UK Nationals 2010 Results


Shh. This is a bit of a BarbedThorn exclusive.

Just got back from the awesome UK Event that was the UK Nationals 2010. Lovely players, lovley venue, lovely PGs, and lots of lovely times from the UK PP crew (Ceberus). Congratuations to all the players and to our new UK Masters Champion.

Away, what you came here for:

  • Best Painted Army: Nick Roberts (Circle)
  • Most Sporting: Ant Evans (Cryx)
  • 3rd Place: Jamie Perkins (Khador)
  • 2nd Place: John Snape (Skorne)
  • 1st Place: Jim Lawrence (Circle)

And the Best of Faction:

Cygnar Score
Conrad EJ Gonsalves (Tanelorn) 4
Protectorate of Menoth Score
Andrew Harrss (Tanelorn) 5
Khador Score
Jamie Perkins (Team Octopi) 5
Cryx Score
Aaron Bayham (Tanelorn) 5
Jay Stevens (Swansea Sneaky Gits) 5
Retribution of Scyrah Score
Chris Wood (Tanelorn) 4
Mercenaries Score
Richard Jennings (Team Octopi) 3
Trollbloods Score
Andy Garrard 4
Michael Davies (Swansea Sneaky Gits) 4
Lee Andy Palmer (G3) 4
Bruno Baron (Tanelorn) 4
Circle Orboros Score
Jim Lawrence (Glasgow) 6
Skorne Score
John Snape (Tanelorn) 5
Legion of Everblight Score
Rick Paget (Dragon Slayers) 5

And the final Table stood like this:

Player Name Player Faction Score (SoS)(CP Tot)
Jim Lawrence (Glasgow) Circle Orboros 6 (26)(5)
John Snape (Tanelorn) Skorne 5 (26)(1)
Jamie Perkins (Team Octopi) Khador 5 (23)(2)
Rick Paget (Dragon Slayers) Legion of Everblight 5 (22)(0)
Aaron Bayham (Tanelorn) Cryx 5 (21)(5)
Andrew Harrss (Tanelorn) Protectorate of Menoth 5 (20)(4)
Jay Stevens (Swansea Sneaky Gits) Cryx 5 (19)(9)
David Payton Protectorate of Menoth 4 (23)(3)
Gary Moore (Maelstrom) Protectorate of Menoth 4 (23)(1)
Tim Lawrence (Tanelorn) Protectorate of Menoth 4 (22)(5)
Lee Andy Palmer (G3) Trollbloods 4 (22)(3)
Jon Webb (Tanelorn) Cryx 4 (21)(1)
Toby Jennings (Marauders) Protectorate of Menoth 4 (20)(5)
Michael Davies (Swansea Sneaky Gits) Trollbloods 4 (20)(3)
Conrad EJ Gonsalves (Tanelorn) Cygnar 4 (20)(2)
Rich Loxam (Team Octopis) Cryx 4 (19)(5)
Alex Smith (Team Octopi) Khador 4 (19)(3)
Paul Barritt (Matts House) Protectorate of Menoth 4 (19)(0)
Chris Wood (Tanelorn) Retribution of Scyrah 4 (18)(1)
Pickles Khador 4 (17)(4)
Andy Garrard Trollbloods 4 (17)(1)
Bruno Baron (Tanelorn) Trollbloods 4 (17)(0)
Alun Evans (Viet-Taff) Trollbloods 3 (23)(0)
Will Ward Protectorate of Menoth 3 (20)(5)
Chris Horwe (The Tyrants) Protectorate of Menoth 3 (20)(4)
Patrick Vance (Viet-Taff) Legion of Everblight 3 (20)(1)
Nigel Chorlton (Marauders) Khador 3 (19)(7)
Tim Martin (Dudley Darklords) Khador 3 (19)(2)
Daniel Suthalong (The Tyrants) Legion of Everblight 3 (19)(0)
Ben Josling (Team Octopi) Protectorate of Menoth 3 (18)(4)
Ashley Mitchell (Dragon Slayers) Khador 3 (18)(2)
Jason Fox (BarbedThorn) Trollbloods 3 (18)(1)
Pete Trimble (BarbedThorn) Protectorate of Menoth 3 (17)(6)
Matt Herbert (Matts House) Cygnar 3 (17)(5)
Jack Shenton (The Tyrants) Legion of Everblight 3 (17)(0)
Darran Palmer (Marauders) Trollbloods 3 (16)(3)
Rich Brown Cygnar 3 (15)(4)
Richard Jennings (Team Octopi) Mercenaries 3 (15)(2)
David Sampson (Matts House) Khador 3 (14)(1)
Simon Millership (Walsall Warriors) Protectorate of Menoth 3 (14)(1)
Neal Barton (Winsford) Protectorate of Menoth 3 (13)(3)
Ant Evans (The Tyrants) Cryx 2 (19)(2)
Sam Parry (BarbedThorn) Cryx 2 (18)(5)
Stef Ashwell (The Tyrants) Trollbloods 2 (18)(2)
Pat Thompson (GOB) Khador 2 (18)(0)
Jim Bamford (Muppets) Mercenaries 2 (17)(3)
Des Brennan Trollbloods 2 (17)(1)
Huw Jenkins (Viet-Taff) Khador 2 (16)(6)
Tony Moore (Marauders) Legion of Everblight 2 (15)(2)
Kevin Johnson (Bad Wargamers) Protectorate of Menoth 2 (15)(0)
James Brown (Muppets) Cryx 2 (14)(3)
Steven Knowles (Winsford) Cryx 2 (14)(2)
Nick Roberts (Tanelorn) Circle Orboros 2 (14)(0)
Ross Knill (The Tyrants) Legion of Everblight 2 (14)(0)
Andy Thurgood (Dudley Darklords) Cygnar 2 (13)(2)
Martyn Jenkins (Viet-Taff) Circle Orboros 1 (17)(4)
Adam Brown (Team Octopi) Protectorate of Menoth 1 (17)(0)
Marc Harding (Burnley) Mercenaries 1 (14)(2)
Paul Brown (The Tyrants) Cryx 1 (13)(2)
Phil Gedge (Tanelorn) Cryx 1 (13)(0)
James Wilson (Matts House) Protectorate of Menoth 1 (11)(1)
Richard Adams (Walsall Warriors) Khador 1 (10)(0)
Kurtis Emery (The Tyrants) Trollbloods 0 (14)(0)
Stan Crooks (Bad Wargamers) Circle Orboros 0 (11)(0)

So currently our top BarbedThorn player is Jase Fox at 32, PeterZ at 33 and CriticalSam at 42.

For the record I beat Jase on Saturday night so technically I should be higher…..

Lots more analysis to come as I was collecting some data during the day as those who attended should know. I am off to bed now with a Guiness and a smile.


3 Responses to “UK Nationals 2010 Results”

  1. Vish Says:

    You guys were total gangsters. Sam, I owe you a Lich Lord Asphixious. 😀

  2. James B Says:


    You have to agree a hug a game keeps the wooden spoon away (sorry Stan!).

    Thanks to everyone involved including the lovely keymaster lady for such a great event!

    See you next year, hopefully.


  3. criticalsam Says:

    haha cheers man. ill give you a game with him when your about!

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