gun’

Anyway i will let your minds go wild with speculation of this new aspect to the trolls and what it all could mean

Personally if the new circle caster is half as cool i think im onto a winner.


5 Responses to “1000 Tonnes of AWESOME!!!! – new troll caster”

  1. jasefox Says:

    Buh-Zooka!! Win on so many levels!

  2. Protagonist Says:

    Jesus Tapdancing Trolses. I would kill a man for that caster. I don’t even care if he’s god awful, I think this ‘lock will see the most play out of any of the Trolls in my army.

  3. criticalsam Says:

    BAD ASS. Cant wait to get him

  4. sanjsmash Says:

    I think you’ll find this is a new Cygnar caster.
    He’s wearing a Cygnaran Reconnaissance Service hat and has super secret squirrel keys on his belt.

  5. Peter Buxton Says:

    Dude that is one fugly Cygnarian.

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