The UK Nationals, an event report.


BTC tourny report

Ok, unlike most of my battle reports, I don’t remember turn for turn what happened at this tourny, so these are kinda clipped reports. Sorry.

Game 1 vs. Circle, Kruger
The lists my opponent had were Krueger and Kromac, so I decided to run pDoomy to try and block Krueger with my banishing ward, or stop Kromac with my feat. In the end he went with Krueger and his list had 3 woldwardens in it, brilliant. It was double square moshpit in the middle, process of elimination i think.

I managed to get the Dygmies in early, and it slowed up his entire army, netting me an early control point. He took a shot at mulg and slammed him away a one point, presumably to knock him out the zone. I cast rampager on a wold and moved it in line with Krueger, then slammed it with a longrider, but it fell 1/2″ short. I rushed Mulg, stood him up and sling shotted him into the Wold, destroying it and goading him into Krueger’s melée range, however I had him on max fury. My opponent responded by going for the kill on Hoarluk with chain lightnings, and tbh, probably would have had it were it not for his turn time running out. On my turn I attempted to kill Krueger, but failed. I suddenly noticed I could win on scenario (I think my opponent pointed it out to me) so my fell caller killed the two Druids and I won on scenario. Fail Kriel 1, Nationals 0

Game 2 vs. Cryx, eDeneghra

There’s not a lot of highlights from this game, I expected eDenny to spell assasinate so took pDoomy, It was capture the flag and I attempted to keep my flag in tact whilst the Longriders went for his flag, the Longriders got bogged down by Nyss Hunters, and eDenny popped her feat whilst her whole army was roughly 5″ away. I got bummed, by bane Thralls.

Game 3 vs. Cryx, Venethrax
again I took pDoomy, mainly because he had a Skarloc, DJ and venny, and the Withershadow combine. Highlights of this game were Venny charging mukg and DESTROYING him and taking all 5 if his fury, which made him nigh on unkillable next turn. I finished him off by popping Dygmies in his back arc, purification off Doomy to get rid of dragon slayer, and then charging him, first caster kill to the Dygmies, day 1 ends with 2 wins 1 loss.

Day 2
Game 4 vs. Cryx, pDeneghra
Highlights? I should have taken pDoomy not eMadrak, I couldn’t get rid of crippling grasp. My opponent pretty much destroyed or made most of my force nigh on useless, but I saw a sly assasination run, went for it (despite it requiring me to kill 1/2 monkey pirates) but when I popped his feat it all went downhill as I failed to kill the Ogrun I needed to. Damn. He then knocked me down, parasited me, and charged me with banes.

Game 5 vs. Trolls, eMadrak

I took eMadrak aswell, and our lists were pretty similar. He countered my cavalry very well with fennblades, it was an epic slog fest in the middle, and I went for the scenario. When it failed I went for the caster kill, but wrong timing on my feat meant that I realised I couldn’t kill Maddy this turn, so I stored four fury and covered my head with my hands. Unfortunately, maddy didn’t win out. A loss on my behalf.

Game 6 vs Khador, eButcher
This game was an epic, epic grindfest. Alexia creating risen everywhere. Jacks in my grill from turn 2. A feat from Butcher turn 2. Mulg fluffing his attacks but then decimating everything during Maddies feat. And finally finished off with eMadrak putting his axe to Butchers month.

So, all in all 3 wins 3 losses, 3 games with pDoomy, 3 games with eMaddy. Strangely enough pDoomy had a better record than eMaddy. It was a really well organised event (well done pressgangers there; even our very own Peter B) some brilliant ways of marking out the scenarios. A brilliant Saturday night playing some relaxed 35 point games, and it was great meeting everyone and putting faces to names, easily an event I will be looking forward to next year.

Below are some pictures of my games:


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